Bursting Your Bubble: Delusional Women

August 18, 2011  |  


Now we all know I’m a fan of the good time girls; I call them the ‘jazzy one’ while you call them jump offs. It’s a little more than semantics because our definitions are different but let’s just say I have love for the sexually liberated and you don’t. But what I can’t stand are the delusional women — who they make me sick. Their main purpose in life is to find themselves in some ‘serious relationship’ so they concoct these love affairs in their feeble minds and when they don’t work out (because it never started) they bash men to all hell and say there are no good ones left. Some men are to blame as well because they prey on the delusional ones like coward hunters attack wounded deer; she’s an easy kill. The plus of dating the delusional one is that you don’t have to do much because they create the whole thing in their heads for you.

Here, I’ve laid out some tell-tale signs that you might be one of those delusional chicks. Let’s dig in shall we?


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  • loveable

    I have been in a situation where 1: I thought we wer going to more than friends and 2: We hung out and I thought this was going somewhere and in BOTH when I thought the relationship was going to another level, they both dump me. OUT OF THE BLUE, NO PHONE CALL NOTHING DUMP ME. I was devestated. It was not even about MY self-esteem, because I felt confident about being in a relationship with them but it was THEIR self-esteem. These guys did not love themselves, they turned out to be insecure, fake men. They put on a front not only infront of the women they date but ALSO people they work and hang out with. They put on a front because they scared someone is going to find out their true selves and they will be judged. If you loved yourself, you would show your true colors and would not worried about being jugded and people talking about you. So I stopped dating and focus on me and my future. Good thing I did not sleep with neither one of them. Trust me when the right man comes along, there will not be any competition, he will take time to get to know you, accept you for who you are and be himself 100%.

  • Stephan Bennett

    African-American women have the best jobs today. The unemployment rate among African-American men from 25-62 is about 70% so where is the future of the African-American family. Most African-American men have criminal records which keep them from getting jobs. Many of them have developed mental illnesses from being incarcerated which again kills the family. So. .. what happens to the African-American family w/o the man, no family structure, no constructive male role-models for young men and young women. Some African-American women don't even know how to have relationships w/ men because they've never seen their fathers or their brothers, or their uncles for one reason or another. So what will happen to the African-American family without God in it? It's like a church w/o members. We've got work harder to solidify our families! It starts with developing a relationship with God and having faith that God will help you to be successful.

  • All of these revolve around sex… if you want to avoid the baggage, just don't have sex, geez

  • Freelance

    Think about what you just said seriously!!! Not rich enough? Horrible mind frame for a woman to have beautiful or not! With women declaring independence, a mans wealth or pockets is the most important thing to you? Any working brother is a working brother, McDonalds to Corporate Office. Barack would be nothing without Michelle, supported him. Intelligence is another thing, who is to say that you are smarter than he is? No two humans know of the same knowledge, they call it "individuality" now-a-days I believe. An intelligent woman such as yourself should know better. As far as sex, if you are as beautiful as you say why would a man reject your offers of sex? So lets get some things understood shall we. 1- You are beautiful, 2- You are intelligent, 3 – A man desires you and becomes sprung, oh no it must be something wrong with just the man (sarcasm included). Maybe he knows your WORTH, silly goose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wow

    Someone please tell me why people even bother to be in relationships? All I ever hear or read about are men cheating on their women and vice versa, more than half of US marriages end in divorce in like 5-10 years (?) coupled with the extremely high rates of people with STD’s…..I don’t see why people even bother.

    • me mE ME!!!

      True… lets all have a massive freakin orgy!

  • aint this the truth


  • Tammy Long

    It take two she what it just as bad as he did i hope their are adults not little kids!

  • ThickizzJazn

    I think its delusional for folks to be OK with this ish point blank period, I don't know one person on this planet that likes to be used, furthermore, all women don't have enough experience with men to know these fkd up games they play. There is no delusion in wanting a long term relationship. Articles like this keep our black a$# divided and conquered. These men, these men, these men and women. My advice to the Ladies…Keep ya cookies in the jar until you meet someone that got want you want to get want cha got, spiritually, mentally, physically. Last time I checked D%$# wasn't falling off anyone and P*&^Y is Power. Good P&^^Y At That.

