Girl Code: 5 Common Courtesies You Owe Every Woman

July 18, 2011  |  

There’s this nasty, little lie that women are so catty, they just can’t seem to get along with one another. While that may be true for some women we know–not us of course–there are plenty of women who genuinely care for those who share this sisterhood. Not sure if you’re one of those women? Check out a few of the rules in “girl code” and make sure you’re not in violation.

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  • TruthHurts

    "Your man has herpes"

  • happyhoodrat

    …don't care for all that…just tell me when i put a decimal point in the wrong place and bankrupts some poor widow, or if i give the wrong medication to some helpless patient…PLEEEEEASE!!!!

  • Mandi

    "So if you see a woman, over the age of let’s say 17 with her thong showing, chances are you’ll be safe letting her know her drawers are out."

    :/ I'm 16 and I 1) don't own a thong and 2) would never intentionally reveal my underwear to anyone (unless I'm changing in front of my sisters or in a locker room).

    I'm so sick of stereotypes pertaining to age. I'm responsible, mature, and wise in several areas. I also realize that I have a lot to learn and I'm not nor will I ever be COMPLETELY wise in these areas. I'm also, as mentioned before, 16 so don't assume every youth is wild, crazy, and immature.

  • Funny but true article! I'd also add letting her know she looks fly. It isn't so much a courtesy as a sisterly nod. When we step out everyday, and put on a cute outfit, when another sister acknowledges us, it means something. Pay a sister a compliment every now and again.

  • Dragonlady73

    I always tell women about the blood issue. As far as boogs go? It is kind of weird to tell a stranger. But if I'm in a discreet area I will alert them to it. now, at work (I may appear vain but…) I keep a small mirror aimed my way at all times. That way I can keep things in check ie. hair, teeth, lipstick, nose situations. So very embarassing. And I may always look like I've lost an earring, but I can't stand to wear a bluetooth too long and end up tking off an earring to talk on the phone. But I am guilty of forgetting to put it back in before I step out


    How about when you see chick coming out of the men’s bathroom, and you courteously inform her of the semen in her hair……..Heh, heh heh…….

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  • Cree

    What about letting a woman know when her track is showing or her wig is crooked? Us women love our hair and can be a little sensative but if a sistah track is slipping and or visible its our duty to pull her aside and let het know.

    • Stacy L

      yess!! I was thinking this one too. I want someone to tell me if my hair isn't on point, that way I can fix it. When I see a BUSTED weave at a club, I always tell my friend to tell me about myself if she ever saw me looking like that! All that $$ that's kicked out for a weave, it needs to be right at all times.

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  • Anon

    Extend courtesies you'd like extended to you, just another extension of treating folk how you'd like to be treated.

  • Treasure

    I’ve never been one to look the other way when someone (girl or boy) has spinach all over their teeth, that white stuff in their eyes, a price tag on their jacket, pricetag under those new heels tell somebody!…where I come from its called Ubuntu!

  • Treasure

    Good article coz although we all know that all these are acts of common courtesy we are either afraid to embarrase the person or afraid they won’t take kindly to being pulled abruptly from their blissful ignorance!

    I remember when I had this gym instructor (male) we would meet@ 5am for a 5km run before hitting the machines and he would make me stretch and do all sorts of things.One day I got to the shower to discover that I had a HUGE red spot ….and allthe while we had been stretching?????I stopped seeing him for a year untill I decided to forgive him coz I realised that being a man he was probably more embarrased!

  • Ruby

    In high school I told a girl in my homeroom that her fly was opened and she developed a stank attitude. I should have let her walk around exposed. Dummy.

  • Imjustbeinghonest

    You missed food in her teeth

  • oh the forever lost earring pain!