10 Items You Should Always Have In Your Purse

September 4, 2011  |  

Do you find yourself going on a scavenger hunt for items in your purse? For women on-the-go, it’s normal to leave items behind or forget essential things that you will need at some point. But besides the obvious “junk in your trunk” such as your cellphone, car/house keys and wallet, here are 10 must-have items to keep in your bag at all times…

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  • Em

    Thus is ridiculous. My wallet/ID, tampon, keys, gum, chapstick, tissues, pepper spray, a pen, and my glasses are all I keep in my purse.

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  • Stacey

    Great list! Check out mine x

  • Mizzomy

    This is VERY helpful

  • Kathleen

    Top 15 Things:
    1. pads/tampons
    2. pen
    4.tweezers,nail file
    5.mini hair brush
    6. body spray/perfume
    7. gum/mints
    8. wallet
    9. cellphone
    10. advil
    11.hair ties/clips
    12.mini flashlight
    13.hand sanitizer/lotion
    15.makeup bag

  • SassyMae

    I’ve seen really good list with the same purpose, but this one wasn’t to good. I mean really? Makeup, you don’t need it. I used to carry the book I was reading at the time with me, if it was relatively small, but I never fond myself actually reading it, so you could ditch that. I honestly don’t own an ipod, so that’s a no for me. I live in the desert so again, I don’t need the umbrella. And like I said I live in the desert, so I usually have water with me. Here are a few things I always have in my purse that aren’t on your list.
    -Alcohol wipes.
    -One pad, in case I run into a girl who doesn’t use tampons yet.
    -Inhaler, I have asthma so.
    -Allergy medication.
    -Pepto Bismol tablets.
    -A small screwdriver that can be switched to either flathead or phillips.
    -Safety Pins.
    -Nail file and nail clippers.
    -Small scissors.
    -Pen and sticky notes.
    -Hair ties.
    This might seem like a lot, but it’s really not most of it is in a smaller “bag” that is organzied. So tell me, who would me more ready in case of an emergency you or me?

  • Anna


    Sounds about right… If you know how to organize your purse, all this shouldn't be a problem. Sounds like some of y'all don't know how to pack a purse properly.

  • Kendra

    you might as well tote a suitcase for all this stuff…..this article is ridiculous.


  • Big Momma

    Now ladies, don’t forget a condom. We will always have the highest rate of children born out of wedlock if you don’t put a wrapper on that salami.

  • ann

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  • JustAshley

    What I carry in my purse: My wallet, a cellphone, breath mints, candy, dental floss, makeup bag, allergy medicine, sunglasses and case, comb, brush, pencil & pen, checkbook, and a miniature book called "Promises".

  • kim

    i carry all these things except for the books and magazines and water. Everything else on the list is a go for me with few additional items, like tampons, pads and needle an thread.

  • Kris

    Must be a NY thing because there’s no way I’m carrying shoes in my purse. That’s what my cars trunk is for. When was the last time you saw someone write down a phone number? The only time I find myself needing a pen is at work or the bank and both those places have plenty of pens. That’s just a good way to ruin your purse.

  • Angela

    I dunno what kind of purse folks are carrying to fit a bottle of water, flats, and a magazine. And like the previous person said, most of this stuff can be replaced with a smart phone. But I do agree with the small umbrella (I never leave home without it!) and I also carry travel size wipes, travel deodorant, and a tampon/pantyliner. Gotta stay fresh!

    • Anna

      A normal purse…

  • Prissy

    Panty liner, tampon, travel sized tylenol, mini toothbrush/toothpaste, mints, tweezer, nail clipper, travel size lotion, small lint roller, hand sanitizer, lip balm, small mirror, credit card, some cash/change (just incase you have to catch a bus or train). I also keep my phone charger with me wherever I go! Heck! This list could go on and on!

  • With the exception of the makeup, floss, and gum and umbrella good smartphone can replace most of this stuff. Not really into carrying water everywhere I go… drama-free bag lady is the way to be…

  • moi

    what about phone

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  • Wayment…Say werd!?!

    Umm…I don’t even need all that junk in my bag cuz I have a car….but what is missing is A COMB/BRUSH.

    • PMFT

      Right. So busy thinking up things that wouldn't fit into 90% of purses…she forgot the basics! Re-title…things to put in your work tote, bookbag, or car trunk.

      • Shhh!

        You must be buying the wrong purses… Or shopping at the wrong stores.

  • LMAO

    Ummm where do I fit my wallet? This is a suitcase not a purse.

  • eunice

    what about a tampon or a pad? Thats very important aswell..great article tho

  • legemeaux

    She is describing an overnight bag, not a purse! Most people can be entertained by their phone these days if held up. you don't need to carry a book/mag everywhere. and you can get a drink if needed anywhere. Saving my back is more important that lugging all this junk around.

  • brittany

    I wanna carry a purse, not a suitcase. I can understand the makeup bag, pen, lotion/sanitzer, and gum.

  • Angelia

    If you carry all of this, include the phone number of a good chiropractor or orthopedist – you will need it for the back problems you will have from the weight of your purse!

    • JustAshley

      Thank you!!! I'm thinkin' who is writing these friggin' articles? That list was retarded.

  • good article minus the ipod…sorry I don't support apple products

    • Candy

      Agreed 🙂