Mel B Gives Birth to Baby Girl, Gets Flack for Having Multiple “Baby Daddies”

September 2, 2011  |  

Melanie Brown, aka, Scary Spice, aka, the sole black girl and only Spice girl you loved back in the day, has just had another baby!

The baby girl, whose name hasn’t been released as of yet, was born on Thursday in L.A. Brown and her growing fam seem to be geeked up about the new arrival, with the former Spice Girl tweeting the following:

“Finally our baby arrives,Stephen nearly passed out, [daughter] Phoenix screamed,I laughed so hard the baby popped out!!! She is just sooo amazing!!”

“I am SOOOOOO blessed my heart is melting!!”

While the arrival of a new baby is always supposed to be an exciting and precious time, the haters have come out of the woodwork to be judgmental unfortunately. One commenter on E! News went in a little hard on the choices of Mel, who now has three daughters by three different men. Oldest daughter Phoenix, 12, from a relationship with a Dutch dancer, and of course, little Angel Iris, 3, who was proven to be the child of comedian Eddie Murphy. This new little girl is her first with husband Stephen Belafonte, who also has a 6-year-old daughter from a previous relationship. Call them the Brady Bunch! The individual who hid behind an avatar on the entertainment news website said the following:

“There is NO need for a women to have 3 kids by three different men!! NASTY and how will she tell all three of her daughters they have different fathers??? Hope her girls learn a lesson from their “scary” mother!!!”

Harsh much? While I’m not necessarily a fan of women having multiple children with multiple men, I feel that as long as a woman can adequately take care of said children, who are we to judge? Just like people gave Erykah Badu flack for enjoying having children–and having them with different brothas, if they are well taken care of and the little ones are able to have a relationship with their fathers, then folks should mind their business. Brown and Belafonte have obviously found a way provide a great home for all of the children in their lives, and they all have a father figure in Belafonte. I say let Mel B celebrate this birth, and if you don’t agree with it, just do yourself a favor and don’t do the same thing.

But what do you think? Are people wrong for going at Melanie Brown for having three different “baby daddies?”

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  • Lee

    Jimmy Gulzar was her husband, not a relationship. They got married shortly after she found out she was pregnant.

  • Scross_schultz

    2 kids concieved in marriage and one with Murphy who she thought was gonna marry! First two guys let her down, hopefully the now husband wont! 

  • Karen

    Whose business is this? Congratulations Mel and family! Remember: If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all. ~ Really!

  • chavonne

    I couldnt agree more KIM!

    • Disgusting

      Wait until they get older & start dating their 1st or 2nd cousins who they don’t even know because Mom got knocked up about 4 months into the relationship & got married later & they hardly knew each other & divorced shortly afterwards. Then did it again & again. Maybe if these women would actually give the relationship some time for stability BEFORE getting pregnant they wouldn’t be in this position. Yes, the men are equally to blame. The last children who live with the father are being resented by the other children who feel that they are less important since THEY don’t live with their dad. So, you all keep up with your stupidity about how it’s your business, you are right, it is. But stop with your crap about your children being so important – you are an embarrassment to your children; they grow up thinking their parents are deadbeats, tramps & just plain classless.

  • Guest

    Liz Taylor had 3 baby daddies, too.


    Have we all forgotten that this is a free country. Some things have never changed and never will. We all could condem Mel-B because it is easy; but where does the reality of the matter stand.Some of us will complaine about everything and will do nothing to help. If she was using the system that's another issue, but there are more than just black women having muple babies and still are not with their daddy. To be honest Salvery taught the Black man to leave his family and be responsible some where else. This curse has yet to be broken. I applaud the young men that stand up and be held accountable for their actions.

  • Robert McCarthy

    It has become an epidemic. Yes it is easy to not judge. But we must start to "judge" Every time i hear someones sad story of how their was destroyed by their parents divorce or the lack of a mail role model in their life, I just think tradition didn't happen purely as a result of religious beliefs. It provides stability, and security for a child. I thought too that each to their own until I had my own child. Now I know one person cannot raise a child alone. There is a cost!! We should not be advocating anything that is not idea for children. They grow with esteem issue, poor preparedness for the job market and as studies show less able to learn as their two parent peers.

