Join The #PrettyLipsPeriod Challenge To Support This Model Who Was Shamed On MAC’s Instagram

February 19, 2016  |  

Royal romance at @ohnetitelny #AW16. #MACBackstage #NYFW

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Yesterday MAC posted the image above of a model backstage during New York Fashion week that wasn’t unlike any other image the cosmetic’s brand would upload to their Instagram page. Except of course this model is Black and has the type of full Black lips that racists live to poke fun at during bouts of ignorant bliss, and that’s pretty much the best way to describe some of the commentary that ensued when the image went live.

From labeling the beautiful pout on the 19-year-old model Maryse Kye “fish lips,” n-gger lips,” and likening her to Jay Z, there was no shortage of negativity, particularly when it comes to this sad musing from one commenter: “Black women will never be as beautiful as white women. The only argument Blacks have is they have more melanin like that matters Yes white women can get injections and when they do, they are basically flawless. You don’t have anything over them anymore and thats why you get so pissed off, keep lying to yourselves thinking yalls dark a–es look better…”

Yeah Okay.

Though most of us have the good sense not to pay these remarks any mind, if you’re a Black girl whose lips have ever been the subject of taunts at school or even in your own household, seeing these types of comments can cause a relapse along the never-ending journey for self-acceptance. Even Kye admitted she began to feel embarrassed as she read the criticisms hurled at her, which she shared in a post on Instagram.

In an effort to raise Kye’s spirits and the spirits of Black women around the world who know the pain she’s experienced, Facebook community Pretty.Period. is calling for Black women to upload photos of themselves in their favorite lip shade to Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #PrettyLipsPeriod and shut down all that nonsense going on on MAC’s timeline. Check out the details of the social media challenge below. Will you join the movement?

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    All these failed Kylie Jenner lip challengers need to stop showing their envy. These women are jealous ,spiteful and disgusting with their non-existing lips.

  • TomCat

    I don’t get it. Her lips are nice.

  • whododatlikedat

    Aamito Stacie Lagum. Africa’s next top Model winner. Not Kye.

  • caligirl

    it’s the cognitive dissonance at work.

    anyway, i love MAC. i wonder what color she’s wearing…? pretty!

  • Masterpieced

    I love it how she thanks us strangers for the support. WE GOT YOUR BABCK, BEAUTIFUL SIS! How, you keep doing us proud!

  • Masterpieced

    Now if only more sisters would drop the weaves and love their natural hair.

    • Emily

      But I don’t think weaves are that big of a deal. This black community spends a lot of time kind of shaming black women on their TEMPORARY HAIRSTYLES while giving everyone else a pass. YES.. we have a LOT of POWER in our NATURAL HAIR. Makes these fools shiver in their boots when rock our crowns (the bigger, the more they shake), but we make light of the DECADES of plastic surgery and injections their women have engaged and CONTINUE to engage in QUITE obviously while making TOO MUCH of Black women wanting to give her hair a rest every now and then, or going for a TEMPORARY look for a couple of months at a time. THIS hypercritical reaction towards BW exemplifies how we are taught to ONLY SCOLD BLACK WOMEN and be charitable to EVERYONE ELSE. We SCOLD black women’s hair, but give props or pretend to not see the over processed white female ” ’cause we not supposed to speak about Miss Mary”. WE COULD FOCUS ON THE MURDERS, SEXUAL EXPLOITATION and OVER INCARCERATION RATES OF OUR BLACK WOMEN AND GIRLS OR THE FACT THAT OUR COMMUNITIES ARE UNSAFE TO WALK IN PEACE yet we focus almost all of our reparative shame on black womanhood, whenever possible.

      Will we ever turn an eye to the life and death choices our males are making as opposed to the choice our black women are making with their hair? Can we shame THEM (for once) instead of simply mourning their victims? HAIR cannot be what this community continues to distract themselves with as we lift ourselves out of this system. (sidebar: I’ve been natural for 15 years).

      WE have more power than we think… we’re just directing it in ALL the wrong places.

