No “Fat” Chance with Boris Kodjoe

August 20, 2011  |  

While the media is in a frenzy over Boris Kodjoe’s recent twitter lash aimed at overweight black women, and black women respond in offense. Uptown Magazine’s Andrea Williams tackles the real pressing issue in her article “Fat Excuses and Single Black Women.”

Even though Boris says he is concerned about the overall health of African-American women, we may be concerned with the wrong issues when it comes to our appearances. Read it here…

Do you think black men and women over-accept being overweight?


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  • proudblackwoman

    This is some bullsh*…. For real black women are naturally thick it is not fat its more so thick hips and a healthy booty. My 17 year old daughter weighs 110 and she is hippy and has a butt, but with a flat as a board stomach. So everyone need to stop coming down on black women because there is obesity in every freaking race, at least thickness runs in the black race, what is the excuse for obesity in other races?????

  • black women are ok with being overweight…because being "chubby" in certain areas is encouraged….too many of them keep getting bigger then put fabulous behind weighing 345lbs wearing leggings and stilettos looking like a busted can of biscuits …….i agree with what boris said……nobody is giving women an image of what they should look like…..they always point out how you shouldn't look….. and there is nothing wrong with that…..people attack magazines because they don't feature buffarilla body types…(buffalo- gorilla)…..i don't believe i would buy a swimsuit or a business suit featured on a 250 lb woman….woman have curves not lumps and craters or mini mountains….no everybody is not a size 6 but no one is born a size 24 either…then you have the awful big ones who preach about being 300lbs and healthy ….stop the madness…with all these fat and proud women you would think weight loss businesses would have dried up by now

  • Shana

    There is someone for everyone…leave it at that!

  • reese

    All men don't like the same women. The majority might, but you know there are men who want stickly likeolive oil, buff like Chyna, beyounce, or really fat women. If you are overweight lose weight for health issues. My thing is who asked him what he wanted why does everyone seem to want to tell black women what they should be doing when he has a black wife. Alot of us aren't overwieght and don't particulary care what Boris is looking for because we have other options.

  • reese

    If you are overweight lose weight for you health, not for these black men who always have something negative to say about us. Be happy and healthy.

  • btowne


  • btowne

    Why should a black woman even care about what black men want when the black man is shouting all over the globe how much they hate us?

  • btowne

    In that case, what does black men have against staying out of prison and going to college and getting an education? Like most black women do. That black man's buffed body is going to one day fade with old age. Then what the black man gone do?

  • it me

    my nightmare rubing on a man head and all his hair fell out in my hands. if he was concern about people being overweight why come at the issue saying an overweight woman is his nightmare. that downgraded making people that im sure is already uncomfortable with there size thinking this man see me as his nightmare. he came at it the wrong way

  • Nunya

    Boris has his anorexic wife so he needs to stfu and focus on his lil sickly child that he and the stick figure pushed out.

    • yeah i said it

      took the word right outta my mouth lol

    • btowne

      Yeah, and he probably looks at curvier women with big breasts and butts too. After all, he is a man.

  • bellatrice1

    The problem is assuming that all women who are "thick" or have a lot of body are unhealthy. I have a friend who works out HARD 3-4 times a week and she eats waaay healthier than I do (I have a naturally athletic/thin body). She's healthy and in shape, she just may not be a 2 or even a 4. I think most men are concerned with aesthetics like someone else said rather than the fact that a woman may actually work out, but still be full-figured.

  • Kia

    too each his own….the ones complaining are obviously FAT! i'm overweight for my height 5'4 150 lbs…which may not seem big, but i'm not in shape and I know it

    i cant get mad at him because he like his women in shape!

    • kia

      why do people look to hollywood for role models??? he shared his opinion and its just that HIS OPINION!

    • btowne


  • Starr

    His comments may have been spot-on, but the way he presented them were pretty strange. I think people take more offense to the fact that he mentioned his "nightmare" before trying to come up with a motivational message. I also think that some people need to realize that stick-thin does not necessarily equal healthy, and that the goal is to be healthy whether that means you are a size 0 or a size 16. Which I think was missed in his "fat" comments and some of the comments on this board.

  • A Nobody

    It's your own fault. Stop choosing men who will leave you and your kids.

    Single mothers kill me with this shyt. You make bad decisions (your choice in men) you have to pay the consequences.

