Bobbi Kristina Covers Adele’s ‘Someone Like You’

September 11, 2011  |  

Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown’s daughter Bobbi Kristina  is starting to share her genetic vocal chops. What do  you think of her cover of Adele’s “Someone Like You”? Was she double-blessed with singing ability?

Check out Necole Bitchie to find out what her dad had to say about his baby girl’s voice.

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  • Nightengale1216

    she needs her teeth fixed and her voice…eh

  • Smartypants

    Sweet. She should be in artist development. We really dont have a female artist apart from beyonce who can sing dance music and ballads. Ciara is more dance; Jennifer Hudson is in her own category, jazmin sullivan is taking a break, Kelly Rowland has one solo hit. I’m excited to see what Bobbi krystyna will do.

  • InternationalMocha

    The gap, like a big head… or small ones in the head of those with negative comments about it, is not something we can choose. Good thing braces exist….easy fix. Small brain…not so much. I had a small gap growing up…many very beautiful women have or still do. Mine disappeared when I got wisdom teeth. some people's disappear, some not. I just read this month that a very top end and actually very gorgeous model has a gap on purpose…and get this smackanobody and haters…she is white! She wont fix it because naturally(pun intended)…she would just be just…well, average. Not to mention, not as highly sought after WITH her gap! Since we are all flawed, we can find a way to get anyone to buy into the idea. Lol,…why can't posters like the ones commenting on the child's genetics be born smarter? A vocal coach and she will do better than most so called singers who are really just entertainment machines. Flashy and sparkly and ooh-la-la…..they can sing, right? Is she ready now? In my opinion,not vocally. With work and likebuttababy said, by treating it like a career.

    • Guest

      While it is true that Lauren Hutton, the while model of whom you speak, has a pretty sizable gap in her front teeth, for the purposes of her modeling career she wore a prosthetic to fill it in. As she got older, retired from the life for good, she threw away the prosthetic and was proud to let everyone know about her gap. Now she'd getting jobs despite the gap. It was NOT like that in her early years.

  • Cincinnati45214

    She sound really good and on the gap, damn her father has a gap! She looks good and sounds great! Damn people.

  • zizi36

    I think the gap is cute ….and a indication that she is confident with herself. In Africa gabs are considered beautiful ..why do we have to abide by western standards of beauty. If someone said that she should have breast implants we would be appalled.

    • Agreed, and Madonna never let her gap slow her down.

      • Guest

        actually, there was quite a while where she wore an insert. It wasn't until later that she was comfortable with it.

  • HeadSmackeroni

    lol @ that gap.

    God why can't you black women just be attractive..?

  • lively09

    She has a good voice, but sounds like she might be smoking. She has to catch her breath alot, hopefully she gives up the cigarettes, so she can truly enhance her voice.

    • Not only that, but I see perscription pills in the bag beside her. C'mon

  • Bobby can not deny that she is his child. Spitting image!

    Her voice is OK. Maybe with a little grooming and nurturing she can sound better. Will she be a great singer like her mother? Absolutely not! But she could end up a great entertainer like Janet, Madonna or Brittney. They don't have great singing pipes, but they can entertain the hell out of you.

  • decent job; not the second-coming that Bobby Brown tries to convince us of but good. It may also do some good to have her teeth fixed.

    • zizi36

      Are her teeth broke… just because she has a gap??

      • broken? no. Distracting, yes? A slight gap is one thing but to the point where a whole other tooth could fit is another. However gap or not, the voice needs work.

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  • Betty b

    Beautiful ,Talented and gifted…. Can’t wait to hear more from Bobbi Kristina in the years to come. God-Speed.

  • Betty b

    Simply awesome… I can’t wait to hear more from Bobbi Kristina. 🙂 in the years to come. God-Speed.