      PS: I get what you’re saying and your intention behind it (so beautifully pure and good) because it’s such a powerful thing when black women roam this country with their natural hair. I get that. Sadly, it is also threatening and can determine whether you get that job or not (I could tell you horror stories – which is why I am now my own boss), but having control over our person, just as black men have the power to wear a belt or not while exposing their boxers to the world, is also an expression of our freedom. We were blessed enough for our ancestors to survive this system so we might live, so WHY would we oppress each other in the most targeted of ways. A black woman’s hair, clothing, make up (or lack thereof), body, cultivation of the educated mind and spirit, is where she expresses her freedom of choice. Her hair, her body…is her freedom. I think we should try to support that… as long as we can also combat the level of self-hating (often regional) regarding “hair-grade”, an often used weapon wielded amongst each other.

    • KEMET

      I agree the straight hair/blond hair/colored contacts/contouring needs the bin. You can’t condone someone for trying to look another race when you’re doing the same. This is coming from a Black woman. We give too much money to the koreans and the producers of these extensions, we could use these monies for other resources. I gave my hair a break by braiding it or twisting it in singles (all without extensions/kanekalon). If Black women insist on wearing weaves then at least wear weave that reflects your natural texture, afro texture weave, kinky coily hair. The straight blonde (or any other color straight hair) does not, have never and will never illuminate Black beauty, just looks as off as a white woman in a big black afro. Ever seen non-Black women in bow braids? You can clearly see how wrong it looks, the same applies when reversed. Sorry I don’t mean no ill intent to you it’s just my beautiful Black sisters keep feeding excuses and I don’t know why. Woman to woman I think this is something that should be dealt with and not downplayed as unimportant as it actually has a very significant in how we see our selves and how our children see themselves especially our young girls. You can convince a child to love their natural features while sporting unnatural features yourself, children as what they see not necessarily as told. Not saying that ”whatever” is because of Black women but we need to address certain issues ourselves.

  • Thatregulargirl

    I hope black women keep in mind that Mac Cosmetics that wanted to appeal to their dark skin black female with full lips demographic, something that black women have been advocating for in the fashion world. Don’t punish Mac for stepping up, encourage them by spending money. If you boycott ( like I’m hearing) then the white racist ran you off, and Mac wasted their time appealing to dark skin black women with full lips.

  • The Truth

    People are ways making fun of something that they are trying and paying to get…..and what’s amazing…THIS IS natural…no sillycone, no Botox, no Implants…ALL Natural, honey….EAT YOUR HEARTS OUT!

  • Heidi Embrey

    Thanks for deleting the post I just spent a half an hour writing “MadameNoire” Can’t handle the truth sister?

    • Emily

      … and here we go with the “I am a victim”. I thought you all were SO STRONG. Please take some responsibility for yourself. No one here is trained to coddle you, “sister”. Like anyone who takes a good amount of time to a write a comment, you “copy” before pressing “post”. If you weren’t used to having people cater to you, you wouldn’t be too lazy to then make the necessary adjustments to your original, copied, post so that it would be more likely to stay up with a repost..

      Again, lol… your lot using the word “truth”.

  • Heidi Embrey

    I have tiny lips and people make fun of those too. Who cares.

    • Emily

      … and here it is folks.

      • Guest

        I like you. Keep it up girl. Take no prisoners.

    • SANDRA

      Really? Who makes fun of them ( black or white or other ) ? Thanks

    • Guest

      Then why are here trolling if you don’t care!?!? That makes no sense.

  • Masterpieced

    If only our stars would marry sisters who look like this. We can preach to the choir on here all day, but when our star brothers pass her and the Brazilian Salsa queen by for Nicole Brown Simpson and the Kardashians, THAT speaks volumes.

  • Masterpieced

    Do it now sisters!

  • nicky

    I STOPPED PATRONIZING MAC sometime ago because they like blacks as consumers but treat us….badly at their counters (just my experience)… her lips are beautiful. Only when white people except it then it becomes beautiful. they seem to love are culture but hate us… SMH

    • Emily

      ‘Tis so true, but thankfully it was MAC who posted the pic, not the antagonistic comments.

