Rumors Surround Morgan Freeman and His Relationships…

September 27, 2011  |  

Morgan Freeman legally divorced his wife of 26 years, Myrna Colley-Lee. But rumors have been circulating for some time now that the actor has been in a relationship with his 27 year old step-granddaughter, E’Dina Hines. Yuck! What makes it even worse is that Freeman and his ex wife raised E’Dina from the time she was a little girl.

The official reason behind the divorce is sealed with the divorce records but dating your wife’s granddaughter is most definitely grounds for divorce.

You can get the full story over at

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  • Che

    Good for him. I'd certainly hit that!

  • Stefphene

    I bet he helped her with her homework every night.

  • MauiBaby

    He and Woody Allen are of the same ilk…. dirty old men trying to hang onto youth. No problem there but being too lazy to go outside of the home to find your next girlfriend? Seriously!

  • ann

    If this is true and judging my men in general, it is……Gross

  • RogerDodger

    How very Woody Allenish of him..

  • Heather

    It's not like a remote village like "Virtual Villagers" where you have tap any human just for the clan to survive. There's enough people in this world to meet and she smells from looking at her sweaty self. She acts like a wanna be…in his family jewels.

  • joe

    Morgan Freeman hates the TEA PARTY…seems the story suggests he is a perv…so is that why he hates the TEA PARTY????

  • The Lady Dee

    Perhaps he was inspired by Woody Allen!

  • clearvoice

    And this scumbag has the balls to say if you don't agree with Obama, you're a racist

  • Sad State

    Similar story re Woody Allen

    Mr Allen dated and married both his and Mia farrow’s adopted Aisan daughter. Many many years his junior. Believe they are both still married to ea other.

    Yes it is gross when one thinks about it.

    • Jennie

      SoonYi isn't Woody's adopted anything. She was adopted by Mia's ex, Andre Previn. She was Woody's step daughter.

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  • Jimmy Swaggered

    Wow… that's disgusting! But it makes for one of those really cool math problems:

    If Morgan was married to Myrna's mom, then he's her step-grandfather.

    If Myrna and Morgan get married, then Myrna becomes her own step-grandmother by virtual of being married to her step-grandfather. But she also becomes her own step-granddaughter by virtue of being a -step-grandmother to Morgan's step-granddaughter.

    If Myrna and Morgan have a baby, then the baby is both the child and step-grandchild of Morgan and Myrna. But because Myrna is now her own step-granddaughter (as described above), the child of Myrna's step-granddaughter (the baby) becomes the great-step-grandchild of Morgan. Therefore Morgan becomes the father, step-grandfather, and great-step-grandfather of the baby.

    The child then becomes his own step-father by virtue of being the son Morgan's step-daugher.

    Congrats, Morgan Freeman!! You're a bastard! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

    • Now thats down right funny! Go Go Hes nothing but a yo hoe!!!!

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  • HiDsrtGrrl

    Just like Woody Allen and Soon-yi Previn? Inappropriate relationship rules don't apply to celebrities, remember?

  • Cawledge

    Oh wow, I heard this rumor before; MUST BE TRUE the second time around?! Gosh people can be such gullible ijiots.

    Going off of an innocent picture and whispered insinuations lol

  • Crasian

    @Rebecca, and what struggle might that be in this day and age where EVERYONE has opportunity!!!!! The only struggle I see is the lazy pos deciding whether to get outta bed and getting a JOB!!!!!! No respect in pos who live off my hard earned dollars!!!!

  • Crasian

    @Rebecca, and what struggle might that be in this day and she where EVERYONE has opportunity!!!!! The only struggle I see is the lazy pos deciding whether to get outta bed and getting a JOB!!!!!!

  • Mark silvers

    If it’s good enough for Woody Allen and his Asian daughter it’s good enough for Morgan. It’s nobody’s business what or who Morgan does.

    • Schooldaze

      So what if he "does" your daughter or granddaughter? Is it still nobodies business?

  • leeza

    SMH. Woody Allen did the same thing with his adopted/step daughter. Both Morgan and Woody should be ashamed. Family is family, be it by blood, marriage or court order. That is crossing the line and out of f#@king out of order!

  • guest

    I hope this is not true. Both of them could get anyone else to do the dirty with. I pray that the truth is revealed once and for all. May God have mercy on their souls.

  • Lucky

    I hope his wife gets HALF! She deserves every penny she gets from that b@$t@rd. Get him Myrna and GET HIM GOOD!!

    • Lucky

      PS: What in the heck would a 27 year old woman want with a 70 year old man. He's got to be stockpiling the Viagra. LMAO!

  • It's called "The Royal Sin' that makes it ok,,,Right???

  • moniqhar

    awww poor chocolateman some fine black woman dissed u huh? U must be ugly on the inside to..Go c a psychiatrist stat!! lol

    • chocolateman


      • Juust_saying

        Like the woman who gave birth to you right…GTHOH

  • Kristy

    Old men will give you worms…

    • moniqhar

      LOL Haven't heard that in a while my folks would say that

  • reese

    I have been hearing this rumor for a long time. He did it. I lost all respect for him.

  • nursedred

    @bad english this came out years ago and his wife confiirmed it

    • Adrienne

      Agreed. I heard this awhile ago.

    • Lucky

      You're right. I heard about this years ago. Years before he made that statement about the Tea Baggers.

      • Niecy

        Yes, I heard this years ago too.

  • Isis Marceline

    Oh he was talking duurty about the tea party the other day, so it was a matter of time before this came up again.

  • You cannot belive everything you hear!!! Stop hurting the black community with these lies!!! When you know for a fact then print this crap!!! But dont print rumors!!!

    • Chris

      @ Two cents- His inappropriate behaviour has been reported for some time…you can actually google that. I doubt the Right Wing Tea Party is using an African American publication to discredit Mr Freeman. If anything…I am sure this gets the magazine much needed publicity. Besides the author of this small article (Veronica Wells) does state clearly in the title that these are just rumours.

  • BadEnglish

    His azz is dayuum near 70! He should be ashamed! I'm hopin he jus' chose the lil girl to be an escort for a function. It does give cause to wonder how he may hav been interacting with her when she was a child…