    Yes, lots of things can be done but should it be. My father died when I was young and I know how it feels to my mother struggle every day to feed us and clothe us. She was never there to help with home work, make sure I was not getting into trouble. It took me years to finally get past it. The 60's are long past. Murphy Brown was wrong!! OK haters let me have it. But I know as a parent and as a child that it is not the best scenario.. then why should society say fine, when there will be negative consequences.
    I am not religious or have any extremist point of view. I do not think the world is ending because of single, mutli- dad families. Lets just start taking a stand again. I have learned from experience and have changed my position.
    Ok Now let me have it.

    • Trish

      There are loads of young ones out there who wish they had been brought up like my children. I ended up a single mum through the necessity to divorce. But they are fine, i was strict and did my best for them. Sometimes it was against the odds, those in professional positions treated us like dirt, they saw us a problem when i tried to get them what they needed after the divorce. They treated me like an outcast, yet there are not problems in my family, no criminal records or anything else which is negative. I tried to get medical help for my son who had two serious illnesses and they said he was a problem child. Luckily he got better in his later teens, but your comment is spot on. It is not the circumstances of the birth, but how women bring their children up whether married or not, it is the quality which counts. Even well to do children take drugs and drink to excess, a good home is not a guarantee of a perfect life. Too many judges and not enough parents putting in positive input. Being married to the father is not a ticket to success, some dads are gamblers and drunkards or drug addicts. Not all children of married parents turn out right at all, parents are not saints. I agree with you, so you might get it from someone else!

  • Lisa Sciolle

    Diana Ross had her first child with Motown mogul. She had 2 with a jewish fellow, and
    two boys with a norwegian billionaire. So… is not just Mel B

  • angelle

    People act as if she had her kids back to back with three different guys. I don't think its a huge deal considering the age gap between the kids and the fact that she was married to two of the guys. As long as she is taking care of her kids, it really shouldn't be anyone's conc.ern

  • solar23

    When ever an issue like this comes up why are people always trying to justify it. Oh white women do it, oh who gives the black men flack. In 2009 8 out 10 of children born to black mothers in the USA were born to unwed mothers. Just because you can afford children doesn't make it right to have 3 baby daddies or baby mommas WTF. When are we going to grow up as a people. Mel B is not an American Black woman, but apparently she has come over here and bought into the worst of our culture. I realize that most women do not intend to have multiple baby daddies but most of our black women/men have no idea of what a true commitment means. We see it more often than not, and it seems like a badge of honor in the black community to be someone's baby daddy or baby momma. Women (black women especially) need to take more responsibility for their poor decision making, they have no idea what a decent/good man looks like and sadly their kids won't either if they are born in the single parent household, this vicious cycle will continue until black women learn to close their legs more and not sell their soul to "swag" without substance. As a guy I like you black women with kids at least I know you all have sex, but there is no way I am staying with any baby momma whose baby daddy is a bum. I am sorry, I will F*&K you but thats about it.

  • DoubleDutch

    No disrespect to the dead but nobody ever made a big deal out of the fact that Elizabeth Taylor has different baby fathers. Whats so different?

  • MissJackieM

    I'm not feeling all the flack she is getting from people ,there are men ( and some women ! ) who have done far worse with their domestic situations and nobody has come forward to put them in check !!

  • legemeaux

    Speaking for myself, you can have him and all the rest. You didn't accomplish anything by snagging a black man. they are all to happy to marry you and show off their mixed children. you did nothing other than provide the pigmentation he wanted for his kids so they wouldn't be dark like him. No, I am not jealous and most likely neither are any white men who see you with your black husband. Since most of the white women brothers get, no white guy would have. I have heard countless white women talk about how they started dating black guys because he was more "accepting". Translation: she didn't meet a white standards i.e. too fat, homely, pastey, what have you.