  • Mzcookie

    Its not jus obeese or big black women who are unhealthy the slim ones too I take care of myself and my man LOVES my curves and body to the fullest just take care of urself point period blank theres sloppy chicks in every race

  • kjw

    Fat don't have a color. I never been fat and don't want to be. I 'm not size 4 anymore but size 6 is ok for me except when I want to wear something I have not worn in years. I do see guys liking bigger women.I do not even know what to think about guys and women's sizes. I do not feel superior b/c Im slimmer. I rather not be fat b/c I'm into clothes and can't afford to upgrade sizes. Moreover, I dont like a pudgy face. I had a coworker who was around size 12 blame her mom for saying it was ok to be chunky and complain that she has more fat cells than me therefore for her to go down to my size and stay there would be super hard. I hate when I sit and a fat woman gets triggered and starts to talk about weight.

  • Missy

    Honestly im a size 12 I walk on a daily basis though I try to eat right sometimes but I cheat I dont have ne health issues and I am on the thick side I was born with big breast and I was born with a big ass but sometimes some women are automatically shaped this way doesn mean we’re obeese or lazy im 5’2 and by my doctors standard im suppose to weigh 115 its not gonna happen some women yes are obeese need to work out but dont strictly say black women cuz I see a whole lot.of white women hispanic women and even asian women who are hefty and have more health problems than a lil bit

  • extraordinary

    I agree 100% with Kobe. It's about nutrition and health. It doesn't matter if you live in Hollywood or not. Some people just can't handle the truth.

  • Angela

    I mean, this comment is coming from a man whose wife*is slim. Is BLACK? Lol, THAT's the real question…

    • Angela

      Is SHE EVEN BLACK??****

      • pretty one

        yes she is.

    • blckrprtr

      Stop looking for excuses . . . Excuses is a set-up for failure in life. If you are fat, get on track and get on a treadmill. You can't blame Boris for expressing his opinion. Surprisingly, most posters on here feel about about the same. Fat women need to loose weight for health reasons.

  • Kat

    @Reggie 6'3,

    Your a real brotha, this headsmackthatidiot your responding to is some pathetic, scrawny little man seems to hate black women, but yet he can't seem to find his way off this website??

    Broth, I think you scared him, lol!!!!!! He shut his lil crazed fugly butt up!

  • lola

    Some Black women are overweight, but so are other segments of America. This man lives in Hollywood so his definition of beauty may be different than others. Size 6 is probably big for the women he is usually around. I am not buying his I like thick women apology, that is a cop out. It's fine that he is not attracted to plus sized women. To each his own. I am not very attracted to bald men, but that's my preference. We as black women though have to recognize the fact that some of us are at an unhealthy weight. The weight guidelines are in place for reason. We have to control our calorie intake and exercise more as we get older, even if it means sweating that hair out.

  • yeah i said it

    i could of sworn boris kodjoe has autistic child he need to focus on his child instead saying about obesity

    • TruthHurts

      Having an autistic child doen't mean that he can't make a statement about his opinion.

    • SoTrue

      it's "could HAVE"

      • yeah i said it

        i never said he couldnt make a statment . seems to me he have bigger problems to worry about. thanks for the grammer check

        • yeah i said it

          *statement since it some english teacher on here checking your every word

          • TruthHurts

            An autistic child doesn't take up every minute of every day of his life. Even if he does have bigger issues to deal with, there's plenty of time for discussions of other topics, includung fat chicks.

            • yeah i said it

              i guess there plenty of time; but if he is not a fat black women why should he care? he should speak on a problem that close to home

  • Edward

    Black women just like you act like your allergic to birth control you act like your allergic to excercise as well! Only black women think that giving birth is a sport!

    • Kat

      Oh no it's headsmackthatidiots split personalities common out!! The Goblins are loose!!

      Reggie scared head dummy, so the other one has to make an appearance.

    • btowne

      From I live there are a lot fat white, black, latino, asian, hell all kinds of fat women. Can't just talk about the black woman being fat.

    • reese

      Please are black men allergic too, because black women can't get pregnant by theirselves.

  • Deeana

    There is a difference between curls and rolls. If you're way over weight. Being overweight is more than just looking good, ut the health problems follow. Black people are more connected with several heart and other health issues, which tells you a lot right there. Stop making excuses and just drop the weight. That goes for any one in any ethic background who is way over weight and just lazy.

    • prettyme

      I believe you meant to say "curves" and not curls. :o)

  • Kayla

    on top of all that these fat black woman think they cute and wanna bust out the bikinis/boy shorts/belly shirts……… that is definitively not cute

  • @ Headsmackeroni

    Please where do you live dude most black women go to the gym I see alot of black women in the Thats why I go, breasts jiggle on treadmill and booty too, I love it!! I live in a middle class black community in the south where you live brother? Okay I admit I workout but Im a bit of a pervert like most men and hard sweaty nipples make me drool. Im sh-t I might workout today fxck what ya heard closest thing to the strip club is the gym niggggggga! Spandex on azz everywhere.

