New Ads Claiming Milk Can Save Men From PMS Catch Heat

July 15, 2011  |  

Am I the only one who thinks most attempts to poke fun at PMS isn’t very humorous? And it’s not cause I don’t have a sense of humor or I’m sensitive about that time of the month. Not at all. More so because most jokes about PMS always come off with women looking like big, angry, pre-menstrating Godzillas, and men as our helpless, fiercely misunderstood boyfriends. For a big example of this, check out the new ad campaign by the California Milk Processor Board, known for their once very popular “Got Milk?” campaigns.

In an article by the New York Times, according to Steve James, executive director of the milk board, the new “Everything I Do is Wrong” campaign is aimed at showing that PMS is something that “the sexes struggle with together.” How do they do this? By addressing women through men. At the bottom of the ads in bold letters says the words “Milk Can Help Reduce the Symptoms of PMS” (some experts are saying this is true). But at the top of the ads are men, grown men, appearing very thirsty to get their women milk as phrases above their heads say things like: “I’m sorry I listened to what you said and not what you meant,” “We can both blame myself,” and “I apologize for not reading between the right lines,” just to name a few.

The attention that the ad has garnered will definitely help it in the long run, but in the mean time, a number of women aren’t laughing. The fact that a woman having PMS is made to look like she’s putting her man in a dangerous situation has some ladies seeing red. On Forbes‘ blog, writer “Girl Friday” called the ads and the advertisers who created them sexist, and one commenter on a post about the ad for the Los Angeles Times so eloquently yet sarcastically ranted:

“‘OH WOMEN they so MEAN and EMOTIONAL! Am I right?’ EAT A D**K, milk people!”

Yikes! I don’t know about all that, but do you think the ads succeed at trying to be funny? Or are they disrespectful and sexist?

To see all seven ads, check out

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  • madonnaC

    I agree with you SisterSarah. Dealing with monthly PMS periods is really for ladies specially for those who suffers so much from it and it's very uncomfortable for them and this new advertising campaign from the California Milk Processor Board just made some individuals more uncomfortable according to Yahoo! News. The debatable ad campaign – which has been called both prejudiced and scientifically dubious – suggests men should go out and buy PMS females as much milk as possible before the start of domestic Armageddon. The ads have most likely cost large <a title="Personal Loans up to $1500" href="">personal loans to get going.

  • SisterSarah

    The ad fails because it doesn't know who its target is. The mention of PMS at the bottom would seem to be women, but it's using frat boy, college-type humor to make its point. That type of humor doesn't appeal to women. And women certainly aren't going to respond to an ad where they feel they are being made fun of. That only works on men.

    I also believe the woman who turns into godzilla during PMS is largely a myth. It may happen to some, but certainly not most as our society could not function if it did. Most PMS symptoms are of the physical nature: backaches, headaches, bloating–that sort of thing. The woman who'll rip your head off just by looking at her is an exaggeration. Men use this to put women down, women use it to justify bad behavior.

  • Ingrid

    This ad is truly disrespectful. To laugh at a condition that seriously plagues a lot of women is certainly not funny.

  • Not today

    There's nothing funny about PMS symptoms or menopause symptoms either. We women catch hell from the time we begin to ovulate to giving birth to the end of ovulation.

  • these are hillarious and true i'm not going to lie, yesterday i got in a argument with my boyfriend because he took my words the wrong way and didn't see what i meant lol and i had a lot milk yesterday and today the my first day of my period and for the first time i had no cramps and now that i read this article I put 2 and 2 together and its true milk helps cramps

  • Kayla

    So tell me all the commercials you see with the woman treating her foolish idiot husband like a child. Men are always potrayed as a doofus, and helpless until his all-knowing wife comes to help. Those are also considered sexist too. No one had a problem with those ads/commercials at all………

    • Not today

      I agree with you; I don't like those commercials either.

  • DJ1969

    I'm sorry but I think this PMS campaign is hysterically funny! Come on, lighten up. We all know that some women can be evil, godzilla's during that time of the month and some poor men don't know what the hell to do during that time.

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  • Lydia

    Ain't funny worth a d_mn. Very sexist and disrespectful. Good job of making women want to boycott milk. I know what it is women rival men in money, power and respect so men with powere are trying to grab at straws and make us seem less competent by making us look as if we are erratic and irrational. F_ck boys club, no boys allowed b_llsh*t. They can't hold us down and need to make room because we are going to keep coming regardless. That goes for women and "minorities" fellas

  • JustMe

    …Idk if it's funny…lol…I guess it depends on the time of the month….lol…but I don't think it's sexist.

  • Ms Peach

    well if I didnt read about all the hoopla I wouldnt know what they were trying to say. The ads have too much wording for me to ever have been able to get it on the spot like driving past glancing at a billboard so for me thats the main thing wrong with the ad. Its just trying to poke fun but it does get a message across that I didnt know as a woman who often has PMS…that milk reduces the symptoms….I'll try it and see…so I guess while the ad doesnt work the hoopla around it does so in the end they succeeded

  • Josie

    ohhh please here we go with the overly sensitive ppl who just cant seem to take a joke. im a woman and though im pregnant right now and not getting my period, Lord knows i turned into godzilla when my time of the month swung around. sometimes i didnt even realize that my hormones had me blowing certain situations completely out of control until i say back and thought like "damn… i was really pms'in…" i think the ads are hilarious and its a coping mechanism. men will NEVER know how we feel on our periods and they cant even hope to understand. all they can do is speculate. some of us girls, we gotta admit, there are times when we have ripped ppl brand new a**holes just bc we've had a few extra hormones raging through our bodies. if we all took a little more time to laugh at ourselves, things like this wouldn't even be an issue. im all for the ppl who dont find the ads funny bc everyone doesnt have the same sense of humor. but sexist? oh please. like those commercials that make it seem like a man cant buy a simple household product or change a pamper arent just as sexist. smh GET OVER YOURSELVES AND LAUGH A LITTLE

    • Randomthought

      Thank you! Sometimes I think women forget that their hormones take over and cause them to behave unlike their regular selves and Everybody gets caught in the crossfire, not just men. The ads are a tongue in the cheek of what people have been saying for years–get a grip and enjoy the joke–if not, keep it moving. No harm no foul.

      • Random Thought

        I don't disregard the opinions of people who take offense, all I meant was don't get all upset about an ad campaign that was supposed to be a joke–when it's all said and done who is gonna not buy milk bc of it?

    • jserenity27

      Some women can laugh at it, some can't. It is what it is. But don't discount the opinions of those who take offense to it because they do have a valid reason for not liking it.

  • Jaye

    Creative, no doubt. But absolutely ridiculous. Yes, advertising does often seek to help you address your "flaws" to convince you to buy a product, but not in this way. They basically just alienated half of their audience.

  • Reese

    I really don’t are where the two things are at all related…. What does milk and men have to do with a womans PMS? It probably would be funny if it made some sense!

  • Just_Kammie

    Yeah…..they're just not funny.