      What we end up asking American whites to do when we ask them to simply acknowledge our humanity is relinquish their power; a power so VITAL to white supremacy, that it would actually be crazy for them to do so given how fragile their egos are. White womanhood is the daily, micro fuel that powers American white supremacy… and the only one’s who, en masse, don’t really subscribe to the supremacy of white womanhood, in AMERICA, are black WOMEN… therefore black women (and girls) have a bullseye on them that is taken advantage of daily. Every success and positive trait of black womanhood, must shamed, erased and mocked all while black womanhood must also carry the burden of the failures of its males and the country.

      We are our only advocates, while we advocate for those who hate us. It’s up to us to continue the pride in who we are because it is specifically the women who carry the culture. The women who will keep the beauty of our men and women from being erased and maligned.

  • Emily

    My lips (AND SKIN TONE) are EXACTLY like those above and I literally had to stop wearing lipstick for YEARS because I was getting waaaaay too much attention from EVERY type of man in New York City. I used to get proposed to walking anywhere from the upper east side and upper west side down to wall street wearing corporate or baggy, so yeah… I remember a guy crossed and extremely busy 72nd st. and Broadway (a wide, busy nyc intersection) with 3 dozen roses, walk up to me with compliments, especially about my lips…I went on the train and gave the flowers to my parents.
    I’ve NEVER had a problem FROM MEN of any persuasion re: my lips… white and non-black chicks (who aren’t Asian), however, HELL YEAH. I just laugh, though… ’cause the envy is real, but they are CERTAIN they are winning because our men are constantly telling them so. What to do?

    I wouldn’t even give them the attention or this power. If we start complaining about this and “asking for acceptance”… they win. It’ll be just another thing we hand over to them to control. I mean… lol. Like, I look at their features sometimes, when they’re being arrogant, and I just shake my head. I would never want not ONE trait on their person and they KNOW that to be true of Black women, especially, therefore they fear us… a fear that manifests itself through hate. Their problem, not ours.

    • Maria Bates

      I love that. “Their problem, not ours.” You are so right. We’ve got it all, and it’s natural. We are born this way. Isn’t it wonderful?! Go Black Women! Keep on, keeping on. We rule.

  • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

    Just by them “wasting” money to imitate us, (because face it, they can’t and never will be able to) that alone is enough to boost my confidence in my features and self esteem. #Wealwayswin!

  • IanMC

    I think this is mostly envy. White people want black features on them but don’t want to deal with the consequences of being black. Tanning, lip injection, sillicon butt and boobs, it’s unfortunate that people do all these artificial things to look more like another race of people and yet they keep on hating them. Go figure.

    • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

      Hell, now they are even doing YT tutorials on how to make their hair look like an afro!

    • MU


  • MocaPretty

    This is laughable in a sense that white people have to constantly compare themselves to us. I honestly think they have to convince themselves bc clearly they have self conscience issues. We have seen white women get lip injections, botox, butt injections, even try to curl their hair to get the look that most of us naturally have. I take no offense to this bc I can honestly laugh at the ignorance of some ppl. We all know that Hurt People like to hurt people…white ppl have been hurt for yearssssssssssssss get over it we will not change not that we could anyway…we woke up like this *black fist*

  • Jane

    Shout out to Dr. Yaba Blay for being at the forefront of the Pretty Period movement. Her website (Pretty Period) is awe inspiring with many pics of beautiful black women from all walks of life and from all over the globe. Check out and you will be overwhelmed by the beauty of black women.

    • Guest

      I love the website. Very beautiful and inspiring.

    • Mell

      Thank you for the link! This website is awesome 😉

  • “….Yes white women can get injections and when they do, they are basically flawless.” Uhhh, no they are not. Y’all must dont know about Donatella Versace, Jocelyn Wildenstein, Heidi Montag, and Big Ang (RIP).

    “The only argument Blacks have is they have more melanin like that matters”…It does. Melanin has a lot of advantages, including keeping us looking 25 at 42.

    • Lena

      Melanin is the reason why we have more rhythm. We hear sound better. It’s a reason our food tastes better. We taste more. Apparently we also see FULL colour

      • JustSaying

        I don’t know why people use melanin as a reason we can do all of these supernatural things. Melanin is what protects ius MORE from the sun’s ultraviolet rays and why, as it was stated previously, we have a tendency to look younger. Point blank period. There is no melanin in the eyes, ears, tongue and all its respective assorted parts. Only in the skin.

