Should Bert and Ernie Get Married?

August 12, 2011  |  

People are signing a petition asking that Sesame Street writers script a wedding between long-time characters Bert and Ernie. Signers of the petition, which can be found on, claim that a wedding between the two roommates would teach children about acceptance.

But a writer over at Your Tango thinks this is completely inappropriate for many reasons, like the fact that they’re puppets and young children might not fully grasp the message.

Read what she and a Sesame Street spokesperson had to say about this request.

What do you think should Bert and Ernie get married? Why or why not?

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  • i mean in truth i agree i never realized big bird was a he…but i also never though ernie and bert were gay…or the count was a pimp…they are fun characters that kids enjoy its adults who make all teh fuss

  • Why teach them at all? why make a big deal about it? let love happen as it does. it only become unnatural when someone feels a need to change it. let them figure out how that love happens for them <3

  • And thanks for them clearing up that Bert and Ernie dont have sexual orientation, now I have to explain what sexual orientation is. and why do two males without sexual orientation live in the same house, and have you seen how clean there how is? Why dont they have female visitors, Oscar the grouch lives in a faqing trash can and he has guests.

  • brian

    Leave the gay or str8 stuff out of sesame street. Leave it numbers n letters. Bert and ernie have been best friends – two dudes sharing a pad with separate beds- forever. Let the Children figure that stuff out on their own when they get older. There are enough issues & problems for kids to overcome/get through without forcing this crap at them.

    Leave it alone!

  • Brit

    I do not think Bert and Ernie should get married. That is putting an adult situation on a children's show. Children are already exposed to so much at an early agge but this is going to far. Yes children's show can address social issues such as bullying but I don't think the target audience of "Seasme Street " needs to see this. It tarnsishes some childhood favorites image so I hope they leave Bert and Ernie alone.

  • numero uno

    umm NO.

    • numero uno

      Why are they imposing that Bert and Ernie are gay in the first place?? SMH. I actually always viewed them as brothers growing up. If you are gay its cool, but those type of things should not be in the minds of children. I didn't understand what "gay" was until middle school when the effeminate dudes were teased as we were hooping. It wasnt until high school that understood what gay people do. Still then it didn't affect me or allowed me to place hate.

  • Kayla

    no they should not get married. they have no sexuality. at all. they are supposed to teach children the ABC's. it's up to the parents to teach them about that stuff.

  • Paula

    if u start to wonder why your kids get pregnant this is why
    lets kids be kids, they can learn about relationships and sexuality when they are old enough

  • Sammy

    They should not get married… Who is the head case who started this crap. Why do they have to be gay? Why can't they friends who are room mates? People do live with their same sex friends as roommates an their not gay… My son will never watch Sesame Street again if they entertain such ridiculousness.

  • Elexie

    Wow this is like stupid Bert and Ernie have always been best friends and nothing more and thats the way it should stay and the only relationships these little kids should know about is their parents. (if their still happily married).

  • Ashley

    There are some true crazies in the world…..leave adult agendas out of things dealing with children. Let kids be kids for goodness sake.

  • ajones

    This is going too far. Can't they just be friends?

  • Anna

    Bert and Ernie SHOULD get married… And after we do that:

    We take Snuffy to rehab,

    Put some clothes on Elmo,

    Call TLC's Hoarders to go to Oscar's trash can and

    Kick Bird Bird out of his rent stabilized bird's nest–because no six year old bird should have their own place.

    Really, leave Sesame Street alone.

    It would also be a sad day when Bert and Ernie get married before I do.

  • thatonegirl

    I don't think kids should have to even think about what sexuality or what someones sexual preference is. Just let kids have fun enjoying their alphabets and numbers. Children don't even notice that sort of thing nor do they care I know I didnt.

  • @ Geesh I actually agree with you(pushed thumbs down by accident)!!!! Bert & Ernie should remain best friends…..;they way I and everyone else should remember them!! Married-Please!!

  • Karlene

    Come on guys it's Sesame Street leave stuff like that out of kids' world. Let them be kids as long as possible.

  • Prissy

    OMG!!! Like come on and be serious… I remember back when I was younger and they tried to convince us that the purple Teletubby was gay because his shape happened to be the triangle?? Like get real. STOP the madness. Pre-school kids are way too young to be taught these things. Please can we let them learn their shapes, numbers and colors first?? Sheesh!!!

  • Geesh!

    Give them an inch and they will take a mile. I’m in no way a homophobe, in fact, I’m some what of a hag so this is not coming from a hateful place but this is just assinine! This is right up there with the gay teletubbies. smh