    • Shelby

      YAWN! Im not close to fat and far from ugly dear but what does my looks have to do with black women having several children by different men? And what are your fellow "sistas" accomplishing by just getting pregnant by a black man? Can we stick to the topic here instead of trying to change the subject?

    • HeadSmackeroni

      A former body builder does not have his pick of any women, because most of the 'former' ones look like Hulk Hogan by age 30, just with more roids in their system. Alot of them can't even function properly after all the sh*t they take, LOL. Get real.

      I bring up my other half as much I want, because I love her, will flaunt her in anyones face, am damn proud of her, and think the world of her. No reason for me to not bring her up just to spare black 'women' their pitiful self esteem. =)

    • Shelby

      Where did I assume that? Like I stated earlier I wasnt even talking to you so if what I said offended you then there must be some truth to it. I dont need your props or anything else for that matter and who gives a damn what you care about.

  • Annette

    As a matter of fact this whole situation has racist undertones. Here is a woman with news about she and her husband’s new baby but somehow it gets turned around into a multiple baby mama story because of some people’s stereotypes about black women.

    • guest

      It didn't get turned around. That was the entire premise of the story….multiple baby dads. Seriously, how does a woman explain to her children that they all have different fathers? When did that become the norm? Brothers and sisters are supposed to have the same parents, save instances of divorce, death, etc. To call it a case of racists posting on black sites is just a cop out. Address the real issue rather than dismissing it as a bunch of racists. There are plenty of black people who find this embarassing. Stop making excuses. The fact that white people do it too is just another copy out. If you have one baby and the guy didn't marry you beforehand, why would you keep having kids for multiple ment? Ridiculous!

  • Annette

    Ok I see nothing but a bunch of the same racist white people on this board spewing a bunch of bs. Obviously we’ve won because you are that obsessed with us that you stay perched on the black sites. None of us even care that much about you to go hunt down you web pages to make ignorant remarks.

    • Tamar

      How is someone obsessed with black women just because they are on a black website? And what did you win exactly? Single black women with children by different men are becoming a epidemic in the black community and it affects all of us when these women seek public assistance to help them take care of their children and it seem like there is nothing being done about it. The welfare system does nothing more than enable irresponsible people to continue to be irresponsible at the expense of thoes who chose to be responsible and get up and go to work everyday to pay their bills without government assistance. With this issue going on your biggest problem is people responding on a website. If anyone here is ignorant its you and your probably part of the problem as well.

  • aqquippless

    She hasn`t done anything that many other women haven`t.At least she choice men that were about something BEFORE she laid with them ,unlike most women who sleep with bums, and then act surprised when a baby is brought into the world.And guess what?…He `s still a BUM.What a shock!!!!

  • sweettea

    The idea that there’s more black women with multiple baby daddy’s and on welfare is not supported by fact. The majority of welfare recipients are white. White women are notorious for having the new dads adopt the kids by the first baby dad. Calling it a blended family just makes it sound better.

    • HeadSmackeroni

      White women are also more likely to be married than black women.

      The real question though is why are you black women so OBSESSED with WHITE WOMEN?
      Do you measure everything you do to what they do, and decide that if they 'do it too' it's okay and normal? lmao f*cking morons I swear.

    • legemeaux

      Jesus!! whites make up 75% of the population and blacks make up 12%. Naturally more whites are on welfare that's pretty straighforward math. and what do you mean by white dads being "notorious" for adopting their stepkids? you are aware that's a good thing right? The operative word here is "family" meaning mom, dad, and children all together in one house. it does sound better actually. more black men should consider it.

  • HeadSmackeroni

    Lol Black women are so disgusting, like you really let three different dudes run up in you and knock you up?
    How about not sleeping with dudes who wont wear a condom, or you know birth control?

    Let's be real, we all know keeping your legs closed is out of the question for black women age 13 and up.

