Clean Your Mouth Out! A Lesson In Cursing Around Your Kids

February 23, 2016  |  


All of us have done it. Accidentally hit our toe or tripped over something and all of a sudden that infamous curse words comes across our lips before you can stop yourself. Everything in the room stops and then all of a sudden you hear, “Mommy, that’s a baaaaad word!” You want to deny you said it but you know the kids aren’t going to buy it. You’ve been busted for committing the number one Cardinal Sin of being a parent—you cursed in front of your kids.

Just the other day Ciara admitted that son, Future Jr. is a little parrot. “He’s at the stage where he’s repeating everything you say,” the singer told Us Weekly at the Veuve Clicquot Carnaval on Saturday, February 20, in Miami. “I learned that in a funny way the other day. He was like, ‘shoot’ and ‘dang,’ and I was like, ‘What is that?’” But the “I Bet” performer isn’t too concerned. “As long as he’s not saying any of the other words that come behind a ‘D’ and an ’S’!” she joked.

Even the best parents have slipped up and let a bad word out  in a moment of pain of frustration. Many times we try to play it off so not to bring attention to it, but to our kid’s ears those words are like poison, so not only did they hear it but their waiting to see if it’s okay. Being the good parent you are, you reassure them that yes, that is a bad word and Mommy has to be punished.

I’ve been the parent who has slipped up and cursed and then felt so bad because I try to make sure I’m the example for my kids. I can remember one time cursing in front of my oldest child and for a week I would catch him saying the obscenity to himself. It took me a week to get him to stop saying it. I had to do something to make sure that my toddlers understood this was not appropriate language. I remember one time talking to one of my girlfriends and she was shocked that I put so much emphasis on it. In her words she said, “My kids know I curse, they know that I better not hear them curse.” I instantly judged her.

What kind of parent openly curses around their kids but then expects them not to curse? Is that even logical?

This example stuck in my mind as I decided what I was going to do to not only teach my kids but me that cursing is not allowed in this house—even if it’s an accident.

It had to be extreme enough so that my preteen didn’t laugh and that my two toddlers weren’t scared. I thought about acting like my tongue was going to get cut out but that would scare the kids. So I thought about what my mother would do in this situation. I instantly remembered the Dial soap and knew I had a plan. I called all three of my kids to the kitchen and I gave them a lesson that none of us will soon forget. I told them that not only was saying bad words bad/ but it was equally disgusting. So I told them I had to wash my mouth out with soap. They hollered and screamed in disgust as I did it. By the time I got done, the two toddlers were beside themselves shouting, “Ewwww, I’ll never say a bad word!” My 12-year-old was less amused but just shook his head and said, “Mom, it’s not that serious.” My husband peeped his head in with all the commotion we were having and just chuckled at my craziness.

In the end, I proved my point with how disgusting using curse words are to myself and the kids. Now the kids watch me when I hurt myself or am angry and instead of cursing, I simply shut my mouth and just breathe in and out until I can regain my composure. I think I learned my lesson.

Do you curse in front of your kids?

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  • LogicalLeopard

    I don’t curse period, but you know what I learned in the process of that? You learn to express yourself much better. Try it. And don’t even use those half curse words like “shoot” or “dang.” Slam a hammer down on your thumb accidentally, and don’t let anything come out of your mouth other than pure English. You’ll probably say something like, “Ow, that hurts!” Simple right? Descriptive, right to the point.
    So imagine what you’d say if you found out your significant other was cheating on you? Instead of cursing them out, you’d probably find that you had no words really to say. Not to them, at least. That makes letting go a lot easier.

  • curiousk

    I taught at a continuation school, where the students had a hard time talking without lots of f*** and s***. One of the students was helping others practice for on-camera interviews, and they could only go half a sentence without cussing. One of the girls was even told by others that her newborn child didn’t have a chance to learn to talk normally because of her cussing. The principal took a group to an animal park, where the guests ride in buses around the grounds where the animals roam. Before the trip, the principal asked for a separate bus for the kids, away from other family groups, but the staff wouldn’t do that, and as a result the families on the bus complained (and of course the driver did also) and the school is no longer allowed to send kids to that park. I hope that they can change how they speak when it isn’t appropriate, like at work. While in the Army, guys would often speak with every other word being obscene, but most could edit that out when needed.

  • bkabbagej

    I truly don’t understand this article. I was raised by a father and mother that taught us (my siblings and I), that you do as I say…period!!! If we we told NOT to do something, then it was expected that we were NOT DO IT!!! What is this new thing of raising children to not fear their parents or authority? When you’re ready to do as I (the adults) do, then get a job, pay your own rent and do as you please. Children have no respect for authority (teachers, police, their elders and anyone that maybe in position to teach and save their lives), now a days and they (the children) and their parents think that people are going to treat their children with the love and kid gloves their given at home. Really, you have a grown woman washing her mouth out with soap to teach her children the meaning of NO, instead of saying “I don’t want you using that language, so therefore don’t. So if your employer decides to come to work everyday late and advises the employees it is not allowed, the employer should be punished as an employee to set an example. No, it’s not realistic nor acceptable, there are plenty of times where life’s rules are not going to be fair nor balanced but have to be followed. The rules are the rules and children should be taught at home that sometimes, that rule of do as I say, not as I do will be applied and have to be accepted. Our children are suffering because our kid glove approach to raising children.

    • Masterpieced

      I know where you are coming from but our kids already have limited vocabulary. This is a way to help build vocabulary, help them succeed in life and sound more intelligent.

    • Ang

      Well said. I agree wholeheartedly. I don’t agree with parents giving children the impression that they are on the same level as the parents. This woman made herself look foolish washing her mouth out with soap in front of her kids. Who is doing the punishing here? She is seriously mistaken if she thinks she proved to her kids that cruising is dirty by doing this. She’s just setting herself up for her kids to try to get away with things because she does it. I don’t agree with cursing in front of children. However, there are some things that are okay for adults but innapropriate for children.

  • just my opinion

    As long as he doesn’t listen to his s p e r m donor’s music or any other garbage music. He has a great father figure already in his life. I hope Ciara and Russell get marry.

  • just my opinion

    As long as he doesn’t listen to his sperm donor’s music or any other garbage music. She has a great father figure already in his life. I hope they get marry.

  • yoda

    I don’t have kids but I try not to curse in front of other people’s children. That’s why I hate being around a mixed ages crowd and people are saying vulgar things and curse words with children present.