Breaking Up (With Friends) Is Hard To Do

September 13, 2011  |  

Breaking up is so hard to do, especially if it’s with one of your girlfriends. You’ve laughed, partied, and cried together. You know things about each other that you swore you would take to your graves. You knew you would be friends forever. Unfortunately, forever has come to an end. Now you and that girlfriend that you shared so much with seem like distant strangers, or worse, like cordial enemies.

It can be quite difficult to think of friendships like our relationships with men. But sometimes, they really are seasonal. Just because you were bff’s years ago doesn’t necessarily mean you should be friends now. It’s true that people outgrow people. So, how do you know when it’s time to kick your friendship to the curb?

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  • #1 lady

    My mother in law. Damn shes like this. She think shes better than everybody. Every time I go to her house, shes talking about everybody even her children. So you know when we leave shes talking about us. Especially me, which I could care less. But yes shes awful. Don't know if that counts as for a friend but she is negative.

  • I've had my friends since I breathed my first breath. I remember most of them from before they even had breasts. It is difficult to break up with your BFF when you've had them so long that they feel like family. But there comes a time when some friends become toxic, draining and damaging and that is when we have to give them the salute, the wave and the 'so long sucka' I'm out peace sign. It isn't lack of love why they have to go but because you have to love yourself more than you love them. People in your life are supposed to lift you up, enhance your life and be there for you when the chips are down. If they take more than they give at all times then the relationship may have run its course. To quote Boys II Men, 'it's so hard to say goodbye' but it's either their happiness or yours.

    the Super Sistah

  • Guest

    This is a really great article. I am currently going through this right now with one of my friends. We have been friends for over 10 years. We use to hang out all the time, party, etc., then, I stopped doing all of those things and started focusing on college and my future and now, we barely even talk. I was the friend initiator in the relationship, but for the past month, I haven't even tried to contact her bc I see that our friendship is not the same. I haven't completely written her off, but I have distanced myself from her greatly because she has too much drama and negativity.


  • Prissy

    I have so much things to say about this!!!! Folk will continue to do you any kind of way unless you stop it and put your foot down. I have always been the friendship initiator and I stopped hitting folk up just to see if I was being crazy. LOL… and I wasn't!! When you treat people the SAME exact way that they treat you, they will have what I call "selective amnesia" and totally FORGET how they treat you. Life is way too short to be dealing with foolishness. College debt, rent, utilities, phone bills and other stuff that is going on… and then to add on top of that family and "friends"??? CHILE BOO!!!!! Move on to keep your sanity… You will be better for it once those folk who bring you down are OUT.

  • sdot

    Very good right up…now it needs a way on how to end these friendships clearly so they know….I had a bff before and they were angry b/c I distanced myself from them.
    We need a solution on how to do a clean break!