Making it Rain: 8 Signs You’re a Victim of the Hip-Hop Effect

September 15, 2011 ‐ By L. Nicole Williams

Hip-hop moguls continue to infect pop culture and set the pace for what is perceived as wealth; and while the likes of Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Rihanna and Kanye West are, in fact, among the super-rich, the vast majority of their fans are not. But, it doesn’t stop them from making music that boasts of Hermes shopping sprees and overweight egos. Listen to Rick Ross long enough and most people start feeling a little bossy.

The “if you ain’t doin’ it big, then you ain’t doin’ nothin’” mentality behind hip-hop music and the culture it has created is directly related to hyper-consumerism and a false sense of wealth. Paycheck-to-paycheck living is neither rich nor wealthy. And, during recessions and depressions, the people still standing comfortably are those who are wealthy.

Think you may have fallen victim to a song or two? Here are a few signs the hip-hop effect has a hold on you:

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  • girliusmaximus

    I would give you 30 thumbs up if I could….

  • Anna

    As is Boost Mobile.

  • SoTrue


  • Ely

    I 100% agree with you Anna, but sometimes I hop on the Madison Avenue bus with my Birkin bag. If you ever see me please don't side eye me! LOL.

    • Anna

      Thanks for the heads up… LOL

  • Jimmy Swaggered

    When I was 15 years old, Snoop advised me to roll down the street while smoking indo and sipping on gin and juice. Fun time!

    Thanks Hip-Hop!!

  • SayCheese

    Great Idea Brodie.

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  • Victoria

    The proof is in the pudding…All you have to do is post up on the sidewalk in any hood in America & count how many "Barbies" walk by lls. Bet you'll run out of fingers. And toes. Lol…

  • Anna

    Really? Laughing at you? You can sell the boat for a nice chunk of change BUT red bottoms get scuffed up when you walk on pavement.

    • Brodie

      I'm going to ask to see the soles when I visit her. Shes like family so I put up her:)

      But the boat is an asset plus a place for me to live and travel on when I retire.

  • elle

    Number 7 doesn't apply to everyone especially if you're a New Yorker where it's not practical to drive to work.

    • Anna


    • Bill

      And it goes double if you care at least a tad about the environment.

  • HeadSmackeroni

    Most morons complaining about health insurance these days have smarts phones with over $100 for the bill, LOL.
    That sh*t is amusing as hell.

    You can really tell people that grew up with money, from those that didn't.