EFFed Up Things Men Do

July 28, 2011  |  

On a scale of 1-10 of foul things people do; 1 being not cool and 10 being totally foul sometimes the only way to describe a situation is “damn that’s Fawked up”! Ok we get it men are from Mars, women are from Venus and we’re all dogs but some of the more mature ones cringe (yes men cringe) when we see some of the things our boys do to their women. Maybe on a sub conscious level we cringe because we see our former selves in such terrible actions. I can’t fit all the foul stories into one post so I may have to do a part two but here we go (in no particular order):

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  • where is the article about the effed up things women do?

  • proudofmyblackskin

    I find it funny that you are blatantly blaming women for having the higest rate of HIV when we get it from the very men that we trust and love. Men who sleep with other men. Black women have the highest rate of HIV beucase the Black skin is the most seen in the jail cells! I dont care if you find black women less attractive than white women, you my friend are a sick and twisted individual. I have never seen a grizzly over look another grizzley and mate with a polar. Its unnatural. But I guess with you trying to fit into a society that rejects you- it seems perfectly fine. NO one seems to care why that sister wants a thug. We just care that she doesnt have any kids that we have to feed. All the while that sister has never seen a man educate himself, fight adversity, etc. Dont be so quick to judge the color of your skin is what every single non-black person in this world. And you will never know just how many times your white girl is calling you a "n" word in her mind. And you for damn sure wont know how many times her gradnada told her she has dissappointed the family. You need to sit back adn think about things. Before you end up shuckin and jiving just to be in the big house.

  • maggie

    this list is called G-A-M-E, period.

  • MsRita

    At women can be faithful and not running around looking for other men when we are in a relationship. Some men need to learn how to turn it down when you know you have a good women in you life.

    Mostly women that actually know me and see how I'm treated and want the same thing. However after I divorced him she was crying he does nothing for her why because he is still doing whatever I want him to do.

  • judge

    Skank alert!!!

    • MsRita

      Wow my exHusband best friend would try to come in our house while he was at work i was a stay at home mom. When to told him he can't come in he said well his first wife let me come in when is working. I told him welcome to his new wife that will respect myself and not have any other man in my house when he is not here. So just call him and see if he is her and then you can come over. Please stop ringing my door bell everyday. So what did he say to my husband I don't you new wife she is a B. Guess how that turned out their 15 year friendship ended. Did I expect that no and I did not know he called me out of my name until my husband told me.

      • Mikkalotious

        Very smart Sistah!!!… As far as the name calling….small thing to a giant… you know who you are and what your name is and… it probably wasn't the 1st time someone had gotten your name completely wrong and it won't be the last…. any time that happens … I let it roll off my back like rain…. peace~

    • Mikkalotious


  • Well, the most messed up thing that my ex did to me is call cps on me the day he got child support papers in the mail.

  • Freebee33

    Although I agree that the few trolls we have masquerading as 'real black men' on this site are annoying, It's unfair to lump all black men in one category…

    Besides…I don't know any 'real black men' or any 'real men' for that matter who spend their time trolling womens' websites for the sole purpose of posting angry and unnecessary comments…


  • chitownkush

    To all of the brothers n sister on here going back n forth about who’s more wrong and right and who causes the most pain and stress in each others lives…please stop it….the black family will continue to fall apart if we continue to bicker back and fourth about trivial matters….both black men and woman have their fualts and no one black man or woman’s problems all the same…America has already broken the black down and created a system that targets him and ensures he will spend time in prison(not all but there are a lot of traps for young brothers these days) and just as fast as they removed the black from the family they where able to attack the black woman, the cornerstone of our family structure. Point blank woman u need us just as much as we need u…and to the replies that state that this is a website for woman, I like to read up on what todays modern black woman thinks of the black man..and from what I’ve seen this site does have some articles that can come off as male bashing..some articles may have some truth to it but Damn how many post do u need to point out the flaws of some black men…instead of pointing out flaws maybe we should have more articles highlighting solutions to the problems we face

    • MsRita

      My Marriage fell apart because he could not keep in his pants. I not going to work that out however we did have pre-martial consuling and during are marriage and still did not work. I really think is was because I was making more money than him. At first I was a stay at home mom and I found something in one of our cars that caused me to start working again.

