Ratchet Movies We Can’t Help But Love

September 2, 2011  |  

By Victoria Uwumarogie and Veronica Wells

In every person’s film catalog, aka the dusty shelf of movies you have in your home, there are some deep dramas, some classic comedies and some thrilling action movies. Usually hidden in the back of that same shelf though are at least one or two movies that are extremely ratchet. The kinds that cause you to have to explain to nosey guests not only why you have them but why you love them. But there’s no shame in loving a ratchet movie or two, and everyone has their faves. We’ve come up with a list of 10 films that are questionable in taste but get the most play in DVD players, or dare I say, old VHS players, time and time again. They’re all known for some crazy, stereotypical or random behavior from their characters, yet they manage to have us rollin’! And don’t front! I’m sure you’ve seen at least a handful of the ones on this list. Feel free to shout out your faves!

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  • chanela

    I think its ridiculously sad how Apparently any movie with an all black cast is being called “ratchet” And “ghetto”. funny how every other race of perosn feels the same way. why else do you think movies with black people in the lead dont get successful? other races see black leads and think “oh this is going to be another ghetto (aka black) movie”. btw since when did ghetto= black? how come nobdy listed machete or low budget stupid movies with a white cast? smh

  • thirdborn333

    It's "Deliver us from Eva"

  • Stevie v

    Yep pootie tang should have def been up there. Baby boy Is pure ratchet,, no substance what so ever. Bebe kids!!! Ahhh classic!

  • moe

    I thought Bebe's kids was the late Robin Harris voice not Faizon Love?… I could be wrong..

  • Marie

    Don't forget House Party.

    • Korey

      Not really… House Party is probably THE BEST BLACK TEEN COMEDY EVER! Good script, good actors and good plot.

  • longtresses

    @deevah, that is exactly what I was gonna put, Robin Harris, idk how she thought it was Faizon Love.

  • kevin o


    • L-Boogie

      I am not going to even lie I like Belly.

  • Kayla

    they also forgot crooklyn

  • NayNay

    LOL Great list!

  • “B.A.P.’s” and “Coming To America” are the best!!!!!

  • AJS

    Baby Boy is "NOT" a rachet movie!

  • Hannah

    Soul Plane!!! I love that hot mess of a movie.

    • Andie

      She shoulda added Soul Plane to the ratchet list for sure! But I'm like you, I actually liked it. lol.

  • guest

    Bebe's Kids is the funniest movie ever.

  • jaymoney

    Boomerang beeiitch!

  • Ashleyy

    Juwanna Man

  • harlem elite

    U R DUMB! Coming to America, Baby Boy and Players Club aren't close to being ratchet, sit your boushie azz down.

  • 2bme

    How in the HAIL did you miss Pootie Tang????

    • Lelani

      LOL… the only way I can figure is that they (like mostly everyone else in the world) didn't see it

    • IllyPhilly

      CTFU @ that, I 4got all about that!

  • tayg

    i just knew in my heart baby boy was going to be first..lol

  • Prissy

    While I HATE "Baby Boy", "Boys In Da Hood" and "Belly"… I have always LOVED "BAPS", "How To Be A Player", "Players Club", "Menace II Society", "Poetic Justice"… I'm sure I'm missing a few but yeah LOL