Black Democrats: Modern-Day Slaves?

August 23, 2011  |  


“I freed thousands of slaves, and could have freed thousands more, if they had known they were slaves.” – Harriet Tubman

During an interview on Fox News last week, black Republican Congressman and GOP longshot, Allen West took to cable television to express his sentiments toward his people and their faithfulness to the Democratic Party. West accused Democrats of “taking black votes for granted” and compared prominent black leaders, such as Maxine Waters, Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson, to “plantation bosses” (or overseers). “So, I’m here as the modern-day Harriet Tubman to kind of lead people on the Underground Railroad away from the plantation and into a sense of sensibility,” he contended.

Now Mr. West may not be the most popular guy in many circles, surely not mine, and the plausibility of him snagging the Republican nomination is nil. So, whether or not he is the modern-day Harriet Tubman is a rhetorical question. However, the weight of the black vote is one worth exploring.

With the rate of unemployment climbing and monstrous corporations like Bank of American planning to lay thousands more off, poverty is a major concern as middle class is quickly becoming the new poor and the poor grow poorer. The whimpers of the impoverished are faint and have been overshadowed by partisan bickering, debt-ceiling ridiculousness and Tea Party-ing. Yet, despite these things, the black community continues to demonstrate unwavering support for Democrats and President O.

Upon criticizing President Obama and embarking on a nationwide “Poverty Tour,” Tavis Smiley and Cornel West have quickly become objects of ridicule. Radio show host Tom Joyner declared he would never work with Smiley again and alluded to the possibility of a Smiley/West “relationship.” Steve Harvey also used his widely syndicated morning show to voice his discontent, citing the tour as a hustle and labeling the duo poverty-pimping Uncle Toms.

We all know the issue is not Smiley’s (alleged) attempt to stay relevant or Harvey securing a spot in the rich-black-Obama-supporters inner circle. It’s the fact that black Americans have pledged their allegiance to the Democratic Party and expect one another to support President Obama regardless of whether or not we agree with his politics and performance thus far—which is ridiculous.

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  • Lorenzo

    Democrats take for granted all blacks will vote for them and that is why President and Democrats are concentrating on Latinos and illegals. Blacks are the ones going to be neglected if they stay with Democrats. History will show that Blacks got poorer during Obama as President.

  • Marie Baldwinl

    The white racists and the Tea Party will soon kick them under the bus. Remember Micheal Steele.

  • Simmie

    RE: What have those democrats done for the hoods they represent in the last 40 years ?

    Wrong Question !
    BETTER QUESTION: What have these people in the hoods done for themselves lately ?
    Suggestion ! Don't make a bad situation worse and then attempt to try to fix it !
    At some point, part of it it your fault.

  • Dontbelievethelies

    The comments (stupid autocorrect) here prove the truth in the article. White people make up the majority of both parties. The reason Blacks show loyalty to the Democratic party is because of the perception that they will give Blacks more help, healthcare, scholarships, jobs, whatever your pet handout is…
    The truth is whatever you are looking for you need to go get it yourself. The belief that it will come from government (either party) is all that is needed to control people (not just blacks). If I need something from you, I will support you. Neither party cares about blacks, whites, or any other race. They care about power and get it by making you believe they care about you.

  • Dontbelievethelies

    The despises here prove the truth in the article. White people make up the majority of both parties. The reason Blacks show loyalty to the Democratic party is because of the perception that they will give Blacks more help, healthcare, scholarships, jobs, whatever your pet handout is…
    The truth is whatever you are looking for you need to go get it yourself. The belief that it will come from government (either party) is all that is needed to control people (not just blacks). If I need something from you, I will support you. Neither party cares about blacks, whites, or any other race. They care about power and get it by making you believe they care about you.

  • Rosa Parks

    You can tell from the comments that this guy West has hit a nerve – that’s why there is so much pseudo- indignation and denial.

  • "They want everything overnight." Just like they expect My President Obama to fix all the ailments of the United States.

  • TESTIFY my Sista or Brotha.

  • samael

    Obama’s going to get 90+ percent of the black vote regardless of his job performance. He knows it.

