#BlackDontCrack: Ever Wondered Why Naomi Campbell Is So Flawless? Meet Her Mom, Valerie

March 16, 2016  |  

Just yesterday we were all wondering how Elise Neal didn’t look a day over 35 as she rang in her 50th birthday, and today, we’re celebrating another woman for being yet another shining example of how #BlackDontCrack. Meet Naomi Campbell’s mom, Valerie Morris-Campbell.

The 64-year-old former model and dancer from Jamaica has been featured front and center lately on Naomi’s Instagram page. From showing her off on the way to events to giving her a shoutout on Mothering Sunday (March 6 in the UK), we’ve seen more and more of Valerie. But she’s always been in the background supporting her supermodel daughter.

According to the UK’s Telegraph, Valerie was 19 when Naomi came into the world, and she had to leave her child in the care of her mother while hoping to make a better life for the both of them as a ballerina.

It was something that impacted Naomi, and she somewhat blames her feelings of abandonment during that time for her past temperament. Valerie told Oprah in an interview in 2010 that it’s something she regrets, saying, “I do feel that I abandoned her.” But as Naomi pointed in that interview, she understands and respects the sacrifices her mom had to make for them.

And thankfully, mother, 64, and daughter, 45, are in a much better place, growing even closer after Valerie dealt with a breast cancer diagnosis a few years ago that culminated with her having to have a mastectomy on her right breast. But she’s a survivor, and according to Naomi, a wonderful mother. And she looks fantastic!

Check out more images of Ms. Valerie below and revel in the #BlackDontCrack greatness:

wishing you all a lovely day! lots of love x V #throwbackthursday #photoshoot #germany #fashion #instadaily

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Lovely time in Vienna for @lookmagazinwien 💃🏻📸 #fashion #vienna #lookmagazine #austria #photoshoot

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Thank you Israel for the lovely welcome and an amazing time in your country! #trip #fashion #israel #instadaily #photooftheday #love

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  • ViolettaBliss

    Beautiful ladies ! It’s a shame that Naomi is not a nice person. A bad attitude will make a beautiful person ugly.

  • cubanflowers

    i really believe… that God kissed all NON pink people..

    but he must have kissed black people the hardest.. because i have seen even dope fiends.. who DO NOT look their age!…

    so.. yes….. bad life.. will age people quicker.. but.. even with black people who live trapped in their own personal hell… stress.. despair….. their skin still seem to remain intact!……. at least this is the case. for the people.. i have seen.. in 5 different country…

    be blessed

  • Kory Green

    Valerie has actually aged better than Naomi.

  • Keke

    She looks like Naomi’s older sister!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So fantastic. Love my skin. I am on a “hair journey” thanks you youtube. Wish me luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • alexa

    Black people have the best skin.

  • FutrPA12

    Not to toot my own horn, but I’m 48, and ALWAYS hear that I still look in my 20s. Which is pretty much why I love telling people how old I am…

  • Romia Blue

    absolutely speechless at that stunner

  • They won’t look for you

    There is an entire family of people that are getting publicity for their plastuc surgery. Face lifts before 30.
    Then you have another grouo of people taht are in their 60s 70s and beyond looking half their age. Has anyone seen philicia rashad lately? Wow.

  • mimiUSA

    It’s also the rice and beans, they are from Jamaica W.I.

  • Ugonna Wosu

    She looks more like Naomi’s sister in some photos.

  • Faith

    She looks amazing.

  • Miss M

    Yep, we are some very blessed people when it comes to or skin, and no one can ever take that away from us!!


    Take the wig off and see the face.

    My mother is 60 and looks better than that. She has to give her license to get here senior discount because nobody believes her

  • GaryGuillermo

    I always thought Naomi was a stunning beautiful woman . . . when she was young.

  • orlando ann

    NO doubt she looks good what the story is not saying is how much is botox and plastic surgery which they have a lot of money to spend on.

  • ayannasims

    I’m 44 but I’m told I look 29!! I’m slim, 5’6 , size 4, flat stomach (no kids) and no wrinkles!! Very blessed 🙂

    • Kory Green

      Pic or gtfo.

  • Lady

    Yeah but who is the white lady? She’s very pretty indeed.

  • Der Marm

    Who is her Plastic man?

    • What?

      I agree. This article does not state whether or not both Naomi and her Mum received plastic surgery, tummy tuck etc.

      If they had no surgery, which I doubt, then yes they look fantastic, but if surgery was done, they got what they paid for and the article should reflect this.

