Ever Felt On The Verge Of A “Psychotic Breakdown”? Iggy Azalea Had One After Being Made “A Villain”

March 18, 2016  |  

Source: Splash News

Have you ever been so tired and stressed out that you felt like you were on the verge of a mental breakdown? I’ve been there. And according to Iggy Azalea, she’s been there too.

The “Fancy” rapper may have received a great deal of recognition, awards and money after the success of her breakout hit song, but it also came with an onslaught of criticism from everyday people and fellow musicians alike. Azalea was accused of appropriation, of being racist and homophobic due to some questionable lyrics and Twitter posts in the past, and pretty much, of being a fraud who got ahead by trying to look, sound like, and be something she’s not. People flipped really quick (because were we not dancing to “Work”and “Fancy”?)…

Even the toughest person couldn’t deal with that type of judgment on a daily basis. And Azalea was getting it from everywhere, specifically on social media. She told Schön! magazine in a new interview that trying to deal with it pushed her over the edge, and that was the real reason she canceled her 2015 “Great Escape” tour.

“I had to have a psychotic breakdown last year. I felt tired and stressed out,” she told the magazine.

“Last year, I felt like I was definitely not in control of the media’s narrative of me. It made me feel very out of control of my own life or my ability to have my own perception of who I was. You don’t want someone else writing your narrative and making you the villain.”

And she was the villain in quite a few stories last year. From a short-lived squabble with Britney Spears after their collaboration “Pretty Girls” tanked, her issues with Nicki Minaj, getting torn apart on Twitter in a very ugly manner by Snoop Dogg, her former mentor, T.I., distancing himself from her, and a neverending beef with Azealia Banks, Azalea was getting it from all sides. But after taking some time away to get herself together, riding horses, and even getting engaged, “Now, I feel like my energy’s renewed,” Azalea said.

“I just realized that, you know what, you can’t control it and I think I accepted that and moved on to living my life.”

And while Azalea’s stress may have been a bit more debilitating considering that she’s in the public eye, we all can find ourselves on the brink, desperately needing some time off to focus on our mental health. But how do you know when you’re starting to lose control?

According to mindhealthconnect, you might feel isolated. You find yourself not wanting to spend much time with friends or family, and the activities you always enjoyed can now leave you anxious.

Or maybe you’re struggling to concentrate on work? You might be extremely moody all of a sudden, speaking consistently of a feeling of burnout, having fits of anger or bursting into tears.

Even more severe signs can also include hallucinations, and feeling as though you want to harm yourself.

And then there are physical symptoms, including having your sleep disrupted substantially, feeling exhausted, consistently getting sick, struggling with a racing heart, and a lot more.

If you feel yourself on the verge of a nervous breakdown, which feels a lot more complicated than a simple “Girl, I’m just stressed,” you should take action. Some situations require counseling to get really to the root of what is causing you to unravel, and maybe, to even get yourself some medication if needed. But other circumstances can be rectified by enacting certain lifestyle changes, including exercising, getting a lot more sleep, meditating, changing your diet, not overextending yourself, and just taking the necessary steps to alleviate the stress and anxiety that’s been holding you back. But whatever happens, don’t be afraid to ask for help, or do whatever you need to so that you can get back to happy.

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  • chuck_g_12

    why on god’s green earth are yall defending her on a black website, please tell me?

  • Okay now

    Not a a big fan but she did get alot of unnecessary hate. She should just take notes from Beyonce and not respond to social media.

  • Courtney Banks

    This is one of the classic cases of white women starting ish, then claiming victim status when things get too hot to handle.

  • Guestest1

    Aww boo hoo! That kid Justin Bieber is always receiving hate and he seems to be doing well and not letting the critics get to him.

  • God’s child to the end

    Soooo, she had a breakdown because some people don’t like her? Ok……

  • CC

    I felt like people were bandwagon hating on her. All the same people I saw singing her songs all of a sudden had bad things to say about her. I liked her before she blew up and still like her. Do I think she should learned to be quiet sometimes? YES! But also she has the right to defend herself.

    • cryssi

      At first I was a fan and Fancy was my jam….then she went and did that faux freestyle that was stolen from Kendrick’s album and butchered it to what can only be described and Future jibberish and dying raccoon noises. Then I was done. Fancy wasn’t my fancy anymore and her voice made my ears ache.

