The Top 5 People You Don’t Want to See on Facebook

August 3, 2011  |  

Remember the days when Facebook used to be sacred? Maybe sacred isn’t the right word…let’s try exclusive. It was that time back in the mid-2000s, where the only people trying to be your Facebook friends were fellow college students and young adults networking and keeping in touch with old friends they hadn’t seen in years. Well now, your mom is on there, your 11-year-old baby cousin who has no business posting pictures of herself for the world to see, and don’t forget about your neighbor’s daddy, who starts liking your photos and statuses out of the blue. Yikes!

Just yesterday an uncle of mine all the way from Africa sent me a friend request. I have yet to respond. No offense, but to this day, I still don’t know how I feel about certain people, many years my senior and junior, “poking” and “tagging” me, showing their less than flattering or way less than adult bodies off to strangers, and keeping track of my every move so they can call me on it when they finally see me. I’m sure you feel that way from time to time. Because of that, after much thought, I’ve made a list of the top five people I would rather NOT see as my Facebook friend. If any of these folks pop up in your news feeds and send you friend requests, you know what to do–it’s deactivation time.

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  • Stacy

    I personally think it's pathetic for grown folks; mothers, grandmothers, etc to be on facebook with people they see everyday. It started out as a social network for college students (young people) to connect with friends. Grow up adults!

  • Mia

    I am a mom and I agree I shouldn't be friends with my 22 yr old on facebook. I should have friends of my own, my age.

  • Nameless for Now

    Your parents' friends and friends' parents — you are not my friend!! : D

  • Nameless for Now

    Umm, since FB's only been around since what, 2004, any kids they have are younger than 14 and don't meet the requirements for joining : D

    Again, I don't think the problem for most is mothers joining FB, but trying to friend their children! But if you and your kids have a relationship like that, more power to you : D

  • You heard me

    On church folks, if I haven't seen you in 20 years. I don't want you in my dailies. I catch people checking me out or asking me stupid questions just so they can get a close up view. Those are the same people that would zoom in on you on FB to check out your toes in sandals. I'm just saying.

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  • Darkesthourglass

    I know plenty of people who have their parents as their Facebook friends and they’re still on there acting a fool or talking crazy.

  • Cici & Coco -The Besties

    Lol judith ur funny. No one says moms shouldnt be on facebook, most of us dont want to see OUR moms on our profiles get it? Meanin we dnt want u in our business. I know i told my mom if she gets a facebook i wont add her lol facebook use to be for college students now all these old & young kids comin on it… Smh i have my cousins, aunt & uncles on my page.

  • Nic



  • Darryl James

    I don't know who owns this site, but you should have purchased pictures to use instead of just grabbing any picture you could find. The photo above belongs to me. My name is Darryl James, a professional journalist and if the picture isn't taken down today, I will file a lawsuit. You do not have permission to use my likeness, particularly in the above offensive manner.

    • JustAshley

      Uh oh.

    • Victoria U.

      Fixed! Apologies once again Darryl. Thanks for letting me know!

  • Judith L Wesley

    I find it very offensive to mention “your moms are on facebook” Im a mom. Im human Im not an ogre! Moms enjoy connecting with friends and family and even our children just like the next person. That is offensive to ask anyway. Who would you not like to see on face book? well Im a mom and moms should be welcome to facebook just like anyone else who wants to be. Dont like it? dont look!

    • E_rock

      Aww Ms. Wesley, try not to be offended. Moms are certainly welcome on fb, there are just natural boundaries that have always and SHOULD always exist between parent and child…and that's ok! Just think about conversations you've had with your own friends that you would never want your parents to hear…we can all relate to that. That's all the article is saying.

  • Baby R

    Your Pastor. lol

    • thatonegirl

      That should of been number one, lol.

  • NEWHAIR5000

    LOL THIS LIST WAS RIGHT ON!! the ONLY people from my family that i would allow to be my friend on facebook would be cousins my own age.

  • thatonegirl

    This list is on POINT, LOL!!!!!! But seeing my parents/grandparents & superiors takes the cake I hate having to censor myself.