First Date Economics: What’s Your Price?

September 21, 2011  |  
A new dating site allows men to bid on first dates with attractive women, taking the concept of ‘time equals money’ to new heights (or perhaps new lows). Where is Stevie Wonder?  Because love is truly in need of love today.
Salon sat down with Brandon Wade, the creator of (also behind, the ‘sugar daddy’ website) to discuss his reasons for taking the romance/finance connection and running with it. Wade claims that gorgeous women are “in demand” and, thus, should be able to charge for the privilege of their time. On his new site, interested men bid on dates and women are able to accept or reject accordingly. Wade says that both our obsession with shows like “Real Housewives” (on which the women are “all showing off their bling-bling”) along with the current financial climate have inspired  “more pragmatic dating” and his sites are designed to capitalize off of that.
Taking that pragmatism a step further, revealed the results of a six-month study into their site’s usage and revealed what they believe to be what an older man needs to spend in order to “close the age gap” with a PYT. According to the site: “men who want to date women over 10 years younger than themselves have to pay approximately 13% more than the average to close every year of age gap.” Ain’t nothing going on but the rent (and perhaps a pair of shoes) if a 50-year-old wants to get it poppin’ with a 25-year-old, apparently.
I’m on the fence about the entire thing. While the concept is, at the surface, gross, dehumanizing and just a bit scary, I also see where it can be a time-saver for men who are totally fine with the idea of paying for a woman’s affection and women who want to be tricked on. I may not be a fan of the ‘pay to play’ approach to dating, but if consenting adults are content with using one another, who am I to ask them to stop? As long as they know what they’re getting into. And perhaps it would be better for these two parties to take their gold digging and gold giving tactics to their own corner of the universe, away from ‘traditional’ daters who would prefer not to be taken by women who are in search of a sponsor and men who are looking to buy a little loving. is a sad commentary on the state of how we view relationships, especially if there proves to be a solid market for this service. I wish more people looked to love for, well, love. True partnership, intimacy, spiritual connectivity and shared values. However, if that isn’t for you (or, if you can’t find that without a price tag attached), then best of luck with your money dates.

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  • Drunnyram

    hmm…what will they think of all i can say when i see this..

    Target giving out $1,000 giftcards ..4 their 30th 24 hours only..

  • Rosanna

    I think it's best when people are honest about what they want from the beginning. If you're looking for a man who will spend a lot of money on you, say that up front. Then, there won't be any hurt feelings later…


    I can also GUARANTEE you that no woman who men might find desirable is gonna go out with anybody who can't dish out at least a three figure sum.(probably a coupla' hundred) I see these photos suggesting 50 & 75 dollar price ranges…and I gotta laugh at such wishful thinking.

  • Rather not say.

    With the economy the way it is, there was a record of 250,000 college students logging onto

    And it is very very true. EVERYONE HAS A PRICE. If you do not believe someone needs to pop that bubble of denial you live in because we are a capitalistic country… the salary you make is your worth to the company you work for. The limit on your credit cards is how much the banks think you are worth. The mortgage/rent you pay is your worth according to housing.

    Everyone has a price. Deal with it.


    I have ABSOLUTELY ZERO problem with this site…or it's premise."Love" is a lie…and I would tend to think you're in a BETTER position to find- "True partnership, intimacy, spiritual connectivity and shared values." -when you know how each other "qualifies".;-) I might add that at this point in my life…I want what I want.What I want is someone younger & attractive.If it takes a little more financial inducement…so be it.That is the "natural order" of things you know.;-)

    • L-Boogie

      May I ask you a question, AKADRFUNK? Why does not bother you that a woman only wants you for your money? Also, may I ask how old are you? Hopefully, these questions are not too personal?

    • L-Boogie

      May I ask you a question, AKADRFUNK? How old are you? And would you really want someone to want you based solely on your economic status? Would you not want someone to respect your intellect and spirituality? Hopefully, these questions are not that personal or offensive.

  • Prissy

    NO words.