      I didn’t attack her on social media, mainly because I don’t care….but I did laugh

      • CC

        See I respect that cause you have a reason for not liking her anymore. So many people that I know use to like her gave no reason for the turn about. Some didn’t even know why some people were dogging her. They just got embarrassed to admit they like her. I like some of her music, but I don’t always agree with the way she handles certain situations.

  • cryssi

    I tried to muster some sympathy for her, but I cant.

    When she hijacked Kendrick’s lyrics from The Recipe and butchered them to a rotting possum carcass, all while pretending she was freestyling, I was just like NOPE! Can’t do it. I couldn’t tolerate any of her music any longer. If she was on a song I changed stations.

    Sad she had a breakdown, but I’m not sad for her.

  • trueletterson*vwfone@gmail.com

    tickets are not selling because nobody want to hear her anymore, now with a overly inflated opinion of her talent she believed she was and is more than what she is.

  • Old School Me

    Job 4:8 “As I have observed, those who plow evil and those who sow trouble reap it”. She put herself in harm’s way by her behavior. When people tried to pull her coat, she didn’t listen. She jumped up to get beat down.

  • yoda

    She canceled that tour because it wasn’t selling well which is pretty well known. It’s unfortunate her mental health supposedly was struggling, but I’m sure there was a better person to make this point with specifically on a website for black women.

  • Old School Me

    She brought it on herself, especially after being told how she was offending people, she basically said, “Bite me”, A little humility goes a long way. She showed none.

    • Taz

      How was she offending ppl? By being white in a black dominated music genre?

      • Old School Me

        By changing her voice/delivery to try to sound like she was straight out of Compton. I don’t tweet/twitter but there were clearly racists posts too. Derogatory posts about Black people, etc.

        It if was just about someone White doing ‘Black’ music, then Michael McDonald, Elton John, Teena Marie, Emminem, Hall and Oates, Dusty Springfield, David Bowie, none of them would have had the success they’ve had on the Black charts.

      • hollyw

        Asking how she was offending people is like asking what’s wrong with Trump. The evidence is there in plain site.

  • SureJan

    Made a villain? So someone just hacked into her Twitter account and wrote all those racist and homophobic tweets?

  • A.P. Millz-CT

    She was the villain in quite a few stories last year. From a short-lived squabble with Britney Spears after their collaboration “Pretty Girls” tanked, her issues with Nicki Minaj, getting torn apart on Twitter in a very ugly manner by Snoop Dogg, her former mentor, T.I., distancing himself from her… I stopped reading from that point on….

    Why doesn’t Victoria go to Iggy’s past tweets about fat black women, and Mexican, Asian’s, and Hispanics… Bump Iggy and her feelings maybe her soft tail should just log off. I can’t stand black people who feels sorry for these types of ppl.

  • A.P. Millz-CT

    Hmmm.. I wonder why my comment didn’t go through..lol

  • dt

    Celebrities love to accept the accolades and adoration but as soon as it turns negative they’re all like can I live,I’m a human just like you.

    • hollyw

      “I’m a human just like you” lmbo too true!

  • Trisha_B

    Iggy was an easy target for the media. She was getting attacked every which way. Which I honestly thought was too much. If you don’t like the girl, fine. But some people were taking it to the extreme, just jumping on the ‘hate Iggy’ bandwagon. So I could understand her having that break down.

    I would say I had a mild break down a couple months after graduation. Felt I was at a standstill. Not finding a job, having people (especially family) asking why haven’t I found a job yet, just feeling lost. I shut down & just stopped talking to people. Like I felt no one could help me & was so depressed. I’m out of the funk now. But that feeling is something I don’t want to experience ever again lol. I hated the thoughts & the way I felt

    • MNEditor2

      God bless you for reading the story! lol Glad someone got the point. But yeah, a lot of people go through that slump after graduating because there’s so much pressure. I went through it too and was looking for Bible verses left and right LOL But I’m glad you are out of it and feeling better 🙂

    • _a_

      Right.She may have been arrogant at times, but overall it really wasn’t that serious.

    • Butchie

      Oh please, she was racist. Nobody sympathizes with racists.