  • Janay

    And daywalker to answer your question about what benefits does marriage offer? Many for a man and woman who value morals, spirituality, and god ordained commitment. The bible written many years ago has already told you how people who don’t think spiritually will perceive a holy institution such as marriage. Corinthians: The natural man receiveth not the things of god; for it is foolishness to him. But this is THE thing daywalker: to think carnally and with flesh using human logic which totally conflicts with spirit, you would never see a benefit. This is one of the biggest problems in black communities is our decreasing respect for God, morals, values and spirituality. Especially black men which is why many refuse to go to church while their women try to drag them there.

  • Thank you Rodrick.

  • Janay

    . I watched black men exposed on tv one and those are decent guys on that show and even they expressed the insecurities they faced when dealing with a woman who made more than them and was more succesful. A women wrote to the show to express how the more promotions she got on the job, the worse her man treated her. THIS all stems from PRIDE in INSECURITY. If you are insecure your woman makes more than you just say that instead of twisting and distorting it to make it seem that black women are too masculine. WTH? that is just so trifling to do that. A black woman would gladly submit to their man, but you have to deem yourself worthy of that before hand. common sense plain and simple. And DAYWALKER unfortunately represents many black men who are opposed to marriage, this is why black marriage rates are low. And DAYWALKER unfortunately also represents the lack of morals and values that blacks once had for relationships and marriage. This is why black relationships are weak as well.

  • Janay

    To Daywalker: Black women are submissive by nature as any women are. One thing you fail to mention is the circumstances that black women face which is caused by black MEN. 70 percent of black homes are fatherless. This leave black women with NO CHOICE but to step up. I myself have no children, but if I did and the father didnt step up I would go get two jobs or go to grad school to assure I can care for myself and my child well. According to the Journal of Blacks in Higher Education, at least 60 percent of black students who get awarded college degrees are women. Black women make up 71 percent of black graduate students. So the bottom line is: BLACK WOMEN ARE NOT MASCULATING THEMSELVES AS MUCH AS MENS GUILTY CONSCIENCE IS EMASCULATING THEMSELVES

  • Shauny

    Geez!!!! I thought it was a good article. It has some truth to it and it was written by a man. {Smirk} All this bickering is truly senseless.

  • seek2027

    Oh please

  • tpe

    I'd like to know why black men feel this site is equally for them?

    I'm always stuck trying to figure out does this mag cater to black women or men?

    • Cora

      Probably women hence the whole "Madame" lol




    Mr. OWENSBY, you sir, are a fool…I am always a "GENTLEMAN", yet NEVER a "GENTLE MAN". Sorry if this offends you, but the men in my family were raised to be men, and by being a man, I wholeheartedly dismiss the whole notion of men being effeminate, emasculated, and castrated by WOMEN!!! My god, man get a grip!! Does your woman carry your balls in her purse??? Can you not see that men in AMERICA as a whole have been turned into a nation of (FOR LACK OF A BETTER WAY OF PUTTING IT) BYTCHES for the most part??? Men were NEVER meant to deny their true nature, and that nature is one in which MEN are DOMINANT, and WOMEN are submissive. Anything else is hogwash in my opinion, and to be honest with you, on average, the AVERAGE man and womMERICAN WOMEN have issues with finding a man, because BY NATURE, MEN ARE NOT SUBMISSIVE…..WOMEN ARE.an could physically get into an altercation and even if they weighed the same, A MAN WILL STILL OVERPOWER A WOMAN in most cases…I didn't make this rule up, MOTHER NATURE DID, so spare me with your diatribe, because in order for things to be on an even keel, WOMEN NEED TO BE SUBMISSIVE to men. THAT is why so many AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMEN cannot find mates, because MEN are not submissive by NATURE…….WOMEN ARE.


      "Woman could physically get into an altercation and even if they weighed the same, A MAN WILL STILL OVERPOWER A WOMAN in most cases…I didn't make this rule up, MOTHER NATURE DID, so spare me with your diatribe, because in order for things to be on an even keel, WOMEN NEED TO BE SUBMISSIVE to men. THAT is why so many AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMEN cannot find mates, because MEN are not submissive by NATURE…….WOMEN ARE."

      *(TYPO) Sorry folks, I'm multi-tasking right now….LOL!!

  • CutieReppinNY

    All of you men on here getting mad about this article, but THE ARTICLE IS WRITTEN BY A MAN. Get a grip and get over it.