  • saadiyah

    Christie Brinkley also 3 different kids by 3 different men. They were all her husbands though, but no one ever says anything negative about her. It's only Black women that called out in situations like this.

    • legemeaux

      Because it is rampant in the black community! It's irrelevant what Christie Brinkley does. the issue here is the last thing WE need is one more bad example for OUR people. Many of these girls who have multiple kids with different fathers are on some kind of welfare or underemployed. One thing about white folks, they will make it known if they don't like how their tax dollars are being spent. and rightfully so! when you see that chunk missing from your paycheck and notice all these bebe's kids running around on public assistance, eventually you get pissed. Sure tax money is wasted in alot of areas. But not having kids you can't support is a no brainer. yet here it is, the black woman's calling card. You can't compare Christie Brinkley. she will always find someone to marry her and help out. But a black single mom in an economically depressed situation has a deck stacked against her as is. the last thing she needs is more children!

  • janeyre

    When the angry comments, start to zero in on the people who get welfare the most… Those women who lived in compounds, that people like Warren Jeffs have. In Az, Ut, Colo, Tx and wherever. There are plenty of girls and women, who are having babies there. They are living off the tax payers… Nobody seems to think it is a big deal. Warren even claimed to have 75 children. Now tell me, he can afford that… These women get Welfare, food stamps, medicaid. Plenty of them have babies, who will never work, because they are born with "rare genetic disease" because they are inbred. Most of these females, lack an education. Thousands of dollars each month goes to those compounds. Nobody complains, nobody says negative things about these White women, who are not working and not married and having babies…

    • guest

      I am a black woman and couldn't agree more with Prince Edward. It is a national embarrassment. Statistics across all races, etc. point to the high rate of out of wedlock children in black households. Yes, it happens in other races, but not to the degree that it does with us. We need to do better. The facts are the facts.

  • Lucille Love

    Philly artists love songs that will get you in the mood

  • Brodie

    LOL. Just laughing at the attempt to apply American statistics to a financially stable, foreign celebrity. Anything to get it in right?

  • JustSayin

    Harsh statement. But, the fact is that we have too many Black children born out of wedlock. And unlike Mel B. those mothers are barely able to provide for their children. And I'm sure if they knew what they were in for (financial hardship, deferred dreams), they would not have kept having children. There needs to be a concerted effort to educate our girls about their sexual health. Yea, the guys are also at fault, but they can and do walk away. The woman is in it for the next 18-21 years.

  • Grace

    All I can do is shake my head at some of these comments. What ever happened to forming a committed relationship with another individual, marrying said individual, and THEN having children. This is the kind of nonchalance that contributes to 70% of African-American children being born out of wedlock. Children born into stable families often fair better academically, personally, and professional than those who do not.

  • ann

    my husband's mom has 5 kids by 4 men and iam from a different culture where is not normal and when i told my parents they were shock also non of dads were around but i don't judge but sometimes even i q? why if first two were't around she kept having kids

  • Annette

    What’s the problem? I thought someone said she only had one baby out of wedlock, and the other two are from two different marriages. So how long is the public going to condemn her for this one child which really is a blessing but that happened to come from an unwed union?

  • Prince Edward

    A black woman having multiple baby daddies isnt uncommon. Actually its the norm in the African American community. Some people collect coins or comic books while black women collect baby daddies and our tax dollars to help them take care of their brats.

    • janeyre

      So I guess Warren Jeffs, women/girls, don't count. They sure aren't married to him. He claimed to have 75 children or such. They get Welfare, food stamps, medicaid… All of them are White… Some are even under age… So where is your scorn Prince Edward for White females, who had multiple kids, without being married. You think Warren Jeffs, could finance 75 children's needs? He got the welfare money and lived high…

      • King

        If this site is made for black women why the hell are you on here.No one and that is blacks included should be judged if they have multiple children with multiple partners. Guess what ALL RACES DO IT. The fact that you even mentioned race and your tax dollars is pure ignorance. About your precious tax dollars African-Americans must not work or pay taxes? Right and better yet all White people aren't on the system? You are the one that sounds ignorant.So how about you GTFOHWTS better yet get a life.