      • Trisha_B

        Many jumped & agreed with Azealia Banks when she was attacking Iggy, but Banks has said some disgusting, ignornant things about blacks (she called a black girl a tar baby on twitter) asians, gays, & the lists goes on. Her & Iggy are basically the same. One just has a hit.. Many who attacked Iggy were attacking her just b/c of what someone else said (Banks), not from their own knowledge. If you believe the woman is racist. Fine. Don’t support her. Don’t listen to her music or put money in her pockets. No one is asking for your sympathy. Idk why people feel like anyone needs their sympathy. But to go extra lengths to harass someone you don’t like on social media is childish. You can’t stand a person but waste your precious time commenting doesn’t make sense imo lol. (Not you personally, but other people on social media)

        • hollyw

          “Her & Iggy are basically the same.”

          I think there is a fundamental difference between a self-hating black person, and an arrogant person who openly exploits black culture and profits off of black people ***while trashing them at the same time***, let alone a white person, whose race has historically and presently done shxt to make the former hate themselves to begin with. Furthermore, who is constantly adopting victim mentality to deflect from any kind of accountability.

          • Trisha_B

            Not much of difference. Banks used the black community & our social issues to gain attention. All while throwing dirt on us at the same time. One minute she’ll talk about blacks need to stick together, support one another. Call a black man names for being with a white woman. Then the next she’s saying blacks stole white culture, she only dates & sleep with old white men. & talking ish about other black artist…& Banks adopts a victim mentality as well. If an artist doesn’t want to work with her, she goes on rants about them as if something is wrong with them when it’s really her… my point was that people only went after Iggy b/c of Banks. Banks got people riled up & many didn’t even know why. Not knowing the person they co-signing is on the same ish.

            • hollyw

              Sooo…for every racist white person, we can point out a mouthy black person that apparently cancels their racism out..?

              Even if what the assessment on Banks alone were true…how does that have anything to do with another’s mental illness or excuse the fact that Iggy is an appropriator and has openly stated hom0phobic and racist lines and not apologized, which in itself was reason enough for her to become increasingly disliked??
              …and plus, has far more commercial success than the other and tons more artists have openly criticized her artistry?

              Blaming Banks for *any* of this (while also ignoring that a lot of folks hate Banks, and she ALSO talked about killing herself, which you may or may not caped as fast for), comparing the two, or even addressing her at all just comes across as a poor deflection, imo.

              …and I’ll also add that, comparing “racisms” between a white and black person without the historical or societal context, is like insisting that there’s “no difference” b/w a mountain and an iceberg, despite different roots, environmental impact, origin of formation, EVERYTHING, just b/c they bare a visual resemblance to you. You’d have to be willing yourself to be blind to that aspect.

              • Trisha_B

                Idk why you continue to reply to my comments/opinions when it’s clear we both have a different ways of thinking. We never agree. You have your opinions, I have mine. Neither is going to change.

                • hollyw

                  ?? Despite the fact of “we never agree” being a gross exaggeration…with that logic, there’s no point in you responding at all, or ever commenting on an opposing post, or article topic you disagree with, e.g. colorism??, if you think it’s just going to be met with contention. However, for most folks on here (a discussion forum), you’re expected to be able to discuss topics like adults, even with opposing view points, with the purpose being to better understand where people are coming from. That’s in life, in gen’l. If that’s too foreign, or you are easily upset when your position is questioned, I don’t see why a person would even come here, rather than a forum where everyone thought exactly alike. Take care.

                  • Trisha_B

                    I can handle opposing views, I’ve been coming in here for years now. I just don’t feel the need to keep going back & fourth on a subject that I can’t further break down. There will be no compromise with this topic. There will be no seeing of other sides with this topic. It’s pointless to keep responding to you to clarify my opinion b/c you just won’t get it. The discussion has moved past “healthy debate” which I’m always for. We just have very different views, & I just don’t feel the need to keep talking in circles. It’s not going anywhere

                    • hollyw

                      “There will be no compromise with this topic. There will be no seeing of other sides with this topic.”

                      That is your decision to make, and you have every right. I def am capable of changing a stance (though not often) when positions are explained well and/or supported with facts, but to each their own. It’s just worthy to note when one bases their opinion on fact/logic vs. a perception, which is inherently biased, and sometimes cause you to misrepresent facts. For the record, I don’t think anyone argued your right to like or dislike a person. It’s not hard to get why people don’t like someone like Azelia(sp?) Banks.

