Rules Your Man Should Be Able to Break in the Bedroom

August 1, 2011  |  

Sex is a major force in relationships, but intimacy is even more important. Though sex plays out into the mind of men and women differently, intimacy often translates similarly. Where there is love, sex is more than an act; both parties need to feel connected. Much of that connection comes from freedom and vulnerability—letting go and truly enjoying the physical and emotional pleasure of lovemaking.

Your man isn’t like the other men you’ve casually dated and shouldn’t be given the same half-hearted, selfish sex. For those we love we make exceptions; and, with him, it’s alright to be naughty. Let your hair down, because when it comes to a bout with your man, superficiality and certain rules are not applicable:

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  • Tee

    the writer, LaShaun Williams has some issues. I’ve been married for 18 years and my husband is not spitting on me period. Ladies only do what is comfortable to you. At the end of the you have to repect yourself. I mean wow, she lost me at spitting, LaShaun just nasty!

  • Danielle

    Spitting is weird…now slobbing? Oh yea! I'm pretty sure there's no need to actually spit on me, if it's not moist, you should probably take a trip back downtown. I'm just sayin!

  • meks

    In my head, spitting is an act of disregard. The act is forcefully dispelling the contents of your mouth and sinus cavity. Call my a head case or uptight. Don't care, but that is a no go. The rest of this list is pretty normal. But spitting is a no go for me personally. KY sold me on their latest marketing campaign.



    To each it’s own yes, but I can’t stress the importance of communication and letting loose a little in the bedroom…relationships nor marriage is viewed with the same respect as it was “back in the day” so you always have a someone trying to take your place…all the next person is looking for is for your mate to complain about the smallest thing and you better believe the next one is filling out the application with the qualities you are to “respectful for”…it’s all about providing the fantasy and spicing it up…everything brought into the bedroom isn’t meant to belittle you….to my boo pull my hair,spank it harder, splish splash with the spit, call me a b****, and happily go to work in the morning so that you can come home happily tomorrow & we can do it again =)

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    • MichiganWomen

      Nicely SAID….love it

  • Tlovely

    I agree with everything and enjoy it all but number 3 just ain't gonna work for me! Gross! LOL

  • Tonya S

    Funny when they first mentioned spitting I though they ment semen. LOL
    But on that note of you are a grown azz woman and you still have issue about not getting a little love juice on your (booty, stomach, face, mouth, YES I SAID MOUTH), you should hang it up and get yourself another women cause obviously you got issues dealing with men and sex.

  • etta

    yep. give him something he can feel, let him know him your love is real.


    spitting in your lovers face is the hottest sh** DONT FRONT TO EACH HIS OR HER OWN.

    • NM817

      You must not be black or you don't date black men or women. Spitting in someone's face is the ultimate disrespect.

      • Really?!?

        Why does everything have to be about color? Some ppl are just freaks. Freaks come in all shapes, sizes, & colors u basic a** b****

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  • Cici & Coco -The Besties

    Okay well everybody is diff. My man never has to spit on me cause im wet & ready for him whenever! Nothin has changed from wen were 17 we’re still boinkin like rabbits!! I cant spit on him cause i’ll gross myself out lol there’s plenty of saliva in my mouth for him to feel i dnt need to do all that. As for my hair i luv wen he grabs it he always effs it up! Even wen its just oral he’ll still eff it up! Doing it ruff is always the best for us. I like doin random stuff catchin him offgaurd. Role playin is awesome.. Bringin him to sex shops.. Me luv humpin my man!! ^-^

  • Mello

    Disagree with number 3. Spitting is gross. Use lube.

  • Take that Take that

    I have to agree with Ms. Williams and Kayla about the no spitting. I will dry up like the sahara if my man even looks like he was about provide spit for lube.

  • Anna


  • Prissy

    And this is NOT even an issue. LOL…. 😉

  • @honey love … right ^5

  • i just want to know… what women AIN'T letting it go down like this… come out your shelll… LOL loosen up (literally LOL)

    • etta

      what woman ain't letting it go down like that? prudes. ok i'll be good. seriously, maybe their upbringing, past abuse, etc. but i believe in letting my hair down to please.

  • O_o Oh uh uh honey. There will be no spitting. That's why there's all kinds of water-based lubes and all kinds of jellies in the world. Let's not get biological here. I can get comfortable without spit.

    • meks

      Thank you for saying that. It is all fun and games but if someone spit on my lady parts I would be done. No spitting !!!

    • more than anything, it's a turn off

    • Caydence

      @ Ms Williams – I am with you on that. Shoooottttt, we can His & Hers Lube all day but I'm not gon' have someone spit on me!

    • proudblackwoman

      I agree, the spitting is going to far….


    I must be a freak bc i dont have a problem with any of this….this is actually G-rated if u ask me… *smacks lips*

    • im sitting here thinking the same thing… so NC-17….lol….check out my site yawl…….im telling you 🙂

    • etta

      i must be a freak too honey because child let me tell ya…ain't nuttin' wrong wit any of it.

    • meks

      So may-be my freak flag don't fly that high because I can't get with spitting. Don't spit on the cunnykatt thank you very much.