        • legemeaux

          Prince Edward is an ass. But black women who have multiple baby daddies are hard to defend. Black women have been victims in alot of areas. but having children we can't support (not Mel B's case) is all on us. there is a new form of birth control out like every month. there's just no excuse. and saying other races do it is a cop out. what would you tell your child if he/she got in trouble at school and said some other kid did it too. seriously?! i'm sorry but I work and if you are on any kind of assistance then I have a right to voice my opinion. and as part of the black race you're not doing these mothers any favors by simply saying it's none of our business.

          • king

            It wasn't a cop out. There was no need to bring race into the discussion. So what if someone has multiple children with various men. That is NO ONE'S BUSINESS. However, It is my own personal belief not to bring a child in this world that I cannot afford. Everyone does not think like myself and I don't expect them to. Women keep there children for various reasons and you nor Prince Edward or anyone else should judge them for that. Also stop about the taxes and "my money" crap. For all the people who have issues with the tax laws take it up with the legislative and other goverment officials. They are the ones who have been the deciding factor on where our money goes.

            • Tamar

              There is a reason to bring race into it is because it is a problem in our community. Black women need to make better choices when it comes to having children instead of depending on tax payers to bail them out when they become pregnant with child number 3 from father number 3. Black women are the root of the problem and thats where the issue needs to be addressed.

  • IllyPhilly

    Was that octo-chick married?? She should be catching slack!

    • HeadSmackeroni

      Atleast all her kids are by the same dude.
      Atleast the 'octo' extension test tube kids, I think she has other kids but wanted multiples with the same guy.

      • IllyPhilly

        Nope, she had six kids b4 them, by other men.

  • Nanci

    Er uh Melanie White Girl Griffith has 3 kids by 3 different daddies and she was pregnant and had the baby before Antonio married her. He was still married to his wife of 13 years. Nobody said nothing!

    • janeyre

      She is White…

      • chavonne

        who cares… its all a disturbing trend that needs to stop!

  • lively09

    People need to mind their own business. This last baby is from her husband, and last I check her kids are well taken care of. Congratulations to Mel B.

  • Ckimyonw

    I do think people need to mind their business. It may not be the best situation, but her family seems happy. I 100% plan to only have children with a husband because it think its an easier situation to raise a child in. If Mel B and her husband are prepared to raise these children, with the help of the other girls' fathers that these children will be well taken care of. Lets mind our business.

  • Prissy

    Sad to say I agree with the person. BUT she is MARRIED and she was MARRIED when she had her first child. Only the 2nd (Eddie's child ) was born out of wedlock. It is funny because the women get flack about having multiple kids but what about the MEN within our community who SPREAD their seeds throughout the world?? Where is there HARSH criticism? EVERYone is at "fault" here. But ish happens. WE do NOT know what goes on if folks bedrooms. Men AND women tell each other a bunch of crap. Then ish happens and folk will leave the person to take care of the child by themselves. It sucks but that is life. At least Mel and her HUSBAND can take care of all the children. PS: I wonder if the person of that quote has harsh things to say about Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu and a SLEW of other men…. We shall see…

  • Jade

    Honestly I don't give it much thought, and being married is over rated. Some people want to reproduce and can't. Who cares what people say. We will always have something to say and it will all be different.

    • IllyPhilly

      So true, the BEST comment by far!!

    • SoTrue

      You clearly have multiple children by multipe men…

      • Trish

        Try to be less scathing and more giving. There are those who need to stop themselves from giving each new man they get with a child. But in Mel B’s case, she is fine. She is bringing her children up in a good way, she is a good mother. There are many who have children with one man and they are not loved or well taken care of. My parents were abusive and cold all the way, we were considered to be burdens to them. They did not take control of child birth at all, we were told that we were mistakes and treated as such. It is the quality of the life which matters, not the full info of the dads and whose child belongs to who. How many happy children do you know and how many parents actually love them in the real sense of the word?