  • OnlyHilton Head

    Naomi’s mother is not just a mother! She is a hot mama! She don’t look a day over 35! It’s hard to believe almost but the hotness runs in my family also! I’m blessed to be surrounded by so many beautiful black women who are always complaining about their butts getting too big!

  • femmemuscle

    I had a friend of mine tell something funny. She said, when white women brag about their age, they look for compliments from her. She just nods and keeps going. When they follow her around, bragging about how “great i look for my age”… she just does an eye roll. When she is finally pressured into telling them HER age? She no longer has a white friend! LOL!

    My african mother said to me: White women don’t age well, unless they have a plastic surgeon running behind them with needle and thread, and a great, big syringe full of botox.

    • Chanda

      Ha ha, reminds me those late night informercials with the anti-aging creams. I understand they have to show their ages on screen to sell the product but the company makes a huge deal that someone is 54 and hasn’t crumbled yet. It was a joke to put Chilli in one of those anti-aging informercials (name of product escapes my memory) but I see that she’s not in their latest one lol..

  • Gabriel

    She looks great but she is naturally pretty as for looking like she is in her 30’s no she doesn’t. She looks like a very attractive woman in her 60’s which is exactly what she is. There is nothing wrong with that. These women in their 60’s look like they are in their 80’s nowadays. Either way she does look pretty good. I’m a 40 year old man and she could get it all day….

  • Amhoney22

    Black don’t crack is a pretty racist comment.

    • Webslinga

      Totally a micro aggression.

    • Kory Green

      How so?

  • Meggie

    Oh Please. I agree that blacks dont age as fast as whites. But in Case of Naomi & her mother they were just blessed with good genes thats all.

  • Claudia Christensen

    That awkward moment when you realize a mom is more attractive than her daughter.

    • Kory Green

      Yes… I saw that in high school…

  • bmw8913

    It’s so true. BW and Latina’s don’t age. We age like wine, white women age like milk.

    • mommyhasaheadache!!!

      After it’s been left out overnight and starts to curd. Ijs

    • FutrPA12

      Hate to break it to you, but Latina’s (for the most part) don’t age THAT well…

      • Kory Green

        Black people don’t always age well, either… our melanin is a protection against the sun, but we can still destroy our skin through lack of sleep, stress, bad diets, smoking, drinking and drugs. I see it all the time.

        • Ajavee


      • bmw8913

        I have to disagree Latinas and Asians age exceptionally well.

  • caligirl

    three generations of beauty. i wonder what her father looks like? i think she probably resembles him more than her mother…

  • slimpickens2916

    Beautiful women!

  • truthseeker2436577@yahoo.com

    Very Beautiful Black Women.

  • Wow They could be sisters. Nice!

  • jazmine

    Bruh, HOW???????

  • Lisa

    Gorgeous ladies!

  • Peggy Farrar


  • Vandellish

    I’ve seen Naomi in person and she’s beautiful (no comment on the personality) but from these pix mom looks better IMO.

  • Metchie

    They’re both beautiful women

  • Kitty

    Grandma and mama campbell looking like gawddd yesss!!!

  • LogicalLeopard

    This can’t be true. Ya’ll black women, I swear….just stop it! The world isn’t ready!*LOL*

  • applesauce585

    Her mother….”wow”…….64 looking good!!

  • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

    mum is gorgeous!

  • J.Nicole

    Her mom looks AMAZING! I swear, it’s like we get better during our 30’s. I’m mid-30’s and I feel MUCH better than I did in my late teens/20’s.

    • Neva

      Its true. Black women peak later in life. White women be a hot mess say after 26. But no not black women. Black women start being successful and looking fabolous at 30+. Black women glow up, we don’t grow up. Look at Kelly Rowland when she was in destiny’s child, then look at her now. When black women take care of themselves we are powerful and unstoppable. I made a promise to myself I’m never getting old. We black women, we’re never going to die!

      • Chanda

        Oh yes and I’m certain David Bowie died a happy man, js..

      • Jeff Morse

        “White women be a hot mess say after 26.”

        You’re so full of it. My grandmother is 88 and has no more wrinkles than Naomi’s mother. English Rose complexion.

        • Kory Green

          Yes, she is full of it… not just in this post, though.

        • pamala

          just like white woman are socially considered the most beautiful, it is true that black woman don’t wrinkle and age….because of the melanin in our skins…..I know it hurts to hear someone say white woman are a hot mess after 26, could have said it differently, but it is generally true that white woman do not age well; and with the tendancy to tan and sit in tanning boths, don’t help at all.

