Survey: Can You Guess The Age When You Have The Best Sex Of Your Life?

February 23, 2016  |  


When do we have the best sex of our lives?

Would you say it’s in your 20s? The time when you’re more open to trying different (a.k.a. kinky) things? Or how about your 30s? When you might meet and settle in with that special someone and engage in some passionate lovemaking? Maybe your 40s? Or maybe your groove comes back the strongest in your 50s and 60s?

If you type in any of these decades in Google, there’s a story explaining why that chosen period is the best for sex. But seriously, when does it happen? Give a woman something to look forward to!

Well, research done by the science-based site Happify, surveying people of all these stages in life, found that the best sex happens in your 40s. To be specific, the age of 46. But in one survey, some women said they had the best sex at 26, while men threw out 32. On a sweet and sentimental note, 46 percent of people surveyed said they had the best sex with their current partner–and the age didn’t matter.

Since I’m only in my 20s, I would be lying if I just threw out an age and pretended like I knew what the hell I was talking about. But with that being said, when would you say that you’ve had some of your best sex?

On a side note, in case you were wondering, the survey also found that couples who average sex once a week are the happiest. And they also found that the average American, whatever their relationship status, is having sex two to three times–in a month. If you’re having it even more than that, we’re definitely not mad at you.

But whatever you do, once you get in a relationship and grow older together, keep the sex regular. The survey found that older couples who have a roll in the hay on a regular basis are happier than those who only get it in sporadically.

The more you know…

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  • CDJ

    early 30s……

  • Mrs.J

    I think it comes when you meet a man that really loves you.He will learn what pleases you.

    • Miss K

      Agreed 🙂

  • kim jackson

    I’m in my 40’s and that is the age where you don’t
    care about a dimple extra weight or anything, you
    lose all the crazy thinking. I remember when I was little
    hearing the song fire—– never could understand the song
    until middle age…… he heeeeee!


      Lol 40’s for me!!!! I have said plenty of times that my 40’s have been the best and I must say I have enjoyed them..It was like when I hit 40 someone turned on the sexy spotlight..LOVE it!!!! Now my 20’s is an age where I would not want 2 re-live again if you paid me (except for meeting my hubby). In my 30’s I was more settled and family focused..But the 40’s I came into my own and have been rolling ever since!!!

    • Wellen Dowd79

      I’m now in my mid 30’s and that’s still my jam!

  • MansheFly

    Has to be 35..Just keeps getting better!!

  • C2C

    Hmmm…I guess I would need to have had sex to voice my opinion. *Goes to another post*

    • Mrs.J

      If you’re a virgin why would you come to something about sex?Weird.

      • Guestest1


        • Mrs.J

          Better off watching a Zane movie.

          • CDJ


  • Mrs. A

    Definetly 40’s for me.. You feel so confident at the stage in life.