    Now I know why Maxine Waters asked black folks for permission to criticize Obama. She didn’t want to be ostracized like West and Smiley.

    It sounds like Tom Joyner is just as patronizing. He’s trying to keep his audience too.

  • kate

    What are we to do when the rest of the world has us check-mated in a color-blind soulless materialistic society in which there is no good guy? Dumb-assed greed on the one hand, and competetivity on the other. Take and then look for validation. As far as I am concerned, the USA needs to be sidelined and reprimended before we get jacked by the rest of the world.

  • team nymphis

    How did you end up on government aid?
    Tell us about it

  • onelove

    Ghettoes are usually in democrat districts. What have those democrats done for the hoods they represent in the last 40 years? Besides keep us down by convincing us we need them because they give us welfare, food stamps, and section 8? for them so u can keep living in poverty. Just do some resesrch and open your minds. I used to be brainwashed too until I realized the govt was controlling me with housing, stamps, etc. getting married, a good job, etc would all make me lose benefits. please please please try to see whats really going on!! And one more thing…how are those schools doin in your hood? Yea exactly. Its not a mistake democrats want power and control disguised as caring about the poor.

    • Richard

      Thank you for telling the truth. I am now a 65-year old black man and it took until quite recently to realize that what matters is what a politician does, and not what he/she SAYS, how he/she LOOKS or whether he/she has a D after his name!


    During Woodrow Wilson's term, all agencies of the federal government as well the buildings in which they were housed were fully segregated. When confronted on this issue by black delegations Wilson confirmed the worst fears that African-Americans had about the new Republican Party. Wilson's words echoed throughout the next decade until another Roosevelt came along to effectively pinch the black vote from the Republicans for good: Segregation may be imperfect, but it is the best way to avoid friction between the races. That theoretical construct would raise its ugly head for the last time in the 1950s and by then the Republicans had already all but lost any claim to its legacy as the party of Lincoln.

  • Keep it Real

    When are you dummies going to realize white and non white liberals have no interest in a black agenda? 90% of blacks refuse to accept the fact that their is a correlation between their academic, social and economic condition and cities where Democrats have taken over and run the last 50 YEARS without and challenge from the center or the right. Liberalism, Progressivism, Marxism and Feminism HAS FAILED YOU!

    • Richard

      Right on! I was pretty slow in realizing this for myself.

  • chaka1

    West represents my district which is majority white. Follow him on facebook if you want to know more about him and his views. He spoke about black issues at a conference not too long ago and his racist supporters went on facebook to criticize him for doing it.

  • chaka1

    This is exactly their strategy

  • Jimmy Swaggered

    Hundreds of years?!?!? Exactly how old do you think this country is?

  • Kat

    @ Sam,

    Speak on it!

  • phoenix

    Its amazing how many people are falling for the same old "rope a dope". The goverment, whose whole purpose , according to the many "Con-stitutions" , have for a mandate , to protect individual rights. That goes for any political party, in govt. When the republicans fail , they blame the dems, and vice versa…same old song. It doesnt matter whos in office…. they have the same agenda,….keep the job as long as you can, till people fiqure it out that we dont need govt. beyond ourselves. Think about it……the only reason we need govt , is to keep "strangers" from harming us and our property. Thats how it starts…..we have to set rules for strangers… thing you know , we become the strangers. In order to pay for this "protection"…there has been a tax created, because there has been a bill created, which needs to be paid…cops dont work for free… here comes another cop with a gun, demanding tax got protected, wheres the qwap?….and so on and so on …you get the pic……whats the difference whose running the scam?

  • Kayla

    politics are corrupt either way…..

