Women Who Could Ruin Your Relationship… If You Let Them

September 8, 2011  |  

Relationships take a lot of work, this we know. And even if you have everything in order when it comes to you two, there is always someone who has the ability to sabotage a good thing. Guard and protect your relationship from the following women.

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  • Tammy

    Goodness gracious, what a good article. I'm glad I read it because I needed a reminder about the baby mama.. ugh

  • Sandy

    Can we get a picture of Angelina Jolie under number one!

  • Mark

    The baby mama, wow, .killing my whole house. She was a tramp while having 6 children with me. I got myself clipped for her safety. Our last was only six months old and guess? She was expecting again? Now I’m engaged and she wants to make that void. A lot of nerve from this baby mama!

    • peace

      she was a tramp yet you remained and even had six kids with her…what does that make you?

    • jennifer

      I find that babymoma drama only exist if you feed into it you have to man up and speak to her only involving the kids and if an argument occur hang up or walk away,keep it short and drama at your home may be grounds for restraining order,if she feels she has an upper hand she will run with it.


  • ang

    That’s why I’m super private and don’t say ish about who I’m dating and it works.

    • SoTrue

      But for how long? You can't keep it a secret forever unfortunately…

  • CoCoaBroWn

    Good article! Unfortunately I know a woman that fits every description in my relationship 🙁 True unconditional love is stronger is then a person.

  • brian

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  • Not sure how I feel about this one,these things can only ruin a relationship if you allow it to do so.

  • whitwhit

    I totally agree with this…..especially BABY MOMAS!!! II cannot date a man with kids…even if they say that they are not with her or she has a boyfriend or married…cause I know well with my experience they cause ah lot of drama…girl told me that she would would kill me!! And I wasn’t even talking to him like that!! Wtf….so when he calls I don’t pick up… Cause I got to much good thing going on in my life to go to prison over….

  • GetLikeMe

    Good article, and I agree no one can ruin your relationship for you, but they for damn sure will try any and everything to tear you apart, the best thing to do is be a united front, never divulge ur relationship problems to ur friends and family. Babymama's can be tricky because they use the kids to drive a wedge between you, however if ur man is smart he will put his foot down from the beginning letting her know that his family comes first his family being you and his children, and making it crystal clear that they lead seperate lives, unfortunately the best way to deal with a baby mama is formally, do everything through court and keep conversation to a minimum. True we would all like to play nice but more often than not, those situations turn ugly quickly, so just to be safe avoid the personal exchanges from jump.

  • numero uno

    Cant no one take you two apart but you two, thats in any relationship everyone is going to have a say about your partner (family, friends, their family). Only you control what others do and say about your relationship. What women need to realize is that if you got yourself someone who is good, then you should not have to question why another woman would be as shady to try him. As far as family goes its a natural instinct to be overly protective. So much that it controls the minds of the two who are together. I tried to explain this before, now after writing what I was going through I can sit back and chill knowing the person who I once thought the world of was too blinded to see all the stuff I once told her.

  • StephanieDawson

    Whatever! Stephanie Dawson and Nickolas Harrison together forever! F*ck his wife!

    • Jimmy Swaggered


  • JustAshley

    It comes down to this. Do your job and be a good woman to the best of your ability. At the end of the day- the only one you can control is YOU and if a man is going to use the fact that you "burned last X-Mas dinner" or "you can no longer wear a size 2" than he is NOT the man for you to begin with!
    The majority of the time, a man will cheat because the opportunity presents itself. It usually has nothing to do with his girl/wife.

    • shannan

      This….is……so……true. All a woman can do is ( and men as well) treat people the way you want to be treated. End of story.

  • Prissy

    AHH!!! This is a great article for today!!! And you might wanna add men to this equation as well. It's like men from the past have a special radar that goes off when you are in a happy situation.. They call out the blue to "check up" on you , "Say whats up" or any other thing they might make up! AND the gay equation as well… It's out there as well… Folk will try you so much these days! LOL *sigh*

    • Lyndon

      Men only do this because women have allowed to persist for so long.

  • SoTrue

    One of the best articles in a long time – so very needed! Ladies, keep your relationship between you and your man, you seriously can't trust many people sadly…

  • justme

    I agree that all of these women have the tendency or the potential to be problematic in a relationship. But I do not agree that any of these women can ruin your relationship. If you and your man have a strong foundation to start with, then these women and their opinions may enter into a relationship, but then their opinions should quickly disappear. A relationship is between two people not 12. So if you got too many eyes and ears in the innermost part of your relationship, then almost anyone can destroy it…………..if you let 'em. The smartest thing about this article is in the title….IF YOU LET THEM.

    • Themiracle

      See, I agree with yu to a point. I feel like they can ruin yur relationships, and they sure can do it good, but yur right…if theres an already solid foundation, then it shouldn’t change the status or yur feelings for each other. The only people in yur relationship are yu and yur significant other, not yu plus 20.