  • numero uno

    I think women get dogged so much that they dont know real from fake.

  • Divine

    Let's keep it funky….often times a woman's heartbreak is a result of her delusional state of mind. Yeah men contribute to the delusional by not setting the record straight but c'mon son, what these men are doing have been done before. Half of the tricks that make up the delusional relationship ain't new yet we as women continue to fall for the okie dokie, It happens, it's alright, we are after all emotional creatures. But lets call it what it is, a DELUSION

  • Ms Turner

    Every single "point" said the same thing basically…Next!

  • Anna

    I blame the dudes that prey on these women. If you are only in it to hit, JUST SAY SO!

    There would be a lot less scorned women roaming about I'll tell you that much.

    • bhillboy37

      The women are to blame as well. Let's keep it funky, shall we? You can tell a chick that you are dating other people or that you don't want to be in a relationship and they will concoct a relationship in their minds. I've had it happen a number of times.

    • Jitana

      Anna this is so true-The guy I am delusional about wont come out and say I could never see myself with you. All your good for is laying up with. If I heard that I would find the strength to leave. I feel like such a loser. He know I was weak one day and just drove off it was so pathetic. Embarrassing I just dont know how to get free.

      • Anna

        Try the three-pronged approach:

        1. Write an email to him and say EVERYTHING that is on your mind. But the first sentence should be straight to the point. "I am ending this between us. Point blank no bullsh!t. Then just write, write, write it all out, no stopping. If he reads it, he reads it. If he doesn't respond with at least a phone call, then you can move on knowing your peace of mind is out there.

        2. Call him at a time you KNOW he'll let the call go to voicemail and just say you're done with this whole thing. Don't have to say much. Just get the point out there.

        3. Take all his belongings and ship them to his house. Leave nothing his around you.

        It's not embarrassing. You're not the first to be in this and from I can see, you won't be the last. It's just a man. Stop wondering. Do these three things. If he doesn't even call you back within a week, then you have your answer. If you start cutting him out, he'll know where the bread is buttered.

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  • Janine

    We also have to remember that people can be very manipulative and narcissistic with the mood swings changing from a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. You have situations where people are in fact led on and made to believe there is something more based on words, actions only to have the person turn around and do and say something completely opposite of what they previously said resulting in crazymaking. The sane people who end up creating these relationship delusions or believing in a relationship that doesn't exist are driven to delusion and live in illusions based on interaction with crazymaking individuals. Its up to them to remove themselves from people who mean them no good and put in place the no contact rule to distance themselves and gain back their dignity and self-respect.

    • Ress

      A lot of people never use the system of facts meaning that don't care to research and usually tend to create this whole image in there mind along. If you don't pick any other important figures in your life off of that BS then why pick a man like that? I am sorry but I don't like the idea of being ran through for someone else personal gain it not that serious.

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  • Laurel

    You are delusional if you think when you have his baby he will love you. Hahaha too many women fall victim to that.

    • Evette

      OMG! say that!

  • Likewaterforchoc

    IMO, both parties are to blame. There are weak, delusional women and sadly, there are men who prey on those who are weak-minded, lack confidence. A man can smell a woman who lacks self-esteem and self-confidence a mile away and will use every opportunity to chip away at that. Unless we have DTR'd as exclusive, trust I have not cut off all of my options as far as dating goes. I will still see other men. In order to find your prince, you've got to kiss some toads. Dating really is a numbers game. When a man shows you who he is believe him. Ladies, stop taking S%@! and you will stop getting it.

  • If I could tell you the truth and still get the booty I would, since I can't and I still want said booty, well, Imma have to tell you one.

    • Tammy Long

      You can sit up their and belive what you what. If he have somebody and she's such a good women why and the hell is he cheating on her.And belive me its just not a booty call.

      • Think of it this way, you lie also, but you believe that your lies benefit me.
        When you dress, you may wear things that are too small, because you believe it will make you look better.
        You may wear make-up or do you hair in a particular way to make youself look better.
        You know that its expensive and time consuming to dress and always have your hair did.
        You may tolerate certain behaviors or situations because you want the overall likelihood of starting a relationship or having a relationship to be increased.