          • FutrPA12

            But white women are only socially considered the “most beautiful”, based on some biased BS. Put a very beautiful white woman next to a very beautiful Black woman, and I HONESTLY (no bias) think there’s no comparison. We come in all shades, from “lily white” to the “deepest chocolate” and everything in between. And THAT makes Black women more beautiful, without question.

  • Ajavee

    Naomi’s mom looks amazing! They can pass for sisters.

    • Kory Green

      Naomi’s mom would be the hotter sister.

      • Ajavee

        I agree Kory. Ms Valerie is gorgeous she gives some younger women a run for their money.

        • Kory Green

          Naomi used to be very beautiful, but she has lived a hard life over the years… plus, she’s known for her violent outbursts… all that anger increases stress levels and kill cells. Valerie looks happier and that’s what makes her more beautiful… to me, that is.

  • Secret87

    I thought her mom was asian?

    • Yvette

      You might be thinking of Kimora Lee Simmons.

    • Chanda

      Well Naomi has some Chinese ancestry and I believe it’s from her mom’s side.

    • Chay

      She is part Asian on her dad’s side of the family.

    • TheOriginalLadyElle

      right! lies

    • TheOriginalLadyElle

      her mom is light and she’s dark and I don’t see a mix of asian even if her father is part asian. ijs

    • tracy

      Its too far back to count, Naomi is just black, I don’t even know the media brings that up. You just cannot be a pretty black woman without racial admixture in the white media. Naomi’s great great great grandfather was Chinese, I read like 200 yrs ago, crazy. Isn’t that ridiculous how far back generations people will go to prove 100 percent black women cannot be attractive????. And most black women wont see what an insult this is.

  • Erica

    MN, seriously, I can never see any of the pictures you guys post from Instagram……do they have to be embedded or something?!?!

    I went to google…..and Gosh Darn! She look good, some of those pictures…..I wouldn’t date her a day past 35 years old.

    • MNEditor2

      Apologies. Are you referring to mobile? They’re embedded now (we used to just put the links but we were told people couldn’t see those) and we can see the pictures on our phones. So I’m not sure what’s occurring for you. However, you can click on the days on the top of the IG photos (“5 days ago,” etc.) to see the photos.

      • Erica

        I’m looking at pics on a PC. Maybe there is something about my work computer that won’t allow me to see the pictures. But I don’t have problems anywhere else.

        Anyways, thanks for the reply, I’ll just look at the pictures from my phone.

  • A.P. Millz-CT

    Wow!!!!!!!!! I just turned 36 yesterday and *not bragging* but I look 22 🙂 I love my skin, I love my black.

    • Erica

      I turn 33 today, people say I still look like a teenager…..lol.

      • A.P. Millz-CT

        Happy Birthday my fellow Pisces 🙂 I bet you do look like a teenager! That’s how we do..lol

        • Erica

          Thank You Kindly. 🙂

      • neceyluv

        Happy birthday!!

        • Erica

          Thank You. 🙂

      • C2C

        Happy birthday, Erica! Happy belated birthday, A.P.Millz!

        • Erica

          Thank you. 🙂

    • Ilovelove

      I turn 38 today and people think I’m 25! Thank God for good genes!
      Happy birthday y’all!

      • Electric Relaxation

        Happy Birthday!

    • Electric Relaxation

      Happy belated birthday!

    • neceyluv

      Happy birthday!

    • Neva

      Happy birthday to both of you. I turn 21 next month and people say I look fifteen.

  • Chanda

    I swear, a lot of Bw are aging backwards these days! As long as you take care of yourself inside and out and don’t get too big and bloated, you can do it.

    • Vandellish

      It’s true. You got to watch that stress though. I’ve seen over the years that stress is the number 1 killer. Keep people you can trust around and don’t sweat the small stuff as they say.

    • Neva

      Black women to stay young, beautiful and youthful forever exercise, orgasm, eat healthy, and don’t date men who don’t respect, adore, and love you. Dealing with broke disrespectful ninjas will add one wrinkle everytime you sleep with him. Oh, and drink lots of water.

      • Kory Green

        Jesus, you never let up… don’t you? All that hatred will add wrinkles to your skin soon enough… keep it up.

    • Tamama4805

      Plastic surgery also helps greatly. Pretty obvious she’s had some.


    Motha you better work!!! Glad you can be a strong backbone for such an Iconic icon.