        • Mandii

          Stop knocking down Black positive energy and watch Dr. Laila Afrika, Phil Valentine Bobby Hemmit, Rhichard King (wrote an entire book on it) and Jewel Pokum – black scholars who let us know everyone is studying us and melanin in particular. Scientists around the world holding conferences on melanin. We have natural magic that you have not yet discovered.

  • tala

    why are people calling this ignorance? the people making these nasty comments about her lips are NOT ignorant, they are just assholes! ignorance is when you don’t understand something or chose not to research it, assholes know what they do and do it with pleasure.

    • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

      They are ignorant to the fact of how stupid they sound and to the fact that no matter how much money they spend, they will never look like us.

  • kierah

    Really…hating on a chick that just walked in NYFW while their basic butts sit hunched over Instagram? Who’s winning? Maryse.

  • yoda

    White people pay for lips like this. Smh. Those racists have nothing else to do.

  • IntrovertedSE

    The hate we get is unreal. That’s why I think we are the most resilient.

    • Emily

      Yet they create all these movies and television shows that turn white chicks in WARRIOR, and I’m like… they beyotches are the most fragile, a-holes out there, but want to pretend that they have the experiences to create the strength and resilience of women, non-white women, while at the same time trying to out warrior us? Yeah… fantasy.

      • Heidi Embrey

        You are as much a racist as anyone who made a racist comment about that woman’s beautiful lips. You all disgust me.

        • Emily

          Nothing that comes out of AMERICAN (specifically) white non-existent lips or thought patterns EVER has anything to do with TRUTH, Heidster. THAT is what is disgusting… and “WAH”… let me get my tissues cause a racist said I’m racist. Like you are the most COWARDLY of cowardly… and the biggest liars to walk to the earth.

          That’s how you all win. You deal with nations/people that have dignity and scruples then you choose to lie, and then take advantage while demanding they follow every rule to the tee. This is your fragile “culture” – an unscrupulous, demonic, obsessed with death and carnage, lying culture that cannot go a day without subjugating others in order to lift yourselves up. That’s not dominance, that’s evil… and evil doesn’t get to tell black people on this page that they are not allowed to speak their truth about your peers’ lies and active antagonizing DAILY.

          Your folks are all about propaganda, meant to prop up your evil culture so your lies, your house of sand, that keeps your fragile self-confidence up is never washed away by the waves of truth and reality…

          I’m black, I don’t pretend the world is something else so that I can live in ignorance and absolve myself of the realities of this American system… I see it for what it is. You, can keep dreaming… lol, “racist”.

          • caligirl


          • Transbutter

            Guuurrhh!! Gurrlll! This all day!

  • Allie

    And for this reason is why I don’t like the Kylie Jenner hype. We get verbally abused because of our natural features. But that young thot gets endorsements for trying to look black. Gtfoh . my plump lips and wide hips and black skin will always be beautifof support this model….and ughhhh I can’t stand white people

  • Stacy C

    GOSH! The Ignorance, but we pay sucker idiots no mind. Hiding behind the computer with this mess

  • Paradise_Breeze

    Beautiful girl and lip color. If only people realized how ugly ignorance was.

  • sasha

    She’s gorgeous and the pic is lovely. I love how MAC is unafraid to feature black beauty. They have had products for us long before it became cool or even politically correct to nod towards diversity in beauty products.

    Haters are going to hate. They know that her lips are beautiful, they just can’t HANDLE it. #colonizedmind

    • Masterpieced

      It is not a compliment that they had colors for us. It is MONEY!

  • hi-liter

    Those comments gotta be coming from kids and back woods characters. Because we know the real whyte women in the know really know what it is and want those beautiful juicy arse lips that pay good money too get them. Hey Kylie.

    • Emily

      We also know that they lie for breakfast lunch and dinner. Given the way they behave, they would definitely try to convince the world that up is down and left is right when they’re feeling threatened about their shaky “beauty” currency. That’s how “they do.”

  • Lex

    I saw this on IG yesterday…what a shame..anyway visit this girl’s IG if you have one..she is STUNNING!!