  • robbied

    Everyone please accept that men are FREAKS.

  • Aphro Lady

    Really enjoyed this article! SN: Is it me, or does it annoy anyone else when people try to get all philosphical and intellectual on here, but can't spell???! Get your lives together!!!

  • seek2027

    Thank you well said

  • Sg

    Had the double life thing happen to me but at the end of the day I think I would rather be with someone who knows what they want and doesn’t go woman hopping. Great article

  • Miss_Understood

    @the male commentors who take issue with articles like this: Hello-this is a site intended for WOMEN of color…if you have a problem with women and women of color, then go somewhere else!

    • seek2027

      And @ the woman that think I took offence to this article has issue because this website is not also guard toward the thoughts of woman but also men and next time before any off yall start bashing people because of a comment that had absolutely nothing with admitting guilt or being offended in any kind of way please learn how to read first and comprehend and if you have a problem with men expressing their thoughts on certain topics on her then just don’t read the article

    • tpe

      Get a job.Tell your progressive brother Obummer that you need one A.S.A.P

      After you get that job get mental help.Thanks

  • Coriander

    @ Magister and Seek

    • seek2027


      You your screen name just sounds dumb

      • seek2027

        So you and all your followers who must be bitter woman can comment after what I have said to be quite honest I don’t care because at the end of the day what I said still stands neither side is perfect men or woman. Both sides has used each other but at the end of the day neither side wants to take ownership for their mistakes period so have a nice day @ coriander and @holding the mirror also@ alicia cooper

        • tpe

          listen you can hate the women here all you want but do it elsewhere 'kay

          stop with you entitlement issues.it's off putting

          • seek2027

            Again just like I said no reading and not able to comprehend no one is hating on anyone here like I said if you got offended at what I said then the problem is not me its you. Because nothing was said out of disrespect to no one you he she@tpe

      • Coriander

        Of course… You're argument is otherwise so damn WEAK (like you) that you go after my name… Who's the real dummy here?

  • Holding The Mirror

    @ Magister and Seek

    Don't get mad at the mirror (i.e. the article). Get mad at the reflection.

    • Magister Veritatis

      STFU. Thanks

      • Coriander

        Great Comeback. Bitter much? Or are you guilty of most of these actions? It obviously struck a nerve.

        • seek2027

          @ holding the mirror

          Really just shut you dumb A@# up because one again you must be one of those bitter woman who got played like a dumb A@$ and is mad at all mankind for your mistake

          now hold the mirror and shoot your self like yesterday because nothing is the article has nothing to do with me netiher did i mention it in my coment so shoot your self while holding your mirror like yesterday and do us all a favor

          • Holding The Mirror

            You're an even bigger douchebag… Do yourself the favor and fall on damn sword. You are just a waste of space. I know God does not make mistakes but that still doesn't explain YOUR existence.

            You are nothing more than a bitter male that excuses this f**ked up behavior because you a party to it. There is no other explanation.

  • Holding The Mirror

    This is hands down the most entertaining article I have read since coming on this site.

    Grow up and Be Better!

    Stop this stupidity.

  • Holding The Mirror

    This is hands down the most entertaining article I have read since coming on this site.

    Any male that is quick to tell me that he doesn't like wearing condoms is the same male is tacky. Why give each other the go ahead to get pregnant or STDs.

    You want to be able to slip the box across the pharmacy counter to be rung up… Not having the nurse at the Free Clinic slide you a couple of free ones.

    But really… Why do men do this? Why do they believe this is normal and acceptable. Stop IT! Because of your stupidity Maury Pauvich is able to renew his contract till the year 2100…

    Grow Up and Be Better!

  • seek2027

    This ish again I really want to see if an article about the most of thing a woman has done. Because neither side is perfect

    • dude this is a new fresh one so be patient unless you are one of those guys…then truth hurts.

    • tpe

      WTF dude this is a site for black WOMEN.At least that's who they claim to cater too.

      There are sites that cater to you.Go to them

      • seek2027

        ????????????????????????????? Again just like I said no reading and not able to comprehend no one is hating on anyone here like I said if you got offended at what I said then the problem is not me its you. Because nothing was said out of disrespect to no one you he she @tpe

  • Magister Veritatis

    Another male bashing story, huh? Typical.