Are You a Thug Magnet?

July 28, 2011 ‐ By Christelyn Karazin

I recently got a question on my blog from a librarian who could not, for the life of her, figure out why she was a magnet for what she called, “Mr. Thuggish-Ruggish Bone.”  As an artsy bohemian type, she wondered what was it about her that gave these men who had such  great contempt for belts and suspenders and owned a wife-beater for every day of the week to go after her.  “These men who have no goals, lack social skills, spend all their time trolling Facebook — barely looking for employment, and approaching me as if I’m a low-rent lady of the night. I can only deal with so many “psst! psst!”, inappropriate stare-downs to get my attention, or ”Aye, Miss Lady” approaches during the day. When I don’t give them the time of day, I’m referred to as “stuck up” or “bougie” or “only liking white men,” she lamented.

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  • tpe

    How can black women be gold diggers and turn down engineers and scientists?
    I see you muthaf*ckas are back to lying and making up sh*t.

    Which is it black women are gold diggers and want to come up off of black men or they love thugs who they have to take care of?

    And how does this explain the fact that these thugs are having children with non black women at an increasingly growing rate yearly?Do those women prefer thugs?

    • Eric McDaniel

      I never said black women were gold diggers. And yes, women of all races love a thug that's why my thug nephew has 3 kids by 3 different women. 2 white, one black and he hasn't held a job for more than a month since he was released 5 years ago from a 7 year prison bid for armed robbery. Let's just say he doesn't have problems getting women. But I know at least 5 black men who can't even get a return phone call from women even though they are good solid working men with advanced degrees.

    • Eric McDaniel

      You obviously don't know any black engineer's or black scientists because if you did you'd know that they are usually single into their 30's. They usually end up with black women but this is after they spend a decade getting played for a fool. I have a wide range of friends and coworkers and the good educated ones stay being single with no kids. The most irresponsible of my friends and family have more women than they can shake a stick at.

  • The gregster

    To bhillboy you are so right I am an network engineer and women wont even look at me after they find out what i do for a living its almost like they are afraid someone will make them step up there game….no wonder thugs are in

    • darcampb

      LOL. And where do you troll for dates, on street corners? Clubs? What kind of women do you pursue? I don't honestly believe that *educated* women go running like Superman from kryptonite because you have a successful career. If good and decent women are running from you, perhaps its not the career that is scaring them away, just saying.

      • Eric McDaniel

        Ohhhhh! It's his fault that black women aren't checking for him but it's NOT a black woman's if she attracts thugs. Black Men and Black Women have two different sets of reality. Black Men's reality is set in the world that actually exists while Black Women's reality is set by what is contrived in their minds.

    • Holding The Mirror

      You just lost the interest of at least a dozen women from that comment alone.

  • bhillboy37

    Reading all of you women comment on here almost gave me a headache. If women didn’t date thugs in droves black men wouldn’t be thugs. There are more lonely black engineers and scientist than there are lonely thugged out 8th grade drop outs. Maybe YOU personally don’t date thugs but enough black women fight to be with our lowest common denominator that you can’t complain when men adopt the style that the women are coveting.

    • darcampb

      Oh we can complain alright. What does one (or many ) woman's/women's dating decisions have to do with those of us who don't covet thugs? Most women I know don't want a trashy lowlife at any rate. I think its more likely that men define manhood within their own circles, being that they are the ones in power

    • Coriander

      Is the engineer or the scientist even checking for black women? Their perched so high, and take so long to approach. I would love to date an educated man frankly. I like a man I can learn from.

      • Eric McDaniel

        You think they are perched so high. They don't think like that. They feel like regular people who happen to like science or math or computers. They mostly end up with black women but you can't expect a man to turn down a woman of any race if she's nice to him and he's been trying to have a lasting relationship for 10-15 years and is getting dogged out.

  • Cat

    What a great post and the comments are on point! I was just approached by a thug today. So annoying but generally standing up straight, exuding confidence, intelligence and not making eye contact works to repel these guys. I said generally. Today's guy wouldn't know intelligence if it beat him up side his block head.

  • Katie

    @ miss understood & darcampb so true… It does not matter if ur educated or not… If you have the “hood rat” body type thugs will approach & try their luck… Don’t take it personal just turn them down nice and polite to avoid drama

  • Nic

    This was truly unpoint…..I saw them too its deep how people will let life and time pass them by and they really don't care. Sad

    • Nic

      Sorry on point

  • darcampb

    Yea i have the hoodrat body for sure. They can't believe I'm not in their peer group until I open my mouth and start speaking. If you can't speak standard English you are NOT in my peer group/dating pool.

  • seek2027

    good article dang people still stay on facebook all day? so sad

  • Freebee33

    Wrong article…

  • Darkesthourglass

    In other words, thugs are into big butts and sometimes big girls in general. Don’t matter if you’re cute or ugly, black or white, Doctor or Micky Ds. Jen Hudson’s sister was married to that thug that got her family killed and y’all saw how huge she was. Low-esteem chicks are easy targets, too I’m sure. Those thugs know who to target.

  • guest

    You girls need to ignore these thugs with their pants down around their ankles or else you'll only encourage them to dress and act even worse than they do now.

  • George

    "…your mother told you to smile and say hello to every BLACK person you meet."
    What is THAT about?? Everybody that you want to have anything to do with will appreciate a smile, black or otherwise!

  • Kayla

    best thug deterant is looking/acting like you are smart and have a good head on your shoulders. always have a book in your hand. they will scatter like mice. trust me it's worked for me. they know educated and well-to-do woman dont have time for their antics. and arent dumb enough to fall for their stupid pick up lines

    • darcampb

      Unfortunately, that's not necessarily true. Often, these men who have nothing to bring to the table specifically want a woman above their station to mooch off of. Even trash want to date up from their peer group

      • Kayla

        thats true. some may still have the courage to talk to you. but what i do for them is starting talking about smart stuff. Im not showing off but i wanna see where there head is at. lol. talk to them about the debt ceiling or the war in Libya.

  • Brodie

    Mace?! OMG…lol. Seriously though I don't think any ONE type of woman is targeted by thugs. I mean, you can't blame a guy for trying.

    I, personally, would look them dead in the face and just start crying when they approach. I mean nose running, heaving, babbling, my-grandmama-gone, loud type sobbing. See what happens.

  • Stacy L

    well, WELL said!!!!!!

  • Tiffany

    Let the Church say AMEN!!!

  • Alicia Cooper

    from your experience is the same with mines and that's a fact. I agree!

  • Earthspirit1


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