Exclusive Video: Johnny Gill on Panty Catching, Old School R&B and His New Album

August 5, 2011  |  

It’s been 16 years since we’ve heard a new album from sultry singer Johnny Gill. He’s been busy touring the world, occasionally taking time to hit the stage with New Edition, and raising his son. But now the wait is over. Recently, Gill provided his baritone vocals for his new single, “In The Mood” and you can catch his latest album in stores on September 20th.

Madame Noire caught up with this R&B veteran to chat about working with New Edition, his latest album and being a dad. Check the video.


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  • Simtec Simmons

    Sharing an apartment with another male does not mean that one is Gay. I shared an apartment with our rhythm guitar player along with my brother and neither one of us were or are Gay. I've never met Johnny Gill but I like his music and wish him luck on his new cd. I would like for him to sing one of my songs.

  • Charlz bundy

    Who cares if jonny is gay or str8 ?? This is about his big comeback, and the return of great r&b music. I wouldn’t care if he wrote the song for bugs bunny, who cares ?? Jonny Gill is tryna come back and do big thangs !!!

  • gina

    Yea oh well you can expect anything, and lame justification from a person that denies GOD.

  • Steelcitychick

    @ Lyric…I cosing with you!
    Who Johnny lays down with has nothing to do with me! I’ve always thought he was handsome with a beautiful voice!
    No matter if someone is A-sexual, Bi -sexual, Gay, Trans-sexual, or Straight…..Talent is talent, if their message got thru and if you can translate that to your life and what you’re going thru, it’s always a good thing!

  • Loretta

    I knock on his looks or his talent but Johnny gill is Gay!

  • Beverly

    This post is so funny…. the comments hillarious

  • His sexual preference is not the subject matter nor anyone's business but his. I glad to hear him again. It's about time we're treated to some real music.

  • bhillboy37

    It’s funny how people “KNOW” about a star’s sexual preference ignoring the FACT that they have multiple children and have been married to women multiple times. Have been linked to beautiful WOMEN all over the country but because he’s handsome, dresses well, and speaks correctly- “He must be gay.” Shouts out to Eddie, Johnny, Wil, and all the other brothers out there, rich and famous and not so rich and famous who have to listen to bitter strumpets call them homosexuals when what they really are is “Fly Mutha–ckas!”

    • Mila

      Silly rabbit, thats why its called downlow. Having multiple kids, babies mommas, or wives still does not mean he doesn't like to dip to the other side. Living in Eddie Murphys guess house was a dead giveaway to his sexual preference, what two straight men with money live with each other???

  • homie

    I don't understand why they link him with eddie, did they catch them together or did I miss something?

  • Lyric

    Nice interview.. I don't care what anyone says about his sexual preference but i think he is so handsome….

    • Telly


  • Kimbra

    Very natural interview. Well done!

  • darkgable

    "My My ….My My My My" , interview " shol sounds good to me"

  • Tanycha

    I look forward to his new CD

  • Julius Aurelius

    Good job, Rapport between Johnny Gill and Veronica Wells

  • Hezikiah

    Very warm interview, did not get in the subjects way. Interviewer asked open ended questions and then let the subject expound on them.Appeared to do her research, was respectful of Johnny Gill's request for privacy and did not go "National Inquirer" into his personal life. Also did not fall into that trap that a lot of interviewers do and ask the same question 4 times in a different ways. Keep them coming.

  • flowergirl72

    Nice interview !!

  • BostonChick

    he isn’t fooling me at all, I know him and Eddie be getting it on and he wrote this new album strictly for Eddie.

    • Tanycha

      Are you talking about Eddie Murphy?! He's in everybody's pant(ies). Nobody's safe. LMAO!

      • mickey

        hide yo wife, hide yo kids!