  • YNE

    My advice to you is to take two steps away from the television set, and perhaps review President Obama's resume, the real one. President Obama is consistently firm about three things in politics, equality, education, and affordable health care for all citizens. With unemployment rates at 9.1%, President Obama has real issues to deal with, and now is not the time to stop and entertain tea-party members, or cater to just one race. What's mind boggling to me is that people are quick to question the President, instead of questioning "CONGRESS" members who continue to battle every sentence on Obama's agenda. President Obama is all about helping the poor, but lets keep in mind there's about 300 republican members in congress who don't care about helping the poor. And if "blacks" want to see a difference, that difference has to start with a quality education at home, then voting at local and state levels of politics before voting for a president.____

  • Brodie

    And he still managed to get 11 pieces of legislation, including the Civil Rights Act pasted without the support of his southern constituency and nominate Thurgood Marshall to the Supreme Court. Planned Parenthood was founded by a racist Eugenicist but that now offers free children, women, and men with specialized health services that they might not otherwise get all with less than 3% of its services devoted to legal abortion. Tell me you aren't moved by your emotions so much that you bring up quotes made before I and you were even thought of. Hell if we're going to hang Johnson for anything it would Vietnam.

    • Kat

      @ Brodie,

      Speak the truth! Daniel the crazed nut don't seem to understand that this entire country was enslaving African Americans, republican, democrat didn't matter, this country was not meant for us. So if Daniel thinks one organization has been racist towards black folks, well then he betta go to Canada. Son don't seem to know this countries history of racism and how it permeated every area of our country. Guess because Johnson made that statement, guess Republicans don't have a racist bone in their bodies eh??

      • Brodie

        You got a witness here. And you're right there has been and will be racism to a certain degree since our ancestors hit the shore and now nobody is holding any of us in this country against our will in 2011.

      • Daniel

        @Kat and Brodie

        I was not saying that the Republicans are not racist but simply put that both sides are equaly guilty of racism and that it is important to understand that not everyone that "assists" you is doing it for your own good. Planned Parenthood was established to help weed out the unwanted races, and today they still persist in minority communities, eventhough they perform abortions for all.

        I am not biased toward Democrats or Republicans but I do believe that it is imporant to scrutinize everything seen or heard to make informed descision about who to support if you chose to support anyone at all. Great information Brodie!!! And of course I did know that, one black on the supreme court cant do anything to improve the economic status of the vast majority of blacks in this country so his decision was harmless and just help him gain more of the black vote. And everyone credits LBJ for the civil rights act but it was JFK that had it drafted and was pushing it forth, hence why he was killed 🙁

  • Ashley

    I agree but the whole gay marriage equality thing has more to do with religion rather then just simply clinging onto the views of their masters.

    • Prissy

      You're exactly right! AGREED

  • Brodie

    I actually admire Tavis Smiley however Cornell West is a motor mouth with no clear goal in sight. The Poverty Tour is just patronizing the poor and really shows how they are out of touch with the needs of those in the lower classes. You invite people who actually have the resources to invest (real empowerment), feed them, flatter them, and give them a list if incentives to invest. Charity is for emergencies, the handicapped, and the elderly not for able bodied adults who need jobs, investment capital, affordable and safe housing close to their jobs, and access to competitive food and health care options. You empower people by providing a means for them to make the best decisions for themselves and their families, not manipulating their insecurities and pandering to them.

  • Ashley

    I agree with this article 100%. And most of the comments on here just proves this article is right. so sad.

    • be_real

      I was waiting for someone who actually read the article and thought critically about it to comment. I dont think the point of the article is to necessarily bash the president or democrats or republicans. I think the point being made here is that WE need to look at the whole. stop blindly following what you are being fed by mainstream media news coverage. politicians are pushing their agenda and will sell whoever is listening as many dreams as they can get away with. open your eyes. imo political ideologies are deeper than just democrat or republican or liberal or conservative. perspective is relative because it is based on your experiences and thought processes as an individual. just because we share the same ancestry and collectively face adversity does not mean that we will all agree upon a solution to the issues.
      i do agree that there has been far too much talk and not enough action by intellectuals. while i also agree that obama is being judged more harshly than past presidents because of his skin color, i think he could use a bit more backbone.