        The problem is that you lie to get what you want, don't chastise me for doing the same thing you are doing.

        • bhillboy37

          If you're a woman, you wear heals-You are not that tall. A lot of women wear weaves-that is not their hair. A lot of women wear makeup- that is not how you look in reality. Women wear pushup bras- that's not your real tits. Your whole facade is a lie and you want me to tell the truth- GTFOH

    • Jitana

      I figured that me do have to led you into there illusions so they could still get you in the sheets. Samuel I thought I was a strong woman but cant walk away from a man like you. Which is really the man I carry on this delusional affair with.

  • Liily

    I don't think the men are to blame at all for the simple fact that they have all the signs and some will even tell the woman the real deal but she refuses to believe it and convinces herself that she can change his mind because she feels a connection, she feels she knows him and what he likes therefore appointing herself the only one who can please him best…there are dog men who prey on these women and will continue to do so until she changes her delusional self.

    • Evette

      I agree with you I know some women the man can even tell them that they are only friends and nothing else but the women still wants to believe that there is a connection.

      • Tammy Long

        You can't belive everything a man said because all they do is lie.Ok then tell me this when the other lady asks him about the other women why do he feel he had to lie about it just keep real!

        • Chaz

          Women can be delusional to believing there is another woman based on her past`in which a delusion is created for the new man in her life. How about asking the "other" woman if they are involved? What does she have to gain, a senseless, heartless cheating dog? Every woman is different and so is every man. Clothes, personality, and said things does not determine infidelity, actions do!!!

  • I think both women and men are to blame in this because I know i have been a victim of falling for someone to be soo sweet and then coming to realize him only wanting one thing. And it does become "cool" and "okay" for a while but then I realize i am being disrespected that i wont get phone calls during the day or get to hang out.. Just to come over! Ugh. I got smart and let it go! Lol. We women all want that "relationship" so much that we don't really see how that person is really treating us until we have gotten hurt.!

    • Tammy Long

      COREY WILLIAMS: FROM DONALDSVILLIE LA, is a dog that don't care about nobody but himself alway trying to play mind games. With women trying to see what they can offer him.He lies alot to make his self look good acting like he got his own apartment stays in different women houses.He runs behind you call you all day long playing on the phone saiding we need to be together let talk he love your kids.Let you drive his 'lincoln' and he drive your car are truck 'lol'.And he think's he is so slick with it until it all catches up with him one day!!!!!!!! So you can be over their up hold him if you what to but that just let me know what kind of women you are.Because Corey is still learning about 'relationship' to me.You said you know all the things he did to women and now you got him in your bed "lol" what kind of example you showing young women of today about men playing mind games.And you have a young lady as a daughter to.But you live and you learner from people like you.

      • me mE ME!!!

        Translation please!

  • Rastaman

    Fate: protects fools, little children, and ships named Enterprise. -Commander Riker …

  • Stanley

    You're delusional if you think:
    Your degree makes you more attractive than that pretty lady over there.

    • BoomBoomRoom

      Uummm I think it does. For real.

      • FLY GUY

        sorry but he is right i would rather have a Halle Berry with a high school education than to have Whoppi with a P.H.D.

        • Anna

          How about a Halle Berry with a PhD?

          • HeadSmackeroni

            Halle Berry with a PhD would be the same can't-keep-a-man fine woman she is now.
            That PhD wouldn't keep any of those men around any longer than they were, lmao.

            Sorry but women, it's college – get a grip, millions of idiots get into college every year. It's really not that serious, and my girlfriend has a dang degree in Biomedical engineering, LOL. Impressive for her, sure. But it doesn't make a difference to me.

            I guess men don't look for women to elevate their appeal to other people.

            • Anna

              Great… why go to college? Men like bimbos?

            • Kat

              @ headsmackthatliar,

              I thought you had a Fiance' not a girlfriend???????? All this time you been on this website telling all the black women you are engaged and now you are referring to her as your GIRLFRIEND??

              Lol, knew your butt was crazy, damn!!

        • FineGirl