Michael Jackson Trial: Day 4 of Case Against Dr. Murray

October 1, 2011  |  

The involuntary manslaughter trial against Dr. Conrad Murray is continuing to underscore the state of panic that ensued after Michael Jackson was found to be unresponsive on the day of his death. Here are the sad details, which seem to implicate Dr. Murray as lacking in moral responsibility in the face of Jackson’s obviously grave condition:

  • It has been revealed during the trial that Michael Jackson called the intravenous anesthetic that took his life, “his milk.” It was also revealed that, “condom catheters were attached to Jackson’s penis to collect urine” as a normal process of his daily functioning. {The Washington Post}
  • On day four of the trial, Extra.com has reported that Jackson’s person chef, Kai Chase, was called on by Dr. Murray to alert Michael Jackson’s security and summons his son Prince to his aid. Chase also huddled with the children who prayed and cryed over concern for their father. {Extra}
  • Canadian publication The Toronto Star reports that a former client of Dr. Murray faced numerous disappointments in dealing with the doctor close to the time of Michael Jackson’s death. Dr. Murray apparently canceled many appointments related to heart disease ailments suffered by the client, which understandably alarmed the patient. This client felt abandoned in his time of need. {TheStar.com}
  • A gag order was issued by the judge on the Michael Jackson involuntary manslaughter trial after Murray’s defense attorney Matthew Alford appeared on the “Today” show. It seems that the lawyer working on Dr. Murray’s defense was trying to promote the idea to the public that some of the prosecution witnesses could not be trusted. From this point onward, anyone involved in the case is no longer permitted to comment on the trial in public. {Reuters}
  • Prosecution witnesses assert that there was no sign of life in Michael Jackson’s body when the EMTs arrived. Sadly, it was also revealed that the device being used to monitor Jackson’s vital signs was not equipped to beep as a sign of trouble. A more advanced device would have alerted Dr. Murray that his patient’s heart had stopped beating. This inferior model may have been enough to prevent proper intervention in a timely manner, which could have saved Michael Jackson’s life. {MTV News}
  • Paramedics who were called to the scene have stated that Dr. Murray lied about the medications the King of Pop was taking. They also claim to have witnessed him placing important medical evidence into a bag and removing it from the scene, even as his dead patient was being wheeled away. {The Daily News}
  • Medical emergency workers called to the scene also said there was a “good chance” Michael Jackson could have been saved if Dr. Murray had been monitoring him properly. Apparently he told them Jackson had been unresponsive for only one minute, when 20 minutes was far more likely given the state he was in when the EMTs arrived. {The Telegraph}

In our country a man is innocent until proven guilty. In this case, I can only hope that justice is done. After the death of Troy Davis, it is difficult not to weigh circumstantial evidence heavily (which would have saved Troy’s life) — but that is not how our criminal justice system works. It is hard to refrain from trying a man in the court room of the press, rather than in a trial by jury which is his right. But we must try. Withholding judgment of Dr. Murray will be hard given the testimony provided so far. But if we believe in justice, it is only fair to the concept of justice to wait and see what his defense attorneys present in the proper context before we pass judgment. In the meantime, this is going to be an emotionally trying case.

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  • Plus, I am not saying anyone should soften their hearts against Dr. Murray. I think the facts I presented are pretty damning. But the reason we have trials in courts instead of through an American Idol voting system is to prevent innocent people from being convicted because the SEEM guilty. As black people, we should know how dangerous that is.

  • bugsy malone

    Hi Alexis,
    Are you a journalist? Do you believe that the media lynched Michael in 2005?
    I find it hard to soften my heart for this man just because he's a doctor. If he was negligent he should pay.
    But that is not how our system works, we are all guilty until proven…….

    Media should go away and find another job, people using the internet can report more accurate news!

  • Natalie

    It doesn't matter whether Michael was a junky or not Dr. Murray is still at fault and no where near innocent. He gave his medicine that wasn't suppose to be used outside a hospital setting it doesn't matter whether he begged him or not. His duty as a doctor was say no like the other doctors did, but he didn't so now he has to deal with the consequences. He also wasn't at his aid when he was suffering from a reaction from the chemical he was on the phone with his girlfriend the whole time and as a doctor you suppose to be with the patient at all times especially after administering such a powerful sedative. And how as a doctor who specializes in dealing with the heart doesn't know how to give CPR this man is guilty. He lied to the hospital authorities and hid the medication cause he knew he was guilty. I can go on and on but I'm not he's guilty and his attorney can try to slander Michael's personal life all he wants but it doesn't hide the fact this doctor wasn't tending to duties. I hope justice is served and he has his license took away along with given for years for not being there for his patient.

  • Kayla

    He's dead it's time to get over it……

    • My Response

      Hopefully when you die people will get over you just as quick.

  • Anubis

    He going to jail for servinga junky. Michael jackson was and is a junky. dr murray is innocent of murder. guilt of selling legal drugs to a junky. sigh……

    • My Response

      junky or not it was malpractice. you don't have a point.