Unbeweavable: Celebs With That Proper Weave Game

August 8, 2011  |  

 10.  Rocsi Diaz

Along with her fame, Rocsi Diaz’s personal style has also grown. The daily co-host of BET’s “106 & Park”, Rocsi oftentweets pics to her Twitter followers of her natural hair which is actually pretty lengthy itself.  The weave, which she often rocks full and wavy, adds thickness.

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  • Mica

    i love toya hair..

  • Nanee

    I’m Cuban & Jamaican (I’m black) so I have a very soft texture of hair , its curly and unmanageable & breaks off easily….. so I live for weaves !!!!! It’s not about wanting to look caucasian… weaves are used to change styles without putting that extra stress on your natural hair….. I don’t NEED weave (my hair is a nice length) but it saves my hair from a lot of damage… nowadays , I’ve noticed a HUGE increase in white woman who wear weave & the reason is for “fullness & thickness” …hmmmmm…. sounds to me like something majority of our black people have naturally..so who is tryna be like who ?? ….but no need for a war , a lot of women like & wear weave for a number of different reasons & I honestly think its no big deal , but I’m totally against the ‘relaxer’……

    I’m just sayin………

  • The fact of the matte is that there are many hair textures that require different regimes. Kinky hair can require more moisture BUT what product works for one may not work for the other. No matter the color of your skin or hair type, make sure that you keep up with your hair. If you prefer to wear extensions, lace wigs, or weaves be sure that it matches your hair texture, your look, and your personality. LASTLY, be willing to spend some money on quality haircare products and hair addendums. The public should NOT be able ro immediately see that you’re wearing a lace wig or a bulky weave. AND are you aware that the hair sold in beauty supplies is cut from the Yak animal? No wonder it smells like an animal when it’s wet! The best thing to do is find a reputable company that only uses 100% virgin human hair and a hairstylist that’s willing to offer you something better than hair dipped an acid bath which causes breakouts and can possibly interfere with your respiratory health.

  • vee

    I think all 3 Kardashians are killing everyone in the weave game. Their hair looks perfect 24/7 and they could have honestly fooled me before that twitpic of kourtney getting her tracks put in. I honestly think weaves are fine no matter who wears them. Its not that serious . I don't wear one myself but i would have no problem getting one for a special occasion sometime when I'm not swimming in student debt.

    I think anyone judging and insulting a woman based on what she chooses to do to her hair is a little ridiculous. If you're a woman and you don't like weaves don't wear one yourself. If you're a guy and you don't like weaves don't date a woman with one. Its really that simple.

  • Victoria

    And another thing is, everybody and they're mama knows Teyana Taylor's hair is *natural. That's why you weren't able to find anything about her hair being fake when you goggled it. And also why she was featured in the *Natural section of Black Hair Care magazine several times.

  • Victoria

    I agree with Trisha. Before there were perms, hot combs, and now weaves, clip-ins, and extensions black people walked around with natural hair. Your slave ancestors and african ancestors didn't "relax" their natural kinks. Most of you have no idea what your natural hair looks like. A lot of you have been getting perms since you were old enough to get a kiddie perm. I've heard many mothers say they started perming their daughters hair when they were 4. If this isn't an example of self-hate or just a problem accepting your blackness then idk what is. I get more criticism from my fellow *Black people about my natural hair than white or any other race of people. All they ever do is talk about how beautiful is it and how "cool" they think it looks. Why are you all so uncomfortable with the idea of being natural? And honestly speaking, you all look like clowns walking around with those weaves and perms because its not your real hair and we ALL know your real natural hair doesn't look like that. At least when white girls get weave it blends in because that's what their natural hair actually looks like. Maybe more of you *do need to see that Movie "Good Hair" by Chris Rock as Kayla suggested because if you did a lot of you would think twice about putting that good 'ol white "creamy crack" in your hair.

  • tamara

    Wheres Robin Givens and Denise Boutte. Love these women hair.

  • I think you forgot Beyonce. That diva has been rocking lace-wigs and weaves ever since she was in her moma's womb. It's time she came clean about it. Come on Bee we all know that aint your HURR!

  • MissLondon

    Why are we blacks always trying to find something to hold us back in society, why are we discriminatiing on those who choose to wear a weave or not, why are we beating each other down over skin colour, why are we beating each other down about silly things that don't matter what happened to LOVE! TOLERANCE! ACCEPTANCE! of our own people.
    Why would you judge someone by what they decide to put on their own hair? Like seriously grow some.
    Its no wonder why we are not progressing in society.

  • Chazaq

    only one white chick, seriously? And that pic of tyra isn't fierce its scary.

