The Top 8 Most Annoying Relationship Games

August 10, 2011  |  


It’s kind of cute when you’re getting chased around the playground in third grade because the cute boy with the green eyes wants to tug on your ponytails because he secretly wants to kiss you.  When you’re 26 and playing those same “catch-me-if-you-can” games it’s just straight up sad.

Maybe somewhere along the line your mom, older sister or auntie told you that there are certain tricks you can pull in order to get what you want out of a relationship, but a majority of the time those tricks will turn the relationship for the worst and leave you with a situation that’s the opposite of what you wanted.  Take a look at ten common unnecessary games that will leave both you and your partner frustrated and confused:

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  • NotYourAvg

    Men who are experienced at playing women ARE patient. They’ll wait it out because it’s almost guaranteed they have a rotation of women they’re using for sex anyway.

  • rayia

    Dang;You are still single huh???@ Alize

  • alize

    haha im laughing at these guitly of some and more.when i was 16 i broke my V to a 22 yr boyfriend of mines who was a liar and all the above(molester).one day he tried to get me to suck his dick and i wasnt with it.i told him i never and will never do that so go find someone that can do that day he came by and was like baby u said it was ok to get head so some chick gave me soem last…let me tell heart pounder,bounced dropped and stopped..i wanted to take giving head 101 lessons n all.i was asking my friends have they ever and how do u how it taste and all.then the day i thought of giving to it got closer to my mouth i kicked him out and we broke up

  • GodsWay

    Obviously all the 21st century dating standards are not working well with both men and women because we have left the Lord and we are just following our own wisdom and passion. As a result, we are suffering a lot of hurt and putting innocent children thru this mess. God made us, and He put sexual drives in us. God knows best, and He says we should reserve sex for marriage. I see everyone has his/her own rules and opinions. But, there is a lot of joy and blessings in submitting to Biblical rules. While marriage is not perfect all the times, it is a lot more honorable that some of the lifestyles we have described here. God bless us and our community. Read and do the Word!

  • Lady C.

    Sex, will never keep a man. A man can get sex from anyone. Yes relationship are complicated, there's more to a real relationship than sex. Whomever is playing the game, it is obvious they are not ready for a serious relationship. If a real man wants you he is going to be there for you. It is all about choices, either you are going to do the right thing or you are not. So if you are struggling, with doing the right thing, than maybe you are playing games.

  • Anna

    Dating and relationships are just too complicated…

    If you are yourself the guy leaves. If you play games… the guy leaves. Either way the guy leaves.

    Either way you got about it, games or not… men leave. They may not leave now, they will leave later.

    • itjustoccurred2me

      that sounds sooo bitter!!! Im all for being realistic and not putting all your eggs in one basket until u know better, but if every man has left YOU, and you were never even secretly RELIEVED about it (lol), then obviously the only common denominator in all these failed relationships is YOU. Maybe it's time to do some soul searching….

  • kechi4u

    unfortunately, stanley is right on. Women need to step your self-worth up!

  • Allure

    Omg…I must admit I use to play numbers 3,4 and 5 and I’m a female oops! Now I’m older and wiser and found the luv of my life no more games.

  • Cora

    If a dude ain't sure about me, I'm gone! I know my worth!

  • Veys

    Love the post but I must say this. The correct phrase is ” you CAN have your cake and eat it too”. So many people get that wrong. Even on a logical note that makes since. Whats the purpose of having cake if you can’t enjoy it?What you gone have, stale cake and melted ice cream? Where is the joy in that? Look it up

  • seek2027

    Dam i hate games i m to old for that to be honest

  • Seven

    @ Ashley…Yes, you can practice patience, thats cool and what you should do. Keep in mind a man can be patient too while waiting to hit. He will get his on the side while playing your waiting game. As men we like the challenge. So what you’re saying will weed out impatient men. As far as the patient, playas and conquers it will not because thats part of the game eventually getting the coochie. Thats real talk!

    • How is he waiting if he's getting it on the side with someone else. So in a sense he's not waiting but lying. Furthermore, while some men like a challenge, some women like a man who can truly exercise patience and self-control and not run to the first chick available as soon as he is asked to wait until the person he is dating is ready. What you stated is like a game on top of a game and many brothas first response is I will get it on the side while she thinks I am waiting for her and her only and while I don't believe in game playing on either side why not just be honest and say I'm getting it on the side and see how long the dating and/or relationship lasts instead of using manipulation-if you don't-she will, deception-I'm sticking Susie but I'm gonna act like I got standards too- and other weak playa tactics. Because seriously a lot of brothas can't handle that she might be getting some too with someone else while you're waiting. Why not just keep it real altogether since you seem to be a fan of real talk.

    • L-Boogie

      Good points.

    • NotYourAvg


  • Khia

    @ashley i agree with u plus when meeting someone new u wanna take it slow n its ur body n if u decide to wait thats cool, some women give it up on the first date,skipping n hopping n a relationship( desperate) n think they really know the guy (in lust) only to b heart broken down the line because they rush to bed and n the relationship

  • Her Mommy

    Every point in this article is sooooo true but especially number two. If a man wants you, he wants you, no matter how soon or how late you give it up. The chemistry between me and the man I’m in a relationship with is ridiculous! We can finish each other’s sentences. Our first date was ELEVEN hours long and it ended with sex. Two months later, HE asked for a committment and last week, he brought me home to meet his parents. If he wants you, it’ll show.

  • Prissy

    Tricks are for KIDS.

  • You know what? that second paragraph on the first page is so true, I wanna come slap you. Too many women come in the game talking bout they use to being spoiled. You only need three things to keep Samuel L. happy.


    Very nice list of nonsense games that are played a little too often!!

    *Bedroom accessories,arousal creams, lingerie, and MORE….


  • julie

    um, it's actually "beck" and call. but whatever…

  • Love lost

    Thats sort of true and women needs to respect guys who truely dont want to be married and move on. This article was on point for both men and women

    • Melanie

      This article is sexist and completely biased against women.