Confident vs. Clingy: Are You Too Desperate When it Comes to Dating?

August 1, 2011  |  

Desperation is about as attractive as Rick Ross in a Speedo. You can’t let your excitement or passion for the apple of your eye cause you to sacrifice your dignity and poise; not only will you do yourself a great disservice, you might turn off the very person that has gotten you all turned up! Check out the difference between a desperate reaction and a confident one to common dating situations. Proceed with pride.

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  • MiRi

    Amen to that!
    We all know men do and will ALWAYS do whatever they want to do. So if he really wants to contact you, he'll do no matter what. If he's lost your number but still wants to contact you, believe me, he'll do his best to reach out at you.
    Same for exchanging info : he doesn't "owe" you a call but if he calls you, it means he really wanted to do it.
    You show your interest in him, but let him do the "job". It's not about playing games, but it's about really seeing if a guy wants to actually get to know you. He'll do if he's into you.

  • Anna

    How about the third C?

    Just being Callous? If he's really into me, he knows how to find me? If not, he's missing out.

  • Janay

    Jerseygirl exactly! Idc if its 2011 if a man wants you he will find a way to approach you. If he is too shy and thinks the girl should approach, he really needs a set of balls. Men chase/women are the choosers. Seems as of late society is trying to change this after many centuries. This is why dating is terrible recently.

  • JerseyGirl

    This article is funny. I wouldn’t do either advice tips. The man is the hunter. It is his job to hunt the woman. The Bible says, a man finds a wife and it is a good thing.. Not a woman finds a husband.. Bottom line to me, if I’m chasing him, I’m replacing him a la Jay Z. If a man wants you ain’t nothing gonna stop him from getting at you…

  • Janay

    I agree with Kristiba. Both scenarios seem desperate. I’m not approaching men first. Idc and It’s not cause um stuck up but It’s because I value tradition. To the fellas who thick its stupid mind games: true indeed but the game of cat and mouse is prehistoric and nothing new. And the only reason dating is screwed up now is because after centuries and thousand years of traditions, they are changing. It goes against the universe’s original method. Guys waiting on girls to approach them wth?

  • Boss

    I needed that article…

  • Kristina

    I think this is awful advice…. both the desperate advice and the confident advice leads to you looking desperate.

  • Yeah Right

    @Edward…maybe all YOU deal with are desperate females. You are what you attract!

  • Stanley

    Desperation is one extreme, what about the other (side) extreme?
    Some women actually think men should do everything for them in the dating process. Like, seriously doing everything from the man should always be the one to initiate a conversation and asks for dates to the man should be the one planing and spending for everything. Most of these women believe they should only say YES or NO.

  • Edward

    Black women always I mean ALWAYS take the desperate approach!

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