7 Common Makeup Mistakes You’ve Probably Made

September 5, 2011  |  

Maybe at this point in your life you’ve learned how to beat your face better than B. Scott but in the steady progression toward perfection you’ve probably stumbled a couple of times along the way with these make up blunders. Check it out and learn from your mistakes.

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  • African-American skin is blessed with unblemished looks and common makeup mistakes can rob its rich lustre. Light coloured eye-shadows, albeit looks wonderful on dark skin, can be a disaster if not applied evenly. Overdose of kohl on the lower eyelids can make the eyes look tired. Avoid plucking your brows and go to a professional to get that shapely brows. Artificial eyelashes add to the lustre, but when they crinkle, they can spoil your whole look, instead use mascara which does not dry out. Avoid extra foundation layers to hide blemishes, instead go for exfoliating to get a smooth skin.

  • MsAfroooo

    I can remember wearing cheap mascara & having eye infections because I had contacts!!

  • Guest

    – White eye liner. It's not for everyone. And I'm not talking about a perfectly fashionable line of white drawn along with the waterline to brighten the eyes. I mean the white liquid liner that was dragged across your eye lid into a bold, white, winged eye.
    – Big, bold lashes. I don't know, when people started thinking it was okay to wear one-inch long, drag queen eyelashes all the time, but it MUST stop.
    – Not blending the edges of your eyeshadow. Not just with white, but with any color.
    – Not wearing colors that flatter your skin tone. That yellow-based red lipstick you just bought may make your teeth look yellow. Those pastel eyeshadows may wash out your face. That jet black eyeliner may be too bold for you – a brown or a gray, in some cases even a purple, may look better. Know your skin tone and know what flatters; don't just buy colors, because they look good on the shelf.

  • LoveOnTop

    You forgot the epidemic of drawn on eyebrows…thats a mistake everyones making now

  • Miss September

    My make up story was in Highschool , I got some fashion fair foundation in the wrong
    color and boy did I look the fool . Man I went to school looking like a tranny Michael Jackson
    Another makeup faux pas was the skinny sharpie eyebrows , I was 14 I didn't know any better .
    I looked like a black version of a chola (Mexican gangsta girl )……..

  • 360degrees

    They forgot black racoon eyes and spider lashes.

  • Londyn

    A little trick you can you use if you not seeing a professional to help you with your foundation then you can take a little foundation and smooth a little on the inside of your arm…like around the wrist area…9times out of 10 that part of your body is the same shade as your face. and if it blends in right..then your good to go…and I know I can't stand woman that still fill in the eyebrows with black liner…esp. woman of color it's too harsh on the skin..it doesn't look natural….dark brown eyeliner or a nice brown shade of eye shadow can give you that nice natural look….Sometimes I think woman think their eyebrows have to stand out in 3D…..lol

  • Wearing the wrong shade of foundation where your face and neck are two different colors!

    • SoTrue

      I said that already… gosh

  • zams

    what the heck happened to tarajis face o.O

    • vee

      Wuz wondering da same thing…..lol…..lol

  • Bee

    Black lipliner. I dont understand.

  • SoTrue

    In terms of wearing foundation, not only putting too much on giving a cake-like appearance is a mistake, but also applying the wrong SHADE.

  • Luckily I haven't fallen victim to any of those makeup mishaps…most likely because I don't wear enough!

  • Wait… no mention of Sharpie eyebrows?