15 Things A Bride Wants You To Know On Her Wedding Day

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If you’re going to a good friend’s wedding, you’ll be tempted to treat the day like business as usual. You’ll want to hug her and talk to her the way you normally would over mimosas at your regular Sunday brunch. But it is not business as usual. She is the star today and you are an audience member; act accordingly.

Okay, maybe your friend doesn’t have a mentality quite that diva, but there are some things that you need to know to make her day easier (or to at least not make it worse). You may have had your own struggles to be at this wedding, but nobody—and I mean nobody—has gone through what the bride has gone through to make this wedding happen. Being a bride is like being the producer and the main actor in a movie. Stressful! Here are 15 things a bride wants you to know on her wedding day.

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She’s hungry

She’s been dieting to look good in this dress. For goodness sake, do not bring your plate full of blue cheese stuffed mushrooms and pigs in a blanket into her changing room to wish her quick good luck before she goes down the aisle. That’s cruel.

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Don’t make her cry

You might have touching words you’d like to share with her. Save them for after the ceremony when she’s already cried. If you tell her all she means to you before she walks down the isle, you’ll mess up her makeup. And that makeup job was $140.


Your problems can wait

Oh, your landlord raised your rent? Your boyfriend has been distant lately? You’re not sure you’re satisfied in your career? This is not the time to bring that up! As far as the bride is concerned, you don’t have a care in the world; you are fully mentally present at this wedding.


Don’t ask her futile questions

Do not text or call the bride to ask for directions, or where the best place to park is, or whether or not there will be air conditioning in the church. Text anybody else at that wedding. Anybody at all. Use Google!


She’s trying to please everybody

If you think it was inconsiderate of the bride to not pick dinner chairs with better back support, just know that she had to take so many people’s needs into consideration when planning this wedding. This day has not been about her at all so far. So bring your damn back support pillow and keep quiet.

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Don’t be picky about food

This is not a restaurant; this is a wedding. The bride’s family already spent a fortune on the three food choices; the steak, the fish and the vegetable dish. If you are a vegan, toss some power bars in your purse or wipe the cheese off your pasta because this dinner isn’t about your culinary satisfaction.


She has hundreds of people to talk to

As much as she wants to talk to you for a half hour, she realistically can talk to you for about five to seven minutes. If she exceeds that time limit, she won’t get to talk to everybody, and some people will feel left out. On that note, do not tell her, “I feel like I barely got to see you tonight!” That is how she feels about everybody there.


She barely gets to pee

Between greeting everybody, being on call for toasts and first dances, and being crammed into a girdle, she barely gets to pee. If you see her on the way to the bathroom, do not side track her with small talk. Kick people out of the stall and help the poor woman out of her dress.


She didn’t sleep last night

If she looks out of it, delusional or loopy, she is; she didn’t sleep last night. Nobody sleeps the night before their wedding. She got zero sleep the night before the most exhausting day of her life.


Don’t get blackout drunk

She would like you to remember this day that her family spent tens of thousands of dollars on. So do not abuse the open bar and get black out drunk.

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Please dance!

It’s so awkward when the DJ calls everybody to the dance floor and nobody goes. It’s also sad for the bride; it makes her feel like people aren’t having a good time. She wanted to provide a party for you, so dance!

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Get along with everyone

It doesn’t matter if your meanest ex-boyfriend is here or the snobbiest coworker. You will smile and be nice today. You will get along with the three people there you can’t stand. Because you better believe the bride is tolerating dozens of family members there that she doesn’t like.

Wedding costs/money

She promises she spent more

You might be resentful over the $150 you had to spend on the hotel room to be here, and the $15 cab ride from the hotel, and the $100 on the gift and the $70 on the dress. That pales in comparison to what the bride spent to make this happen. Look at it this way: you spend around $250 to attend an event that tens of thousands was spent on.


She can’t get that drunk

Stop offering her shots. Stop asking her why she doesn’t have a drink in her hand. Stop asking, “When are we going to have a drink together??” Everybody is asking her that, and she is trying her best not to get too drunk so she can remember this day.


She is so happy you are there

Aside from all of the other things she wants you to know, she wants you to know that she is truly touched that you are there. Her heart melted when she saw your face. You are a very important part of this day and she’ll always remember that you attended. Now give her your leftover mashed potatoes because there were none left by the time she finished taking photos!

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