      • be_real

        and fyi the first black ppl to make it into congress were republicans. when our ancestors were legally emancipated they held office for a brief amount of time way before jim crow. they identified with the republican party, who took an active interest in ensuring enslaved ppl were freed. color is the issue a lot of black ppl are stuck on today but please believe the pursuit of profit transcends race in the political arena. our ancestors were freed bc the industrial revolution made slavery an obsolete business. lincoln didn’t wake up one morning and say “you know, i think its wrong what these slaves are subjected to. perhaps they should be freed.” he realized that in order for america to economically compete with european countries we had to join the bandwagon and start mass production using machines (i.e. cotton gin). technology freed us then, just like technology is taking our jobs now. when ur ready to come out of the dark and enlighten urself google black republicans(not the song by nas and jay)/radical republicans/civil war republicans. think for urself and don’t believe it because u heard it on the news or it came from a black person/a democrats mouth. YOU have ur best interest at heart.

    • Daniel

      Ashley…Wow! I totoally agree with the article and you!
      I am so proud to have found another independant thinker. We are extremely rare you know.

      The old Wig party of pre and post civil war era were stunch supporters of freeing the slaves, even more so than Democrats. After the civil war the racist element of the Wig party went to the Democratic Party to uphold the ideas of the south while the rest of the Wig party renamed themselves into the Republican Party.

      Ask yourself why the Democratic President Lyndon B. Johnson said "I'll have those n*ggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years." — Lyndon B. Johnson to two governors on Air Force One according Ronald Kessler's Book, "Inside The White House"

      That was said after they devised that with keeping blacks paid off with Welfare and comfortable in their ghettos they are easy to control like animals in a Zoo who will happily stay in their place and even vote to stay in their place so as long as they can keep their government handout.

      • Ashley

        Yes that is definitely one way to look at it and there is probably some truth in that viewpoint. But honestly both parties are equals in exploiting their voting blocks.

        • Daniel

          Most certainly agreed, just highlighting how the Democratic Party isnt as "squeeky" clean and many in the Black Community suggest. Independence of thought is all that I welcome whether you agree with me or not! Thanks for your post.

  • WTF

    Thank you
    This is just Republics trying to split the black vote so Obama won't win. Don't fall for it. The Democrats have their problems, but do you really think the Republican party cares any more about black people? I dont think so

  • Kat

    Tavis (Smelly) Smiley and the ever so scruffy like a puppy, Cornel (Crusty) West are spending time riding around the country on a bus telling poor folks what they already know..that they're poor..they ought to feel ashamed of themselves, at least Maxine Waters had a damn job fair to help folks find jobs..

    But Smelly and Crusty are riding around on a bus, bumpin their gums, selling books, creating publicity for themselves and telling folk what we already know.. SMDH for real!

  • ann

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  • Kat

    This fool is an embarrassment.. I have no issue with African Americans that express differing opinions, we should read and listen to other points of view and put anyone on notice that our vote should not be taken for granted.. That said the idiocracy this tea party nut case expresses makes anything that comes from his mouth null and void.

    He doesn't have a third of Harriet Tubmans grace courage and strength to mention her name..and he cant help his own brother get a job, instead, he sends his brother to talk to Maxine Waters at her Atlanta job fair. Why would anyone listen to this idiot discuss what we as African Americans should do when he can't help one person, his brother, his own blood get a job??

    • Daniel

      You dont know his brother and neither do I. Some people in the family just dont want to work despite claiming otherwise. If you dont have that type of people in your family, then good for you but I have plenty who are ALWAYS looking for a job, get one and then two days latter they are "laid-off"?

      Stop trying to change the subject. Are you that simple minded and one dimensional that you cant understand the greater topic at hand: Why black people give away their votes and then cant seem to understand why we get no support in D.C.?

      • Daniel

        I am from the south and currently live in the D.C. area, two cars a great job, 26 years old, no kids and three classes away from my bachelors degree, also you would be supprised at the number of non-fiction books that fill my personal library. I am not telling you this to brag, but to point out that it is foolish to attack people. There was nothing demeaning about my statement, yet a demeaning response is what I get in return. I could careless about what Mr.West has said but it is ignorant to judge people by their "private" family interactions which you learn about from a 2nd hand source. Good for you and your husband and your success and despite the failures of others in my family, I still love them but I am not blind to their reckless behavior.
        ~God Bless~

    • millionairedatingtips

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