  • Mrs Meesh

    I’m not condoning it but she’s a married adult! What about these 14/15 year old girls out there living with their parent(s)?!?!?

    • SoTrue

      I think you need to re-read your comments before you post…

  • legemeaux

    on one hand it's completely her business. as long as she is not on welfare and leeching the system it's not my concern. However I can't help but feel sad that she is out there literally living the stereotype black women are known around the globe for. A baby being born is a joyous occassion and she doesn't have to live her life for anyone but herself. I still just think it makes it harder for everyone when black women who should know better do this.

    • Snobaby155

      Are black women the only ones who do this? I think not! What about these high profile white women who have multiple babies and are not married? Are all of them black? This woman was married to two of the fathers, more than I can say for Kourtney Kardashian, or Kate Hudson (let’s not forget her mother did the same) and the list goes on and on. Just for good measure, we’ll throw in Bristol Palin, who if she does have other children will probably not have them with her current baby daddy. You people are the ones that stereotype black people when your hands are covered in the same mud.

  • fact check

    Mel B was married to her oldest child's father. She has had only one child out of wedlock, Eddie Murphy's.

    • Thank you! You've stayed true to your name. She was indeed married to Phoenix's father and now she's married to Belafonte. The As long as the children are cared for emotionally, financially and physically it really isn't anyone's business. Just wish Mel and the fam. the best and keep it movin.'

  • trez

    She’s married, why wouldn’t she have a baby with her husband? Its not her fault Eddie was an ass.

  • Homegirl Quel

    It was harsh. But it is sad too. Maybe some people think having a baby with someone will make them commit or stay around. Mel obviously had babies with men that she loved. It is a sad example for the children, though. I dont think anybody sets out with the goal to have multiple children by multiple people.

  • Cocoa Brown

    Yes, Scary Spice can afford the kids, but it's not a good look. My sister and I actually have different fathers, but the truth is one father has been around considerably more. It's not fair to the kids. I understand the 'nobody's business' part, but Mel is a famous person. I hope the very best for the kids and their fathers.

  • sdot

    That was harsh!!! As you get older you realize relationships are more difficult and keeping a man interested/around is not easy no matter how pretty or smart you are.
    When I was younger I would have judged her now that I am older and dating actively I will say I am happy that she overcame bad relationships and is now married and trying to live her life.
    I wonder who wrote that comment how many ppl did he/she sleep with in their past?

    • ajazzi1

      Agreed!!!!! The judgemental comments come from a lack or maturity, exposure and growth. Keep living, life will expose you to somethings that will cause to grow and mature. What is the going rate for how something looks to people we don't even know?

  • Why is it that women catch flack for the same ish men have been doing? Her children are well cared for and the last is with her HUSBAND, not a "baby daddy". BIG DIFFERENCE. Unless you are paying her bills or her childrens, mind your business?

    • Jeanette

      COMPLETELY agree! Her last child is with her HUSBAND. And even if it wasnt, as black women, some of us may need to change certain behaviors as do our men, but we never will if we only judge and condemn each other.

    • Tré Sinclare

      A hoe is a hoe

  • SaySomething

    Lots of women in my family have actually had children from multiple fathers, my own included. I have a relationship with my dad and my other brothers and sisters have one with their own. Although I do not want to have my own children grow up in that situation, it is noone's business but ours. No family is perfect. And as long as she isn't going on Maury and airing her dirty laundry for all to see, people should stay out of Mel's too.

    • Joanne

      My two older children are from two different men, and my last two are from my husband now. He has raised all my children as his own. My older children have a relationship with their father. Like you said no family is perfect and I love my and make sure they see their fathers. NOBODY'S BUSINESS!!!

    • Tré Sinclare

      Your mom a hoe and your aunt