Michelle Obama’s 10 Best Looks

August 26, 2011  |  

Not since Jacqueline Kennedy have we seen a First Lady known for her impeccable style.  That is until President Barack Obama was elected the 44th President of the United States. Accompanying him into office was his wife, First Lady, Michelle Obama. Besides her Ivy League credentials, she brought something else into the White House: style.

Donning affordable designs from J.Crew to custom-made couture gowns by Jason Wu, our First Lady has a sense of style that is stalked by most fashion publications and mimicked by every-day women from housewives to CEO’s.

Michelle Obama’s style is a mixture of contemporary class and casual elegance. From her signature kitten heels and pencil skirts to her knit trousers and Converse sneakers (yes our First Lady rocks Converse sneakers), check out 10 of Michelle Obama’s best looks.

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  • veritas

    disgusting hideous pig

    • NASCAR255

       so so true wake up america if i wore that trash she calls close i would be called trailer trash THE WORST FIRST LADY EVER AND THE WORST DRESSED AS WELL

  • northroutie

    I enjoy seeing how the press tries to make us "commoners" think that clothes which do not "flow" but rather pucker on her body is style. She has a right to dress as she pleases when NOT representing the US, but please…..get her some help when it counts. Like it or not, she is supposed to be respectful and dignified when she is in "official" status. I cringe most of the time when I see her and how she dresses, especially since my taxes pay for her "style setting fashions".

  • Sorry, but Michelle Obama is the WORST dressed First Lady ever!! I have yet to see her wear a nicely tailored suit by Chanel or any type of tailored jacket and skirt outfit. I'm 57 years old and the first ladies that I saw on TV were always WELL DRESSED and had some sense of style. AND THAT OUTFIT SHE WORE WHEN SHE MET THE QUEEN????? ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Michelle Obama needs help!!!!

    • Msmykimoto2u

      I would HATE to see what you consider fashion. Good grief….

  • Nancy Wilson

    Sometimes she looks good but not all. I just wish she would look in the mirror before she went out. After all, she represents all of us. Some of these pictures make me flinch.

  • Marshal

    Impeccable? Jacqueline Kennedy? Hardly the terms I’d use to describe Michelle. She looks like a Pug in the face and 90% of her get ups are completely unflattering and plain ugly. Every once in a while she happens into something that doesn’t look awful, and people swoon over her for it. She has an awful sense of color.

  • Eve

    What style? this is the worst dressed first lady ever!

  • American

    Uh . . . is this really news? Anyway, some of her get-ups are O.K., especially the one with sneakers. But others actually make her look fat. Some and indecent and immodest and not fitting for the wife of a President. She would be taken much more seriously if she would stop trying to be a fashion model and look normal. And I'd rather she wear regular clothes most of the time and business type clothes when on "business." It's kind of embarrassing, actually. The fact that news stories like this milk the topic and encourage it is also embarrassing.

  • richard

    a black hearted commie , who is willing to help spend america into oblivion , it's our tax money goint to waste

  • dwyndlelee

    Impressive, sensuous, and courageous. With a Baroque sense of stylish satiny opulence when it's called for, and a laid-back, cheery off-hand look when it's not. She carries herself, her responsibilities and a lingering sense of her historic importance as a redeeming presence inside the White House with grace and aplomb, and a ready sense of humor. We are sooooo lucky….a woman for the hour.

  • Pascanal

    Sorry you cannot make a bueaty queen out of a pigs Snout !!!!!

  • Joe

    Elegance, style and grace.

  • Michael King

    Michelle is theFrist Queen Of America Barack is The President and I'm "The King" (smile )

  • Deeana

    s beautiful woman inside and out.

  • NYC Gal

    First Lady Michelle Obama looks beautiful and stylish as usual. I'm so happy she's our First Lady and I hope she our First Lady for another 4 years.

    • American

      Woah, I certainly hope NOT! I'd rather she dressed like a regular American and not like "royalty"–gives me bad vibes to think of all our tax money going to her wardrobe, her husband's golfing and their family vacations which require ridiculously expensive security we pay for.

      • NC Gal

        Are you kidding me? The first family is not allowed to have a vacation? Just because the first lady dresses nicely, it doesn't mean that she is spending tax payer money. Her family does have an income; therefore, they are not spending tax payer money.

  • Yolanda

    Any of them…. She beautiful n classy. Im so proud of her. She handles herself w so much dignity

  • Karen

    Dressed classy and stylish as always….

  • cake211


    • American

      Oh No!