The Oscar Ratings Are In… And They’re Not So Hot

February 29, 2016  |  

Source: AP Images

The Oscars have been on a downhill trend since last year. But this year’s numbers might clock in with record-breaking lows. With 34.3 million viewers, according to Fast National ratings, the show ranked as the third-lowest in the past 15 years.

Here are the numbers and the hosts for each of the past 15 years, according to Deadline

2016 34.3 million Spotlight Host Chris Rock
2015 37.3 million Birdman Host Neil Patrick Harris
2014 43.7 million 12 Years A Slave Host Ellen DeGeneres
2013 40.3 million Argo Host Seth MacFarlane
2012 39.3 million The Artist Host Billy Crystal
2011 37.9 million The King’s Speech Hosts Anne Hathaway/James Franco
2010 41.3 million The Hurt Locker Hosts Steve Martin/Alec Baldwin
2009 36.3 million Slumdog Millionaire Host Hugh Jackman
2008 32.0 million No Country For Old Men Host Jon Stewart
2007 40. 2 million The Departed Host Ellen DeGeneres
2006 38.9 million Crash Host Jon Stewart
2005 42.1 million Million Dollar Baby Host: Chris Rock
2004 43.5 million Lord Of The Rings: Return Of The King Host Billy Crystal
2003 33.0 million Chicago Host Steve Martin
2002 41.8 million A Beautiful Mind Host Whoopi Goldberg
2001 42.9 million Gladiator Host Steve Martin

Interesting. To look on Twitter, you would think the show was as popular as ever. There was plenty of discussion. But despite Chris Rock’s highly anticipated monologue and all the #OscarsSoWhite controversy surrounding the lack of Black nominees, and Leonardo DiCaprio taking home his first gold man, people just didn’t tune in like they have in the past.

Did you watch the Academy Awards last night? Are you surprised to see that the numbers are so low?

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  • MsLadyE

    I just heard about “Risen”. Sounds great…I’d love to see it myself!
    BTW: I finally got to see “The War Room” last year. It was AWESOME!

  • IanMC

    I did, overall it was very entertaining. Next year they’ll probably do the same thing they did this year. White people hate to be called out and I doubt very much that next year another ”boycott” will happen. People just forget and move on.

  • Purple Sound

    What’s the point? With all the movie streaming services around, there’s ample chance to broaden your horizons and watch international movies and movies that may not be “Oscar bait” and are good nonetheless. Movie stars and entertainers are no longer “mysterious” and untouchable’ you can get at one of them real quick on social media and lately, they’ve been showing that fame and money does not equal class and intelligence. I think people are just over it

  • Dania Coleras

    seen what i wanted to see on youtube so

  • LogicalLeopard

    I actually watched the whole thing. Which I hadn’t done in years, if ever. Chris Rock was the draw that made it can’t miss television for me, with this controversy. But I kind of like the whole thing, especially looking at some of the obscure categories and the people who win for them. There are a lot of people doing lots of work that aren’t actors. And there are smaller movies that never see the light of day that deserve to be recognized. I’m surprised the number was that low, but you know, there are a lot of things to hold people’s attention nowadays.

    • IntrovertedSE

      How’d you feel about that whole Stacey Dash black history month thing?

      • LogicalLeopard

        I thought it was a funny joke that bombed because of the delivery. I think her actually coming out kind of shocked everyone, and took the wind out of the joke. That was such a weird thing. Because really, the joke should have killed. But ironically, it would have been better if he would have just said it was Stacey Dash, and not have her actually come out. Which defeats all comedy logic, I think, because it should have in theory been even funnier with her coming out, but it wasn’t.

