Is Your Man Hood Rich?

September 8, 2011  |  
“Stacks on Stacks on Stacks” (aka bill money) for the Facebook profile picture.

What’s worse than a cheap brother or a broke guy? One who simply can’t manage his funds. It may seem cool, at first, when he’s lavishing money on dates and gifts…but do you want to build a future with someone who’s fiscally irresponsible? Here are a few hints that your gent isn’t good with his finances. Take note (and maybe offer the brother a few pointers to get him on track)!

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  • Richard Fagin

    All these bad money management habits sound like President Obama.

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  • hot sauce committee

    He doesn't have to "have everything" but he has to know how to manage what he DOES HAVE. Get it?

  • IllyPhilly

    Agreed, but I've come to find most women expect you to bend over and do back flips to keep them financially happy and all they have to do is have sex. SMFH. I said the same thing you did a few articles back and caught flack. I figure that's why when you get married, you walk side by side not in front or behind to show an equal union.

  • brian

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  • Jimmy Swaggered

    Don't pay too much for anything. Ever. Especially in regards to your house, car, wedding, and education. Don't spend more than you have to on ANYTHING!

    (…except a good mattress, it'll pay off. Getting a good night's sleep every night will help you generate more cash.)

  • Mrs.Mimi

    It makes sense to know what kind of man you are dating especially when it comes to financial stability. Bad credit ,living beyond his means just to keep up, always behind on bills, no retirement (401k)/savings and lack of money are a serious indicator that this guy needs to get himself together. Unless you want a man will live off of your credit, drive your car because he can't finance/afford one ,drag you into a hole of debt, have no career/job and goals and you carry him like a baby because he can't carry himself then, I strongly suggest that you stay away from guys like this that put materialism over priorities.

  • Long legs

    BOth of yaw need to b balling outta control at all times

  • kayla

    It's just the whole flashy flashy hip-hop lifestyle. Nothing worse than having all this money, but still live in the hood. Invest your money wisely, and it will go further

  • Stanley

    I went out with beautiful, independent, and strong sister. As she is a financial expert, I thought it would be a great idea to show her how responsible I was with my money…………
    She said me: Stan, why do you want to go Dutch? I said: LaShawn, An independent and financially responsible man should always go out with an independent and financially responsible woman. (I continue) And there's no better time and way to know if people are on the same level of financial independence than on the first date.
    Man, that was funny! I remember this first date like it was yesterday.
    You know what? I've never heard from her again, no matter how hard I tried.

    • kim

      because that was tacky; and that smart, strong sister had the good sense to know it.

    • girliusmaximus

      Lol it was a bit tacky, and whether you were being for real or being a putz to see how she'd react, I still understand your sentiment believe it or not.

  • Stanley

    If you believe black women are the best, thumbs up.