Study Shows Women With Money Woes Want Girly Men

June 24, 2011  |  

The old saying goes “no romance without finance,” but who knew that bad finances could influence who a woman wants? A new study shows that females fearing economic peril prefer “feminine” partners who are nurturing with delicate features — like pretty boy crooner Trey Songz.

Researchers postulate that men with these qualities make women facing money woes feel secure, because a “gentle man” is likely to remain committed and provide resources. By contrast, men who were perceived as “masculine” by study participants — confident and rugged — were only wanted by women concerned for their health. The theory? Men with tough exteriors probably have healthy genes, which will then be passed on to offspring. The Daily Mail reports:

Those primed to worry about their finances showed the least interest in the macho men, the Royal Society journal Biology Letters reports.

This, according to the Australian researchers, suggests that when money is short women are attracted to gentler types, who are seen as good providers and more likely to stick around when times are tough.

The macho men, however, were most attractive to the women made to worry about their health.

This may be because masculinity can be a sign of good genes – and a man who will give a woman strong and healthy children.

The researchers concluded there are evolutionary advantages in a woman’s taste in men being flexible.

This would allow women ‘to adapt their preferences to rapid changes in the environment such as pathogen outbreak or a famine’, they said.

Similar studies have shown that women find macho men most appealing during their fertile times of the month, opting for less aggressive mates when focusing on companionship — and that rich fellas give women more orgasms. So have a baby by 50 Cent and be a millionaire — but stay home with Trey Songz to raise it? We all know that money and love are intricately connected, but as science delves deeper into these mysteries, the cut-throat goals of Mother Nature are revealed. It might be that we are hard-wired to connect money — either having it, or worrying about it — with our choice of partners for the successful perpetuation of the species.


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