Ever Felt On The Verge Of A “Psychotic Breakdown”? Iggy Azalea Had One After Being Made “A Villain”

March 18, 2016  |  

Source: Splash News

Source: Splash News

Have you ever been so tired and stressed out that you felt like you were on the verge of a mental breakdown? I’ve been there. And according to Iggy Azalea, she’s been there too.

The “Fancy” rapper may have received a great deal of recognition, awards and money after the success of her breakout hit song, but it also came with an onslaught of criticism from everyday people and fellow musicians alike. Azalea was accused of appropriation, of being racist and homophobic due to some questionable lyrics and Twitter posts in the past, and pretty much, of being a fraud who got ahead by trying to look, sound like, and be something she’s not. People flipped really quick (because were we not dancing to “Work”and “Fancy”?)…

Even the toughest person couldn’t deal with that type of judgment on a daily basis. And Azalea was getting it from everywhere, specifically on social media. She told Schön! magazine in a new interview that trying to deal with it pushed her over the edge, and that was the real reason she canceled her 2015 “Great Escape” tour.

“I had to have a psychotic breakdown last year. I felt tired and stressed out,” she told the magazine.

“Last year, I felt like I was definitely not in control of the media’s narrative of me. It made me feel very out of control of my own life or my ability to have my own perception of who I was. You don’t want someone else writing your narrative and making you the villain.”

And she was the villain in quite a few stories last year. From a short-lived squabble with Britney Spears after their collaboration “Pretty Girls” tanked, her issues with Nicki Minaj, getting torn apart on Twitter in a very ugly manner by Snoop Dogg, her former mentor, T.I., distancing himself from her, and a neverending beef with Azealia Banks, Azalea was getting it from all sides. But after taking some time away to get herself together, riding horses, and even getting engaged, “Now, I feel like my energy’s renewed,” Azalea said.

“I just realized that, you know what, you can’t control it and I think I accepted that and moved on to living my life.”

And while Azalea’s stress may have been a bit more debilitating considering that she’s in the public eye, we all can find ourselves on the brink, desperately needing some time off to focus on our mental health. But how do you know when you’re starting to lose control?

According to mindhealthconnect, you might feel isolated. You find yourself not wanting to spend much time with friends or family, and the activities you always enjoyed can now leave you anxious.

Or maybe you’re struggling to concentrate on work? You might be extremely moody all of a sudden, speaking consistently of a feeling of burnout, having fits of anger or bursting into tears.

Even more severe signs can also include hallucinations, and feeling as though you want to harm yourself.

And then there are physical symptoms, including having your sleep disrupted substantially, feeling exhausted, consistently getting sick, struggling with a racing heart, and a lot more.

If you feel yourself on the verge of a nervous breakdown, which feels a lot more complicated than a simple “Girl, I’m just stressed,” you should take action. Some situations require counseling to get really to the root of what is causing you to unravel, and maybe, to even get yourself some medication if needed. But other circumstances can be rectified by enacting certain lifestyle changes, including exercising, getting a lot more sleep, meditating, changing your diet, not overextending yourself, and just taking the necessary steps to alleviate the stress and anxiety that’s been holding you back. But whatever happens, don’t be afraid to ask for help, or do whatever you need to so that you can get back to happy.

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