              • jean

                All excellent points. Some people seem to equate fact with opinion which are vastly different.

                • hollyw

                  Thank you, and agreed. It’s one thing to say you feel a certain way regardless of the facts, but another to skew facts for the sake of your opinion.

  • Secret87

    I dont care have another break down.

    • cryssi

      Petty, lol.

      • Secret87

        She is.

  • hollyw

    This article is the epitome of White Tears (esp. fatal when a white female’s), and writer Victoria Uwumarogie is def trolling black women by trying to endear this girl to them and make a case for “mental wellness” lol smh. Yes, quite a many white folks are breaking down these days over increased black awareness and growing intolerance over this ignorance bullshxt. Only, my ‘professional’ advice would be for them to help themselves with some acknowledgement, enlightenment, then staying in their lane; NOT crying off into the horizon, going underground long enough for people to forget your transgressions (we didn’t), then coming back with “renewed energy” smfh, this clown (Iggy)!

    • MNEditor2

      Be careful not to break your arm in the midst of reaching so far lol
      As the editor who oversees the health stories I was just trying to speak on how stress can catapult into a breakdown, which can happen to anybody, if we don’t get ourselves in check. Been there. And that’s what I did. The rest you took waaaay too personally.

      • BullshytSlayer

        This story was written like Iggy didn’t contribute to her own demise in this field of entertainment and her mental state. It was her lack of humility and awareness and her arrogance that got her to this place. No sympathy.

        • Secret87

          Lol she said a lot of racist stuff too.

        • hollyw

          Agreed. Sometimes, “Breakdowns” are just existential crises. Don’t fight it!
          Correct your course, homie, b/c the masses will never let up until you do, anyway. Smh she the one that wanted to be the “black” star, didn’t nobody force this on her smh!

      • Old School Me

        You chose the wrong vehicle. Iggy’s coattails aren’t the ones.

      • Secret87

        How can I apply to be a editor here? I think I’m a positive person. And will interesting writings on here. I think many would agree.

        • hollyw


          • Secret87

            …. 🙂

      • trueletterson*vwfone@gmail.com

        they are on to y’all now, you all are not giving them anything of substance anything to upleft them or to pomote healthy black females black male relationship thus strong black families, you all have sunk to the level of tabloids pushing gender divisiveness, and gender mistrust between the black women and black man, now trying to push this bogus trash on them seeking pity for there natural competitor, do better, they love y’all because they have no where else to go, but again they are on to MN, clutch etc, now stop disappointing them. peace

        • Secret87

          I wouldn’t write kim k or iggy or biracial people unless they are uplifting to black women. This is madam. All things would be focused towards black women and famous men who love us ONLY. Not no men lusting for non blk women. Trust me I will be popular here.

      • hollyw

        …really?? You **purposely** chose Iggy for a health story lol?? *sighhhhh*

        I’ve also been there, more than once (as, I’m sure, many have). I, however, cannot relate to this wounded white girl syndrome and am surprised how you couldn’t see that your readers would have to do a lot of reaching to identify with any of her struggles; esp. when they see most of the criticism she’s received as well-deserved..? Of all the broke-down celebs, you really found no qualms w/ this one? Completely sincere, huh.. =|

        …I’mma also add that it’s pretty typical for media to classify white sociopathy as “mental illness”..ijs.

        • trueletterson*vwfone@gmail.com


  • Titi

    Iggy looks like the Wayans Bros. in White Chicks. Very transgendered like. MN needs to stop promoting white trash on a website for black women, but I digress.

    • MNEditor2

      And you should probably stop with the vitriol as there is life and death in the tongue, but alas, it’s a free country and we all live and learn. Thanks for reading anyway and happy Friday, sis

    • Neva

      Listen I have a few Iggy Azalea songs that I enjoy listening to. The black community and white community deaded her career because she is a FRAUD. She’s an Australian fraudulent h0£. T.I. dropped her @$$ on her back because he was tired of taking the bullets for her when she was out running her mouth. She should stick to modeling or make original good music. But she has some songs that slap that I listen to.