First Dates From Hell

August 26, 2011  |  

Think you have bad luck when it comes dating? Well after you read these stories, you might be inclined to thank your lucky stars that you haven’t been on some of these dates.

Your visited First Date Hell and picked some of their favorite responses to the simple question, “What’s been your worst first date?” Wonder what people have been through, here’s one particularly interesting story.

@JipJipperson went to hers. Saw a ‘shrine’ to her exes. She asked to lick my eyeball. Said it’d turn me on. She did. It didn’t. I left.

You can read more of these crazy stories over at Your

Do you have a horrible first date story? Do share!

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  • Nick

    It was one I cancelled at the last minute. Met this woman online who lived in another state (within a few hours drive) of me. I was driving to meet her and halfway there when she started screaming on the phone at me accusing me of not valuing her time because Id left late,(never mind that I was 45 minutes from her) . I hung up on this lunatic and turned around at the next exit. She later claimed she was PMS’ing but I didn’t buy it. I did not waste any more time with her.

    • Anna

      Well she has a point… I mean she expected you at a certain time and you probably didn't even phone ahead of time to let her know you were running late. The woman rearranged her schedule, took the time to get ready and allotted a certain amount of time to be with you and the fact that you didn't give enough respect to her schedule made her upset. The later you are, the less quality time you have with the lady. You wouldn't be late to a job interview and if you were you would at least call well ahead of time to let the interviewer know you would be late. First dates are interviews. The woman demands respect for her time and her schedule.

      Just sayin'

  • mm. well…maybe he had short term memory loss. naaaaah. he's just an idiot. /:-)

  • texasgirl

    Lmfao @ Sha Sha that’s was so awful, I would hv called the police and grabed my bat, some men r just [sic].. Knock on wood I hv never been on a bad date..

  • Sha Sha

    I met this one guy out a few times in public places to get to know him a little before I invited him into my house one night after dinner and drinks. He asked me could he use my bathroom before he left and when he came out he was holding himself and masturbating! The most he and I had ever done was a hug at the end of a date. After I picked my chin up off the floor I told him I would call the police if he didn't leave! Not a first date but definitely the last!

    • say what?! lol. man you only hear stuff like this on tv. primarily on seinfeld when the only woman on the show was out with a dude and he took "it" out in the car. smh men. dawg i swear…lol

  • Love me sum me

    Do you know August is National Romance awareness month! Get your mind right