Celebs with Beautiful Beach Bodies

August 18, 2011  |  

When you’re at the beach getting your Jill Scott on with the light of the sun on your back, there’s not much material in your bikini to hide any imperfections (real or imagined).  Celebs are no different only they have the added pressure of paparazzi taking 10,000 unflattering pictures. Well, the celebs in this list have nothing to worry about. Their bodies are made for the beach and we’re not mad at them! Jump in and get inspired!

Take a look:

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  • Latino Brotha

    Ladies…Sistas, pls don’t be hatin’ on my man D. Johnson. He’s living his fine life, dating his fine women – regardless of color or superficial trends. I suggest you “diversify” too. Many Latino Brothas – maybe not actors, but still pull down +250k – love dark exotic women: Sudanese, Angolan, Senegalese, Camaroon, Columbiana, Brazilian….Alek Wek is GOOOR-GEOUS!! So don’t tempt him with your natural African beau.ty..life is pretty good over here in my Latino world 😉 Peace!

  • Ms Peach

    kelly looks stunning… work

  • Aaron

    Can Chinableu and the rest of her black female counterparts be any more pathetic?

  • ChinaBleu

    Dwayne johnson is not into black women. I've said it once and I'll say it agian. Put black men up here that is or has been with a sista please.

  • sanny

    Selena does not count. Her metabolism is still pumping. Give it up to those 30 and up who work for it!

  • A Nobody

    Just like black women to choose looks over a guy who would be there for them.

    The Rock don't want any of you no way…he likes white women.

    • ChinaBleu

      You know what….I cant get mad at this because this man has NEVER been with a sista and I dont think he ever will be. You outta see who he's with now. Lets just say she aint black and she's not a celeb. So you black women drooling over Dwayne Johnson need to stop. He's on that I dont date black women bus just like all the rest. (Reggie, Tiger etc.) He fine as hell I give him that. But as for seeing him with a black woman will never happen people. I will continue saying this until I see otherwise. Oh, and BTW, he said he likes diversity not only in his career but in his personal life as well. And you all know what that means.

      • thaalia

        His ethnicity is Samoan and African Canadian. His wife (now ex) of 10 years was/part Cuban. And why cant he date who he wants? I cant appreciate a good looking man cause he likes white women? (which obviously hes not white exclusive) so get out of here with that mess. Yet another under the table jab at black women's visual esteem. Let us look, you dont have to.

    • Jazz02

      It doesn’t matter what color u are he still will maybe date a black women. He doesn’t just date white women he can date any color women he wants.

  • DeniG

    Dwayne Johnson is yummylicios!!! Wow!!! A gorgeous specimen.. That is all

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  • Prissy

    The ROCK…. Dwayne Johnson…. GOT DAMN that BLACK MAN IS FINE!!! Nothing else to it.

  • Likewaterforchoc

    Seriously, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez! Their bodies haven't even completed puberty yet. GTFOH!

  • Reggie bush belongs on white women today mag…mybad that will never happen..lol.. Get the f outtahere..

  • numero uno

    halle berry is fine as hell ..i mean how can you be my moms age and look like that. I dont know what the hell eric benet was thinking.

  • xedos

    So after Rihanna put on the beach wear attire in barbados the last two weeks she's not on the list? Are you serious?. Is this is only only for Americans, because some real hate is going on right now

  • Stacy L

    mmmm, the things I would do to The Rock 😉

    • Apple

      Yes indeed, that man is 2 damn fine. I could just look at him all day. That would be my 8-10 hour a day job.

      • Stacy L

        yess!! that main pic of him up there w/ the bottle is just delicious

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  • Brodie

    That damn Johnson and Lopez.

  • That is one fine man!