Basketball Wives LA: Jackie Christie on her Marriage, her Style & Reality Show Drama

September 16, 2011  |  

One of the things that makes Basketball Wives LA a little different than the Miami version is that there are more actual NBA wives on the show and Jackie Christie is one of them. She and her husband Doug Christie have been married for 16 years and she sees herself as a mentor of sorts to the other ladies on the show…well, maybe not to Tanya (“Who the BLEEP are you?”),  but she does have some interesting life experiences to share and she sat down with Madame Noire to do just that.

Find out who she says are her real friends on the show, which Miami cast members she like and how she deals with groupies. Jackie keeps it 100, so you know…



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  • mrs.j.cole

    Honestly though I’ma need Jackie and her 5 neck rolls to sit down (kevin hart voice) Take a seat boo_/ along with draya

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  • I'm not gonna judge her marriage because I'm not in it, but he seems to really love her from what I have seen and her him so…. A full on ceremony every year is a bit much though. Just take an extravagant trip for crying out loud!

  • Tiffany

    Who the heck is Jackie and the all the others wanna be wives suppose???? They are all jealous of Draya- Draya do not owe anybody any explanation on what and how she lives her life- who are this ladies suppose to be- kiss a$@ ladies!!!!!!!

  • SayCheese

    Why do we keep making these dumb snookies of the world stars. She is a no body that acts dumb on TV.

  • Peaches

    Any time somebody talks about never marrying someone within their race something is wrong wit them because obviously they have a problem being who they are like Michael Jackson. She can marry her husband every year for the next hundred years, but if he wants to be with somebody else he will. And she is so selfish, while she was spending her time planning her what 16th or 17th wedding she should have been spending as much time as she could with her mom who was dying. The wedding could have waited and she is just wasting useless money with her dumb as.

  • Not-A-Fan

    Sorry Folks……..

    But she tells that lie that "if she's planning a wedding every year, she can't be planning a divorce". That's so stupid and wasteful.

    Most men already know that her husband ALREADY got about 2 side pieces………and further more, go on vacation instead of confirming what most people are thinking. "Niqqas are so dumb".

    Lastly, if Jackie wants to spend her money on something worthwhile……………hire a private investigator.

  • NM817


  • Chyna

    Why do white people always think when a black women have long hair it is a weave? That is her real hair. Let’s not forget white women get extensions! A white woman was on Tyra show crying about not wanting to take out her WEAVE! LMAO!

    • MysteryMyx

      Sorry boo, it is what it is but THAT IS NOT HER REAL HAIR LOL

      • Lilkeisha10

        Yes it is. U need to watch the entire she$

  • Dee

    A full blown out wedding every year…..SMH

    • guest

      Right, give the money to charity every other year or something…

  • What You Say?

    It is good for a black couple to be married for 16 years period.

    • Peaches

      It's is good for your mom to s**k d**ks for her rocks???

  • jackie travel with her husband because of the groupies a lot of players got mad about it, but he love her because they be together and they renew their vows every year

    • Peaches

      Bytch shut up if he wants to be with another woman he will, she can't stop that he is a grown man.

  • Scrumdiddlydo

    That is the result of smoke and mirror cause Jackie looks like a Man

    • JomoDaMusicMan

      Why do you Crackers always say a Black Female looks like a Man. I bet if she drops her drawers to u, you would not hesitate to screw her.

  • Lady 1905

    LOL! @ Princess…Good one!

  • Princess Grace

    how many hours of airbrushing did that take?

    • Qunicy

      I was thinking the same exact thing, because she's not pretty at all and she's bald

  • LadyV

    That is a really good picture of her!

    • that's a real good Photoshop of her. . .

      • alice

        It doesnt even look like her…wow…whateva