Living Together? Cool. But Keep THAT to Yourself!

August 11, 2011  |  

Do you live with your significant other or do they spend so much time over your house that it seems like they live there? Maybe you have a couple of boos and they spend random nights at the crib, no relationship necessary but their stuff is at your crib. We need to set up some house rules for both men and women because sometimes people can get a little too comfortable. Here’s a list of some things we wish our lovers would just keep to themselves:

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  • P.B

    hilarious!!! this list is just basic common sense, but we all know that all sense ain't common!

  • Nameless for Now

    Please add used q-tips and musty washcloths/bath towels to the list!! : <

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    This list is for people who were raised by wolves. Who DOESN'T know these things?!?! SMH

  • numero uno

    No I was joking, SOMEWHAT. Some women throw them right in a full bathroom can and leave it there, without using the proper disposal technique. When I'm changing trash, I don't need it falling on my hands, that's all I'm saying. You don't appear to be one of those. LOL @ bio-hazard chemical. There is nothing wrong with your menstrual cycle, just take darn good care of yourself. And since we are talking periods, stop ALWAYS using that as a reason of always being able to scream, shout and be agitated with me.

    • Cora

      I agree. I wouldn't want to touch somebody's bodily fluids either!

      • Theresa K

        Hell, I don't wnat to touch my own. LOL.

        • Cora

          Right! lol

      • nextquestion

        well, that depends entirely on the fluid… if you know what I mean…

  • silly

    For the most part everything is true. Dispose of things and clean up after yourselves. But I can't put my sanitary napkins/tampon containers or wrappers in my trash in my bathroom (doesn't even have blood on it). I need to act like it's some bio-hazard chemical and dispose of it like it was some kind of disease. Matter of fact I have to go on a secret mission to make sure you don't even know i'm having a period? That's a little much.

    • A little humor never hurt anyone. However I grew up in a house with 3 women and never saw that stuff. So maybe there is a little truth in every I'm just kidding.

    • Cora

      I throw my trash out at least twice a day but to say take every single pad outside to the dumpster is ridiculous!

    • Jennie

      It's spoken like a person who doesn't realize that menstrual maintenance is not a 1x a day occurrence.
      The best thing about my apartment is 1.5 bathrooms. We can pretty keep our personal business personal.
      I do leave the flat iron on the sink and it used to drive my husband nuts. It's unplugged to cool, but he just hated cords all of the place.
      I hate toothpaste marks on the mirror.
      Basically every body has pet peeves.

  • anonymous

    BUWAHAHAHAH @ wolf punani.