Is Facebook fracturing marriages?

July 16, 2011  |  

According to Bloomberg News, the overall divorce rate in the U.S. has declined over the past 20 years, but there seems to be an increase of divorcees who are aged 50 and over. And you won’t believe who’s to blame – Facebook.

Aside from the normal variety of causes, such as empty nests and midlife crises, baby boomers are now dealing with an altered technological landscape that allows them to reconnect with a long-lost love, leading to “accidental affairs”. More than 80 percent of divorce attorneys recently surveyed by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers said that in the past few years they have witnessed “an increase in the number of divorce cases using social networking evidence.”

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Do you think social networking sites are bad for spouses?

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  • love

    there is no such thing as trusting someone who you are not sure can be trusted cause you can't put anything past anyone….knowing that fact alone contradicts the area of trust. i occasionally check up on my hubby cause he let me know that he wasn't smart enough to know certain things are not supposed to be apart of a honest marriage and he let that whole notion of trust be a non factor. he screwed that one up. so now i second guess him. the main issue with social networking is the fact that temptation is evident with just a click away….you can talk to an ex or hook up with a hot person who just friend requested you. it seem innocent in the moment until it because something else. that's what we all think. it won't happen to us, until it does. no, you don't solely blame fb or other social networking sites, but you can partly blame them. you also blame the idiots who don't know how to exercise right from wrong when things may take a turn for what could be a bad situation.

  • nursedred

    I’m jealous and insecure. These are character flaws my husband was well aware of before we got married.

  • WhenAWomansFeduP

    Checking the pokets of your husband? Really? Him going through your panty drawer? ( I know you were exaggerating but still, him going through your phone etc , same thing!) You don't have to have BLIND trust, you should be able to ask for reassurance or give reassurance when one or the both of you needs it… but you are supposed to be their wife, not parole officer.. if you treat a person like they are guilty long enough they may very well end up figuring out being a good man isnt worth it because they still get treated like they are suspect.

  • pookieandrayray

    If you break up over something on FB then I think your relationship probably wasn't strong in the first place… # IJS

  • Rosanna

    It's very easy to take the responsibility off the person and blame Facebook. But, I don't buy it. No one forces these people to write messages back and forth to exes and people they know they shouldn't. No one forces them to say things that may be inappropriate to say. No one forces them to plan places to meet. You can blame Facebook. Or, you can blame the person. I blame the person.

  • Jesse

    People don’t have accidental affairs. They know what they’re getting into. People have been using networking sites just to hook up and meet people. If that’s what you want go for it. But that’s you. Not fb. Don’t blame fb for what people do.

  • Truth Hurts

    Overall, I’ll say that Facebook has the potential to make and break relationships but the key factors are communication and trusting your partner. Facebook was originally designed for college networking, young/ typically single students who wanted to get to know other students. Unfortunately, no one knew at the time Facebook would become a world wide social network to 750+ million users and still growing. As a Facebook user since early 2005 I must say that I’ve experienced the single flirting life, the networking (on-campus organizations, club meetings, parties, etc.) and the relationship side of Facebook. However, it was through flirting on Facebook with a long distance friend in late 2005 that led us to being together in 2006 and we are still together. Facebook can be a gift and curse all in one session, however communication and trust has to be clear in order for any relationship to have meaning and longevity. I’m a firm believer that if any man/woman wants to cheat they’ll find a way, with or without Facebook.

  • Kayla

    Nothing wrong with social networks. it's the idiots that are on social networks. FB has alot of uses, just because alot of people find that as a window of opportunity to hook up with old flames, doesn't mean FB is at fault. If these people are looking for these other people then they are to blame in the first place. Fb is ni general a good way to keep in contact with friends/family..

  • If you don't trust them in the first place, I don't see a point in you being their friend or whatever on social networks like Facebook because all you're going to do is snoop on their page every chance you get. Also, people are going to cheat whenever and with whomever they want to. So trust is a big thing. Don't try and find small things to bicker about that you saw on their page or something. That's just stupid.

  • Tia

    cheating is not rocket science! it's very easy to do and some women do not care if a guy has a girlfriend/wife. i was very secure with my x and all of his 800 facebook friends. but when it got out of hand i was stamped with being insecure which doesn't make sense, since he was cheating right in front of my face. to simply put it can you TRUST your mate enough to be blind sided? what happened if he gives you an STD or even HIV? or even worse gets someone else pregnant? but you trusted him?

  • Cici & Coco -The Besties

    Well its good to know u can still get it on when.. Ur that old. Shame on u ppl. Social networks are the worst for relationships no matter what age group.. Ppl get in ur business.. I deactivated my facebook. My bf barely uses his since he works a lot. (thank goodness).

    • sugar/spice

      Yea girl I don't have a facebook because i've seen it break a couple up.