When Men Wear Women’s Clothes: Cool or Creepy?

August 31, 2011  |  

If you were watching the VMA’s this past weekend, and stayed long enough to watch Lil Wayne perform, you were probably thinking the same thing we were when it was all over: what the hell was he wearing?

The rapper, now buffer and bigger than in the past thanks to some jail time weight-lifting, somehow found a way to fit into the tightest leopard “pants” ever. We’ll assume they were able to keep from cutting off the circulation in his thighs thanks to the fact that his behind was out. The bottoms were so talked about they became a trending topic on Twitter, and got folks investigating–where did he get them from? After some research, the folks over at Complex reported that Wayne’s bottoms were actually women’s JEGGINGS. Yes, jeggings–aka, the skin tight bottoms used when skinny jeans are just not enough. The brand Tripp NYC confirmed on their Facebook page that his pants were designed by them, and that yes, you could find them in the women’s section through Karmaloop for only $44. As amusing as this information is in some ways, I’m not really surprised. Many big name male celebrities have been rocking women’s clothes and shoes for a minute now, as well as everyday heterosexual men walking the streets today. So it had me thinking…is it weird for a man to occasionally shop in the women’s section to you?

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  • Mkarimi

    obviously wayne got raped in jail.

  • Well Bella, I believe in individual freedom. There should be no line. Why are you so judgmental? Maybe some deep seated insecurity with yourself?

    I will never understand why people care so much what another person chooses to do or wear when it doesn't affect them in the least. Women wearing pants used to be considered weird/creepy/gross. I'm glad those times are over.

    • bellatrice1

      @Alex Actually, the way certain people dress, especially men, highly affects me because I like men. If we condone this "look" it will be deemed acceptable. Comparing Lil Wayne wearing leopard print leggings and showing his underwear every chance he gets is not even comparable to women wearing pants. I am judgmental because I can be and these oddly-dressed men are further reducing the pool of good men to choose from and influencing a culture of young people to dress the same way.

      This type of clothing is fine for performers and entertainers, but the way they dress is often mimicked by young people who don't know any better.They look foolish, I don't condone it, and I will make that known any chance I get.

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  • actually it would completely depend on the guy wearing it! if he has the attitude to carry it off, then men in women's clothing would be kinda cool 🙂

  • Sam

    it's not my thing but i think that TRUE fashion is doing you & not giving a crap what other people think

    • That's a great way to look at it. But, I don't think most people would EVER be comfortable cross-dressing.

  • HeadSmackeroni

    The crotch area has always been too big for me in even the tightest fitting men's pants. I simply don't need all that room! But then I discovered women's pants and I haven't looked back. I definitely recommend them for any guy like me who's closer to a tater tot than a yukon gold, to put it delicately. ¡No me juzgues por mi pene pequeño!

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  • Kayla

    this no different then these flamboyant gays, wearing weaves press on nails, heels. They all look a hot mess, gay or straight dress your gender

  • If I want my man to wear clothes meant for me I'll start dating RuPaul. Death to male skinny jeans!

    the Super Sistah http://www.thesupersistah.com

  • 1kingy

    Y'all need to wake up. The lines are not blurred it's your vision. They want all the black men to be gay and drug addicts.. And they are not above using lil Wayne to push their agenda. They want all your son to be afeminant. That way they are easier to control. While lil Wayne can slip off and get clean your son can't shake the habit and is now prosituting to get his fix. Lololol . They will give him all the money and praise because he has helped create a new generation of junkies and people with low self-esteem. They made acting like him the most important thing to your child. They will never go broke. Lololol you have been warned.

  • skh_stellar_one

    I've only seen pics of his outfit – as I missed the VMAs – but I say "Coo!" Wayne, Yeezy, et al are rockstars – they can wear whatever they want. It's also not a turn off for an everyday lay rockstar dude (read: a non famous fly chocolate hipster, for instance) to dabble in women's wear. It's sort of a case by case thing. But I have a thing for (harmless and fab) freaks, geeks, and weirdos.

  • SMH

    No, I like a man to wear men clothing. why do people turn such simple things into complicated things

  • JustAshley

    CREEPY! I just want to point out that the very same stars who rock women's clothing, are also rumored to be on the Down Low. #ThatIsAll

  • Imma go with creepy! Jeggings don't even work for some women so a man wearing them is definitely is not a good look.

  • He should have just throw on some tights and call it a gay, oops, i mean a day.

    • Illyphilly

      CTFU. The picture is a mess and that's what chicks think is cute nowadays. Imma grow me a d*ck 2morrow.

  • Kat