Gym Rules We Beg You to Follow

August 19, 2011  |  

So you just got a new gym membership and you’re trying to get right for…well, every season. Know that outside of wiping down your machines, there are a number of unwritten rules to being a woman at the gym that you need to follow. This isn’t high school PE where anything goes, so take notes. From how you dress when you go, to how you handle yourself on the machines, these rules are for both your benefit, and the benefit of those who have to be in the gym with you. Because if you didn’t know, working out can be fun and a big stress reliever, but it can also wind up being an embarrassing, unexpectedly stressful experience too. But no worries, we got you!

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  • Yes!!! These are so true! I love to workout and when I ran Track I lived in the gym. If I wasn't on the track running, I was in the gym lifting. A couple of things that would bug the heck out of me were the women who'd spend 2 hrs stretching, posing and not excersing a single muscle (just in the way)…women who looked super uncomfortable bc they wanted to be cute (makeup and big jewelry have no place in a gym)…..and people hanging out on machines talking…..Nice post, I can def relate to this one!

  • A lot of the tips were on point, but I would also like to add keep in mind towards the end of the month the Gyms rates tend to get cheaper and you can save $10 or more a month over a year span. Furthermore the option of free Personal Training session is usually used as a incentive by most gyms to have you sign up, take advantage of this also. The right Trainer can show you how to work smarter not harder. Over all I liked the blog and hopefully more "black" people will start to take their health more serious.
    steve sweat nyc

  • Anonymous

    After reading all the other posts I didn't see this particular pet peeve or read it in the article. I believe this one everyone will agree on because it happen to me right after I read this article.

    There is no need to douse yourself in heavy perfume to go to the gym! I was on a spin bike beside another female and I had to leave, the smell was so overwhelming there was no place in that room to go and get away from it.

    All you really need is to make sure your body, clothes are clean and put on some deodorant.

  • DeeDee

    I'm guilty of the washdown in the sink.. I will do better to wipe down the sink if at the time they supply paper towels. Its hit or miss at my gym… Sorry Dee!!

  • Dee

    Please ladies wipe down the sink after you have stood there for the last 30 minutes brushing and combing out your hair. I just about want to gag when I walk over to the sink and see big hair knots from weaves and piles of broken out hair all over the place. ladies….grab a paper towel and give the sink and counter a quick wipe.

  • NVAdamzz

    I don't agree with the comment about the machine. I try to make it to the gym early. Like, 7 or so early. So if I want to use the machine that I woke up early enough to get on, I'll stay on it as long as I please. I stay on a machine for as long as it takes me to burn 500 calories. That's usually about an hour and that's really not that long. The machines are 1st come 1st serve. However, I deeply agree with the last one. I am in college and I get into the gym "free" and of course so do all the other students. I hate it when people bring their friends to the gym and they just play and laugh and yell and hog up the entire track so people can't get by when trying to run. If you're gonna work out, work out. If not, go back to your damn dorm and play around!

  • legemeaux

    I don't blame a single girl for trying to look cute at the gym. but yeah keep it within reason. Full face makeup to include fire engine red lips, hoop earrings, etc is trying a little too hard.

    I think Asian women are the worst at walking around naked in no particluar hurry to cover up. Around here anyway. Can't figure out why…

    By far my worst pet peeve is people who work out in sweat suits…essentially trash bags…and pour sweat all over the equipment. I don't care if you wipe it. After the visual of you sweating like that i will NEVER get on that eqipment.

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  • Jess

    @shelby & edward will you two ignorant, pea-brained drains on society please shut the hell up. obviously you two don’t realize a few people don’t represent an entire people as a whole. every gym i’ve ever been in has either been half and half or prodominately black women. not all races would rather be lazy and go under a knife instead of caring for themselves enough to try to be healthy. gosh ignorance at its best. friggin trolls. go kick rocks play in traffic and go sky diving without parachutes and get rid of your wastes of space and air. itd be greatly appreciated

  • I hate ignorance

    Shut up idiot, all I see is black women at the health club, especially in those spin & zumba classes.

    • Shelby

      Your a liar.

      • hellyeah

        you're scared to admit it, otherwise it kills your stereotype and it forces you to think otherwise.

        …or to even THINK at all…

  • Keep it Real

    Black women do not work out.

    • Amber

      Maybe your fat mother, fat sister, or fat daughter doesn't work out. But my whole family does. Speak for yourself.

    • hellyeah

      yeah they do…you're too stupid to notice…

  • Trambom

    this is a funny but real article…good gym etiquette..:)..
    …Subway giving back after laying off over 1300 people.. $100 giftcards..s**t i grab 3 of

  • dreamer40

    Love the last picture, but come on the rule about wearing doo-rag or hair wrap is too much! With all the health disparities affecting black women, when I see a fellow sista in a gym with her hair wrapped I'm not hatin…I'm celebrating the fact that she's getting her workout on.

    • extraordinary

      I co-sign.

  • lovelymsnicole

    Smart people wipe the machine BEFORE they get on.

    • The Spelman Dropout

      Too true!

  • Brodie

    I didn't join a gym until I moved thanks to the bad winters here and there is hardly anyone ever there. Its huge, beautiful, and cheap but there are less than 4 people when I go. I have seen any "violations" yet. Then again there aren't any blacks at the gym, their across the street and Chipotle's.

    • Bill

      Are you a tad racist, buddy?

    • Bill

      Plus, it´s "they´re" across the street. So you are racist AND uneducated.

  • Theresa K

    I have to agree with wiping doen machines. Especially if you wear those super short shorts where your naked parts are on the seats. And also, those who hog machines. I don't go to the gym until after 730 because the after work crowd gets in there and there are those who use one machine only and they are on it for an hour or two–literally. They have no respect for others who want to use them. Some machines–if I want to use them, I ahve to go in super early on weekends or super late through the week. crazy

    • tkitty09

      That overuse of equipment also applies to the stretching/Pilates mats in the corner. I know you gotta get limber, honey, but it's been an hour- anything more and you'll end up looking like the love child of a twizzler & a pretzel. Time for rotation. Thank you. 😀

  • Heather Farrow

    How about wiping off the sweat off the machines after using them? No one wants to use something you've just dripped bodily fluids on.