  • NO reason to watch…there was no representation for me to watch

    • LogicalLeopard

      You know where you’ll find the best reasons to watch? The small awards. When the sound crews come on stage and they’re thrilled, or the wardrobe people, or the short films. The best moment of the Oscars (which you’ll NEVER see in a recap, probably) was the Best Documentary Short award. It starts out with comedian Louis CK (which you might see in a recap) talking about how the winners of that award are not rich, and they’ll never be rich. As he said, “The winner of this award tonight is driving home in a Honda Civic.” Yet, the films they make are often so profound, educational, and they poured themselves into making it for almost no benefit. Then, when the Pakistani woman who won the award comes on to accept, while they’re rudely playing her out with music, she drops a bombshell – after seeing her documentary, the President of Pakistan is going to change the laws on honor killings.
      But we’re all talking about Leonardo DiCaprio and Chris Rock the next day.

  • RafiqaS

    Nope I’m not it’s too long and drawn out and just boring

  • Allie

    White mediocrity is praised in all sectors not just entertainment

  • Masterpieced

    Can we not have Chris Rock host ever again? He nor Whoopi. I vote for Oprah or Samuel L. Jackson.

    • LogicalLeopard

      I’d like to see Samuel Jackson! *L* He’s perfect, he has a great presence, can do a bit of comedy, but he can keep the show moving. Oprah isn’t bad either, but I’m Team Sam on that one.
      Chris Rock….well, he delivers a great monologue, but sometimes his comedy can be uncomfortable and grating. Now, I realize WHY he does that….because sometimes the best comedians are the ones who can make you feel uncomfortable and have no problem coming down your street and smiling while they do it. But yeah, I want someone a little straighter laced to do the Oscars….

  • bigdede

    I was watching the Flint BlackOut.

  • Latonya Hewitt

    I’m glad that Leonardo DiCaprio finally won an Oscar, but I would have watched the show if there were more minorities with nominations. Our society is filled with so much diversity and the academy awards should have considered that while reviewing their nominated choices.

    • Lambyboo

      Its just a shame that so many actors, may they be White or Black don’t get the Oscar they deserved. Halle Berry deserved so many, Monster’s Ball? Really and Denzel’s should have gotten a slew of Oscars for Glory, definitely Malcom X and countless others. DiCaprio deserved many from Titanic. C’mon.

      • Latonya Hewitt

        For the comment that I made about Leonardo DiCaprio winning an Oscar is not based on race. Let alone, that I am aware that the other nominees deserved better respect from their acting performances regardless of their race. Leonardo’s situation was similar to Meryl Streep’s because she had award nominations every year and did not win. That was reason for the comment made and I am entitled to making it without harassment on social media.

    • Masterpieced

      I don’t think that Dicaprio’s win will have any impact on my life. He will just fine…..

      • Latonya Hewitt

        Like I told my former high school students, you are in control of your own destiny. Nice to hear from you Masterpieced! Continue to stay blessed.

        • Masterpieced

          Keep cheering and being concerned about white men.

  • twatter

    To look on Twitter, you would think the show was as popular as ever.

    twitter is not real life. no matter how much the people on thier want it to be.

  • uniquefashionista

    I tried watching it just to see Chris’ opening monologue. But after I realized that I didn’t see not one of the films that were nominated, I changed the channel. Well, I did see Straight Out Of Compton – but they were only up for screenplay. I did watch the pre-show because I wanted to see what everyone was wearing.

  • PeoplePlease7

    This is good news, may it continue the trend…

  • Lambyboo

    Oscars are a joke from this point on. African Americans should have their own Oscars.

    • norge

      if the current oscars can’t even succeed black oscars will die even sooner.

      • Lambyboo

        I think it could be a cool idea. African Americans are very unique and entertaining and I would watch for sure. As long as the entertainment was on point and the attire was right and some great actors and movies were being rewarded. I absolutely would watch.

        • Masterpieced


        • LogicalLeopard

          Well, we have the Image Awards.

    • bigdede

      Isn’t that what the NAACP awards are about? Isn’t that like the Black Oscars?

      • LogicalLeopard

        Well, they include TV as well, I believe. And maybe music.

  • Pocahontas45

    I didn’t watch it either just DVR it and fast forward toward the good parts just like the grammy’s