Running Back To The Well: Lamar Sally Is Requesting More Monthly Child Support

December 12, 2016  |  

It’s painfully clear that Lamar Sally married Sherri Shepherd and used a surrogate to bring a child into this world, simply so he could be a kept man for the rest of his life. And even after he was awarded, nearly $4,100 per month in child support, that’s still not enough for him.

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Today, over a year after the former couple reached a divorce settlement, Sally is still not satisfied. He went back to the pages of his book of schemes, before requesting an increase in child support.

According to TMZ, Sally is requesting more money because he believes Sherri’s true earnings were not reflected when he asked for the initial amount. He claims that when they reached their child support agreement, he believed Sherri was only making $1 a year. Now, he argues that with her concerts, acting gigs and stand-up career and 3 percent profit from her wig line, she’s making around $3 million a year and he wants a piece of it.

He claims that his now 2-year-old son has a medical condition that requires expensive treatment.

But that’s not all, Sally also wants an additional $75,000 to cover the legal expenses from their divorce proceedings. After spending a year in court to reach the agreement they have now, I hope the judge moves quickly on this one, preferably denying Lamar’s ridiculous ploy to stack even more of Sherri’s money.

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  • Lori

    He does need to get a job, just any woman should get a job to help support her kids as well. I have raised 3 girls on a small fraction of that amount. There is no reason why one child care should cost $4000+.

  • Teresa Fannin

    I think it is HILARIOUS that women are bashing Sally for being a gold digger. These same women would NEVER bash another woman for getting pregnant & constantly going to court for more money. It works both ways, ladies. IF a man should work to support his child, a woman should work to support her child. Sherri is the one who was DESPERATE to get married & SHERRI is the one who slutted around so much when she was young & had so many abortions that her insides are spaghetti. She walked out on Sally & on the child; she broke a legally binding contract. I feel sorry for the son she already had, he is being raised by a woman who is dumber than a box of rocks. Sherri has NEVER taken a bit of personal responsibility for the train wreck her life is.

    • DeepThinker

      Yes, it does seem like Sherry’s karma has returned to bite her in the form of Lamar Sally… This is one child that she cannot “get rid” of or the big fat greedy walrus attached. This is how most men feel when they have been hoodwinked by a lazy, manipulative, selfish woman. I really do not feel sorry for Sherry, her aloof behvior and thrist brought this upon herself.

  • L

    I am so tired of reading/hearing about men of color who have the nerve to ask their wives for monetary support after a divorce. This Lamar Sally along with Mary J. Blige’s POS husband-Kendu, and Eric Benet and others all seem to have that “pimp” mentality.

    Men of color need to pull up their fruit of the looms, get up off their rusty dusties and GO TO WORK.
    In addition, women who are financially independent need to have their partners enter into
    iron-clad pre-nups. Therefore, whatever, his ass came into the relationship with-is all HE WILL BE LEAVING WITH–NO DAMN $$$$$.
    These men should be ashamed of themselves for wanting to live off someone else’s $$$.

  • Jennifer Vizzo

    Sally, I have three words for you: GET A JOB.

  • Darnell Foster

    She has to pay like everyone else. You didn’t say that about Tiger Woods’ wife. Ladies you cant have a double standard. Let’s be fair. The baby needs financial help. Unless Sherry wants to get custody. That way she could use the money he wants to raise the child herself. Other than that She must pay Ladies. You never say this when the roles are reversed.Ladies, so of you need to get a grip. She has to pay or again take the child herself.

  • Ambar

    this guy needs to get a job. he acts like the baby only belongs to her. He needs to go out get a job and add the other 4, 100 that he needs. Gold digger. He must be ashamed to be called a man. This guy is worst that Halle Berry’s model baby daddy.

  • Bonnie

    I do not know who her lawyer is but she needs a lawyer like Chris Brown has or the or the lawyer that is fighting the case for the women against Bill Cosby. She needs a lawyer that can once and for all kick this man to the curb. In over two years this man has not obtain employment, the judge has awarded him over $4,000 in child support a month for one child he is now coming back like a sneaky snake demanding more money. The judge need to have him investigated find out why a two year old need with over $4,000 a month for. Why he has not gain employment over 2 years and why is he trying to investigate into Sherry’s finance earnings she is not married to him and he received a divorce settlement plus child support until the child is eighteen year of age. What law is it that says since their divorce agreement was settle and she has is now working extra jobs to keep a liveihood that this man is entitled to her earnings and that she should support him instead of him seeking employment.

  • thirstisreal

    Wow and she was so pressed to be married. He planned all of this from the beginning. Ladies this is what being super thirsty could get you.

    • DeepThinker

      Exactly… plus she knew he was a “writer” and did not have a consistent income. He was a no-budget loser. What did she expect him to do to her after the honeymoon? When he was not able to put it on her enough to have direct access to her funds, he had to go to plan b.

  • Janice

    I think she was the one that was adamant about using a surrogate and then changed her mind. And she was the one eager to get married and have him get rid of all his junk, uproot himself to come be her husband. From what I see he was a good father to her son and the child they have now is sickly. Looks like he could use some nanny care and that would take up half the amount he’s getting now. I don’t see where he’s reported to have been with a lot of women but he’s been taking care of the child as best he can. I also haven’t seen where he’s been fooling around with a lot of women but he’s taking care of the child despite the malicious rumors and media spin against him. (However, I could be wrong, but I’m just not seeing it). Usually when there’s some hanky panky, it leaks out and the gossip magazine are all over it. The child shouldn’t suffer for anything that he needs because she decided she was just wanting to play house and not live up to the covenant she made before God, and her husband.

  • snowday

    He’s just a piece of old greedy shit. He’s needs to pay other half of child support. Nasty old man just want to use that child to live her for free.

  • Sasha

    He is disgusting. I hope Sherry wins and she never has to give him one cent.