Ways to Get a Decent Night’s Rest While on Your Period

August 24, 2011  |  

Not too long ago, we did a post on ways that women could deal with unexpected visits from their period. The responses we obtained through the site, our Facebook and Twitter pages showed that visits from Aunt Flo are even bigger burdens for women than we thought. Some folks who commented said cramps get so bad that they have to take the day off of work, and others spoke on horrific leaks in public on public transportation and more. But not only is it a big issue for many women of what to do about their period when they’re out hitting the streets, but it also can affect the possibility of getting a good night’s rest. And it’s not that you CAN’T fall asleep, but how do you fall asleep without feeling like you’re wearing a pair of Depends, going through labor and without making a mess on yourself? Before you have a “Code Red” in your bed, here are a few tips that might help:

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  • Grace

    I get the worst cramps. Sometimes I wish I was a boy. They get out of hand…

  • Lara

    My wife doesn’t get cramps, she’s always been lucky. I have the worst ones ever, I literaly get stuck in the foetal position and sometimes I can’t even get out of bed.

  • YMM

    Damn, i am really glad i am a dude…

  • RealestMulatto

    Go to a medical supply place and get a hospital pad… I sleep on one during my cycle and it will keep anything from getting on your linens.

  • Choicy

    Diva Cup all the way! You will walk by the feminine hygiene aisle and go "HA HA HA HA HA!"

    There is a learning curve and you must be VERY comfortable touching your body but once you get used to it, you will wonder why it isn't more popular.

  • Nameless for Now

    Oooh, I heard about these (cheap, and trying to be green) and I didn't know what to search for — thanks!!

  • missthang 84

    i have to wear 6-8 pads because i am an extreme bleeder(due to fibroids.) but one lesson i learned a friend told me during that time do not drink dark liquids(coffee or cokes) also do not eat sugar… i can testify to this if i eat something sweet i can immediately feel the flow down below… drink sprites and clear liquids.. one problem i haven't found a solution is being confined to home the first 3 days because it looks like a have a big package down between the legs.. still working on this one

  • Yup Yup

    menstrual cups for the win! I love my (uk) mooncup!

  • JustSayin

    I recommend always infinity, a bit pricey but they work

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  • ann

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  • MFT

    That might warrant a trip to the doctor.

  • peace

    turn caps lock off, please.

  • JustAshley

    Ginger Tea. It alleviates my stomach pain, the cramping, headaches and even the bad mood.
    I drink it everyday during the week before my cycle begins, and everyday during my cycle. it alleviates all of my symptoms. I don't even have to take Motrin so long as I have the ginger tea!

    • JustAshley

      Oh and I use pads too. Ultra thin and the regular length. I never got used to tampons.

  • keqi

    Personally I wear over night pads for majority of my period and not all of them are super thick. U pads by kotex are good because they are long and then and if you prefer thicker ones kotex over night pads in the purple and white package are great. I suggest that you dont buy the always over night pads in the green and yellow box those are a waste of money because they don't have as much coverage as the others do. I sometimes wear tampons but I find that I am not always comfortable so I tend to stick to pads.

    • trea

      I thought I was the only one…

      I've tried tampons several times thinking I was inserting them wrong, but they are just really uncomfortable/painful for me to use. I've even tried using the lite slender ones from playtex (which is ridiculous I'm 5' 8' and average sized) and its still hurts after 5 minutes. wtf is wrong with my vagina..?

    • Nameless for Now

      Uh uh, don't hate on my brand!! I heart some Always Long with Wings (green)!! This article sounds like the orange or purple are necessary, but they are super thick….

  • chrissy

    i am on now and i got a dress on wit shorts underneath to keep everything together…….and i wear always overnighters….my husband calls them pampers…but whatever…..can't wait till it's over with….can't really do ibuprofens makes me even heavier….@prissy you will pay for using tampons…..it will be nothing but clot city depending on your age…..(when u get older)…..i can't even use them it goes right around the tampon….sad…..lol….i also think the cramps depend on what you where eating before it comes on…like the last post was saying…..well its great to be a woman….

  • Prissy

    Thank whomever is out there (Allah, Buddah , Confuscious, Moses) for me NOT having cramps and having light periods that only last about 3-4 days!!! My mother was the total opposite. She got it so bad she would have to take off from work and dad would have to purchase her ibuprofin and heating pads for her tummy! I can not handle pain and I am too grateful for not having to deal with that! and PS: I was always in dance so me and pads are NOT friends! LOL.. I only use tampons.

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