    • danny gee

      Scary, indeed. And a lace-front wig, to boot.

  • Me

    ahh,the weave debate rages on! all i’ve got to say is black women can do whatever they like to the their hair,but the issue i’ve got with weaves is that most look s*** whether it’s the colour,texture,mis-matched natural hair and weave,length,kitchens exposed all the way down necks but with a chung li textured pony tail…

  • chrissy

    okay for all the nay sayers……white women wore extension wayyyyyyyyyyy back in the day hollywood……black woman wayyyyyyyyy back wore wigs with shame. (Gmom)….now they wear wigs/weaves/extension with pride it's okay Im natural an loving it……since mine is a TWA i brought a fake afro puff….lol….for the white girls its like this you have long hair but you don't do nothing with it….its just limp and lays their….that's it….impress me …put some curls in it up do it something…..we just can't wear our hair the same way every day…boring….so say what u want we like change…..

  • touri

    teyana taylor does NOT wear weave

  • Letoya's looks the best, to me
    it looks more natural/real

    then maybe Lala and Tonya
    I love Teyana's just for the texture and wildness of it
    everyone else kinda look like My Little Ponies

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  • Nameless for Now

    : O
    Who knew so many weaves were making the rounds?! Maybe I'm just lazy but I can't imagine the time and money it takes to maintain a flawless weave…which is the only kind I'd want!!

    • danny gee

      Weaves are exorbitantly expensive!

  • chocolatebaby

    what about beyonce?

  • Trisha

    Hummm…………………If u black women love yourselves so much then why do you put fake hair in your head trying to look like a white woman? Why not wear your own hair since your so proud to be black?

    • Tamika

      Are you serious??? More white women wear weaves than black people do. So who are they trying to look like??? For your information, we don't wear weaves to try to look like white women. We wear weaves for the many different styles they can hold. Unlike you, we don't wash our hair everyday and do the same damage to it…..

      • VIVA-TV

        That's not correct. Take 10 white american women and 10 african-american women and check their hairs!! You will see that 7 afican-american women won't be with their real hair and only 2 white american women will have weaves/extensions (That's the average, sometimes we had 0)!!!We tested that several times over and over again (NYC/Philly/Boston/L.A/ Las Vegas/Montana/ATL/TXS….). We're going to do the same in U.K./France/Germany… in a few weeks. you can extend that with 35 or 40 women each race.the percentage remains almost the same.

        • Chazaq

          Black women wear for length and white women wear it to fill out their hair because most of the time its thin. both occurrences are common and okay. Just putting out some truth for a change.

      • danny gee

        You got statistics on that? Open up Sophisticates Black Hair Care and count the number of weaves. Then open Sophisticates (yes, there's a white version!) and check it out. I agree more white women are donning extensions and weaves these days though.

    • danny gee

      Post Traumatic Stress Disorder!

    • Sara

      Plain fact is black women have hair that grows at a slower rate, its usually more fragile cause of the chemicals we use and genetically most of us can't get it down to our buttcheeks. If we want to rock different styles its safer to go for a weave. Weaves just started getting main stream about 15-20years ago so we are having fun with the trend. Get off our back! Its not about trying to look white.

    • JUNIE

      WHEN YOU CAN ANSWER THE QUESTION: "Why do white women who love themselves wear weave and put all that fake junk in their heads?", then you'll get your answer as to why black women who love themselves wear weaves. IDIOT!

    • joy

      its about versatility. i can be natural, curly, straight…. what ever i want when ever i want. white women wear weave as well so its not only black women.

    • Susan

      Black women wear weaves as an extension of style. It by no means we are trying to be white at all. Why do white women get fake tans, lip injections and but injections, do you wanna be black possibly.???

    • J-LEA

      IF white people love them selves so much why do they tan? is it because they want to be black? IF white people love themselves so much why are they unhappy with thin lips and get lip and a** implants? Is it because they want to be black? That’s an ignorant comment. I don’t personally wear weaves or extensions but alot of women do it to enhance their own look. The same way people wear makeup. and alot of hairstyles black women would like to try, arent possible with kinky hair. Why do white women get curly perms? ya dig?

    • angie

      im proud to be black…………..im not trying to look like a “white woman” i personally like weaves on myself and others.  but if you have natural hair you can rock that too i dont discriminate its about how you feel when you look at yourself in the morn.  so do you WORK IT OUT….if fake hair make you happy WEAVE IT UP BABY

    • olivia

      That was rude. Why can’t you love yourself and still get braces or a nose job or extentions? It’s all the same girly!

  • SoTrue

    Kim Kardashian, Gabriella Union…

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