Petty Patrick: Kendu Isaacs Won’t Return Mary’s Grammy And Cars

December 13, 2016  |  

When Mary and Kendu Isaacs got married, there were several people who expressed their doubts about the new man in Mary’s life. There were the silly ones, like you can’t trust a dude with light eyes. The spiritual ones, that something about him was just off.


I didn’t know what to think of Kendu, but now that he and Mary are ending their marriage, his true colors are coming out. And I’m not just talking about his eyes.

According to TMZ, Mary filed documents asking her estranged husband to release her belongings, including a couple of precious ones. In the documents, Mary claimed that Kendu is refusing to return a Grammy, other achievement awards and a few luxury cars leased under her company’s name.

Kind has three cars in total, including a Range Rover that he was supposed to return in February and two Mercedes. Mary wants one of them back and says he can keep the other.

And to make matters worse, she believes that Kendu, during his time as her manager, scammed her out of $420,000 in business expenses that had nothing to do with her business.

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  • Ajaveen

    This is not looking good at all.

  • L

    Kendu is behaving like a petulant child. He is showing his immaturity by confiscating Mary J Blige’s possessions.

    This POS is very insecure and has been intimidated by his wife’s success.
    Mary needs to kick his ignorant ass to the curb and say good riddance.
    I hope she does not have to pay him one red cent of her hard earned $$$$$!!!!!!!!!

  • Sarah J

    hmmm. I have heard that it is a good idea for women to put some money to the side as an emergency stash just in case the relationship ends and you don’t want to be broke and in the streets. it’s fair for a man to put away money too. man scorned, woman scorned, what’s the difference?

    • Elsa

      Yeah….your OWN money. Not money you stole out of his account without his knowledge. That’s some gold digger ish. Clearly you and Kendu think along the same lines lol

    • Traboe

      “Scammed out of $420,000.00 in business expenses that had nothing to do with her…” um that’s not putting money away in case of an emergency that is theft/fraud and what exactly does he have to be scorned about? The fact that Mary got tired of dealing with his BS and filed for divorce? C’mon man…