    • HeadSmackeroni

      Right, that is why black women are leading the pack of the fat 'epidemic' right?
      Delusional pathetic trash, you see fat sloppy black women from the ghetto to the court room. Let's keep it real idiots.

  • kay

    As a sista myself I have to agree with him. I live in Los Angeles CA. I also noticed a lot of Black woman appear to be very large and out of shape. I do not have a weight problem although I am not a young 20-30 year old woman I do notice young woman are carrying more weight then they should "over-weight" at their age. I too feel it is becoming a problem within our race and we really should look long and hear at the way we take care of our bodies. "Thick" is a sista IN-SHAPE not out of shape but yet trying to fit into a one size fits all or having a big-booty with dimples all over the place ie… legs thighs and you are on the beach thinking everyone is looking at you because you are cute. No..! that is NOT why they are looking at you!!.I understand wanting to think you are looking good but really take a long look in the mirror with out your clothes on and really see you! and know what needs to be done "Work-out" don't hate a woman because she is in shape and takes care of her body. Work on you! I too frown at a women who is carrying more weight then she should. Then sit and eat a gallon of ice cream they say thin women hate her. Lets get real loose the weight it is for your health…not ours!

  • Baron Samedi

    There’s no problem here folks. If you’re comfortable being husky, thick, big-boned or whatever, than be happy, but don’t start blaming your singleness on the usual excuses of too many brothas in jail, or gay, or all date white and/or Hispanic women.

    • UmYeah…

      Black males are just colorstruck, which is why they would rather have fat white or Hispanic women.

      Black women, get healthy…

  • IllyPhilly

    Do big thighs and a big butt count as overweight?? Cuz that was the problem I had while tryna join the army, but the government even admitted that the test was racially bias

    • TruthHurts

      This is true, I saw many healthy Black women told that they were overweight because they were too heavy according to the height/weight charts that the military uses. We all know that Black women carry more muscle in their hips and legs, and since muscle weights more than fat, a woman who has bigger legs like many Black women do, are often classifed as being overweight when really they're not.

      • tkitty09

        BMI is a complete joke. It doesn't take into account lean muscle vs. fat or exercise/eating habits. It's just a superficial measurement used to subject perfectly healthy individuals to racially biased standards. It needs to be trashed, like our old grain-happy food pyramid. This amount of vegetables [……..] & this much grain [………………..]? Not cool.

  • loulou

    While I agree that black women often give themselves a "fat pass". As a community we need to focus on overall health, daily exercise and good eating habits. As a healthcare professional I know that attacking people about their weight is NOT effective.

  • Just another guy

    Yeah he is right, I go to my local popular food store and the majority of the women are overweight and it is just not black women(its across the board). Also I see these parents letting kids get their fat at a VERY young age that is just terrible. I once had a preference for thick but now give me slim and fit or a legit thick girl. A lot of fat black women love to think they are thick when they are just fat. Find some type of physical activities that you enjoy doing and have fun do it(with friends, as a family or with your kids).

  • legemeaux

    When I was growing up, light skin and good hair trumped weight. I noticed most black men didn't care so much if a woman was overweight as much as whether she looked mixed. Now I didn't dare let myself get fat, since I already had dark skin and nappy hair, I figured keeping my body in shape was the only chance I had at attracting a man. Of course this was the 80's, and where I'm from blacks were very color struck in general. Things may have changed. It's been years since I have dated a black guy. I think most men don't mind a "few" extra pounds….10 or 15 maybe.

    • kjw

      So you date other races? how has that worked out? I do not think dating has to do with complexion. I never had an issue being dark and I find women who do strange. I grew up being called pretyy for a dark skined and having light women get thretened by my confidence. I was raised that black was good. As far as men I was raised they should treat you right and the only reason to date out the race was if he was better than what you find in your own race. As far as nappy hair I find Amercains hate naps but other blacks dont care as much.

      • tkitty09

        "As far as nappy hair I find Amercains hate naps but other blacks dont care as much." I find that to be very interesting. Speaking solely from my personal experience, black African women do just as much hair processing as any African American woman. There were maybe 7 African exchange students on my dorm floor freshman year and every one of them wore their hair straight (when it wasn't in micros/zillions) or wore lace-fronts. I'm guessing it may just be personal preference or ease of wear- learning how to handle naps, curls & kinks takes time & tons of patience (once again, personal experience)!

  • Prissy

    He has every right to say what he had to say. He was only speaking the truth and unfortunately, some folk can't handle the truth.

    • emittinglove

      Actually that was his opinion being paraded as truth.