5 Ways to Tell You Take Things Too Personally

September 8, 2011  |  

Has anyone ever told you that you are sensitive? Didn’t it hurt your feelings!? Yeah, that’s probably because you actually are sensitive boo…There’s no shame in that though. I’m a bit sensitive myself from time to time, but as long as you recognize that you are and put yourself in check when you need to, you should be all good. But that’s where the issue comes in. Most people who take things too personally won’t acknowledge the fact that they are indeed sensitive. So to help those folks out, aka you, here are a few signs you should be on the lookout for so you can come to terms with your sensitivity.

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  • Afriendlycow77

    i always get these girls, You Read Things Wrong…Sometimes on Purpose. it bugs hte s**t out of me.

    • Antoinette Hughes

      You insensitive prick.

  • Ollie Moss

    This goes both men and women, Right?

    Ollie M.


  • I'm sensitive, i recodgnize it, and try to fix it, it's hard as a man to be sensitive(no homo) but it's like it's more difficult when you admit it, people don't wanna hear that kind of things from a man, sensitivity does not necessarly means weakness….
    Cause iguess every one is tryin to keep who they really are a secret and when someone comes and tell the truth about himself it's like; who the hell you think you are? We hide our secrets and You tell everything about you?

  • LisaJoy!

    When it comes to the guy not calling you back ASAP (or not at all), I don't think I'd take it as personal if he didn't call me back when I wanted him to-he could've been busy, and that's cool.(As long as it doesn't happen TOO often-LOL)-but I think I'd take it pretty personal if the guy doesn't call me back AT ALL…who wouldn't?? And us ladies aren't the only ones who'd probably feel that way! Ha…

  • mindy

    What a beautiful picture! I love the pics that accompany the article. And, she’s right; one of the most difficult of the Four Agreements is never take things personally, if someone doesn’t like you, that’s their problem.

  • Virginia

    I can't believe people expect to be entitled to anything special for simply being born. Who cares.

  • Prissy

    The only thing I tend to take personally is when someone I am extremely close to forgets my birthday. And I'm talking about the one's who I go all out for their birthday and I don't even get a simple phone call because I'm not the one for gifts. I'm pretty low kew about those things. A call or a text would be nice. I will take that as an insult. All that other stuff mentioned in the article I don't have issues with.