Should My Ten Year High School Reunion Be Kid Friendly?

February 4, 2016  |  


My ten-year high school reunion will be going down this summer. And even though I’ve known it was on the horizon since…I graduated, I can’t say I’ve been actively considered whether or not I should go or skip it entirely. High school was a blur for me. I really remember very little actually, with the exception of working for the school newspaper, my awesome English teachers, ki-ki-ing, plotting and planning with my best friend, attending epic basketball games and the girls on my volleyball team who I loved and still love.

But everything else was very meh.

I remember wanting, needing, yearning to graduate so I could leave behind my hometown and a lot of the small-minded, intolerant people who lived there. I was ret to go! But now that I’ve lived away from home for going on six years, I relish the times I get to go back…for a week or two. Home is, **Cliche alert** where the heart is.

Anyway, now that the reunion is upon us, there is a bit of a discussion about what people want it to be. Some are calling for it to be live. Some are calling for it to be lit. And others are calling for it to be family friendly. For those of you who are unsure what family friendly means, they want to go to a location that is acceptable for children and they don’t want alcohol to be served.

As I said, it’s been ten years, so naturally people have had children since we graduated. And that’s fine. But–and maybe this is just because I don’t have children of my own– I do not want to be bothered with anybody’s children running around our reunion. I don’t drink so the alcohol thing is not personally a big deal to me; but I know quite a few people who enjoy a little imbibe every once in a while. And as the consistently sober one, it’s quite funny to watch people in various states of inebriation.

What some of my fellow classmates are proposing sounds like a glorified play date for all of the Baby Mamas of the class of 2006. And that just sounds…boring. I actually really enjoy children but not when they’re attending an event where adult conversations are being had and they are not the primary focus.

I know everyone’s financial situation is different. And I know some people loathe being away from their children, but I can’t understand why, with several years’ notice, people can’t seem to find a babysitter for one night.

Part of me feels like I shouldn’t go whether they allow children there or not. While some treasured relationships have gone by the wayside, Facebook allows me to keep in touch with virtually everyone I I care to keep in touch with… and secretly stalk. I’m sure there would be a surprise or two; but for the most part, I fear that I would merely run into the people I have no desire to see, people who will remind me why I was so anxious to leave my hometown in the first place.

But there’s that tiny, but loudly crying voice that wants to see how some people have turned out. That voice is very shallow and a bit mean. She wants to know who aged poorly. Who did and didn’t mature? Who’s in jail? Who’s a lesbian now? And who did something interesting with their life, something beyond the marriages and children Facebook seems to tell me about all the time. Not that that isn’t an accomplishment too… albeit a rather common one. I told you the voice was a tad mean.

The voice also wants people to know that I’ve done well too.

And I would love to have these conversations, just not with a toddler interrupting it or a 10-year-old sitting sulkingly in the corner wondering why his parents, brought him to this event with all these old people.

What do you think, am I tripping or should high school reunions be reserved for the people who have already graduated high school?

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  • sunni_daze

    No. A class reuinion is no place for kids. In most cases they are not cook-outs.

  • themeowster

    Who the hell would wanna go to their high school reunion with their kids unless they wanna show them off? Did the majority of your classmates have kids already?

    Geez what a mess. I wouldn’t go if it turned into a McDonald’s playdate sorta thing. The real fun in reunions is to get drunk and tell everyone how you really felt about them in the 11th grade lol

  • hellz to the naw.. and Im a mom.

  • June Straight

    Most class reunions have a family portion and an adult portion. I’ve never heard of one that doesn’t have both options

  • Raze

    Short answer: no.
    Long answer: If I have to go to these reunions, I just want to look at people, laugh, enjoy myself and see who gets drunk first.
    I don’t need kids running around the gym or the wherever they plan to hold these reunions.
    Also, it’s one night. If these people can afford to spend money on babysitters on every other occasion, then they can spend the cash on this date as well.
    So no.

    • Lentina

      I co sign this

  • Rochelle

    Wow. I had mine in 09 and no one had kids. Half were married though. Most did not bring their spouse but they could have. But then again I did not go to a black school so that might explain why everyone was married without children. Mostly Jewish and Asian school.

  • NC

    Nope, not wrong. I didn’t go to my 10 year reunion because they decided to include kids. Honestly, I don’t want to meet your kids and they couldn’t care less about meeting me either. It is a CLASS reunion, not a FAMILY reunion. What fun is it if you can’t enjoy a drink and/or curse word or two without having to worry about kids. Stay out of grown folks’ business.

  • RafiqaS

    Class of 2006 Whoop Whoop. Not sure if my small class of 36 will even be having anything or not but if we do I would say it just needs to be the graduating class minus the children. I’m sure anyone who has become parents can afford pay a baby sitter for one night. Reunions are about reminiscing and catching up with old classmates and that can be distracted with a lot of children running around.

  • LogicalLeopard

    Well, obviously, people should be able to do what they want with their reunions, if they all agree to it. Best case scenario would be to have a situation where you have a reunion weekend, with maybe a picnic for the families, and an adult gathering later. My personal view is that reunion is about the students not the kids, but that’s my view.
    As for the author going to her reunion, when she said that she was on the fence as to whether she should go, kids or not, I think that’s her answer right there. Dont’ go. There’s no reason for you to, and there’s no obligation.
    Me personally, my 20th reunion is this year. I didn’t go to the 10th, and I have no desire to go to this one. I have a best friend from high school that I still keep in touch with, and I have really no desire to see anyone else. I was thinking about what I was going to do, but I thank this author for writing this article, because now I really know there’s no reason to go.

  • yoda

    If your classmates have a ten year old, they started having kids early. Lol. One year my mom had a class reunion and it was at a park and I got to go with her. This year, it’ll be something more adult and not child friendly.

    I think a reunion should not include children. If people are in their feelings about that, they do not have to come. If they want to have a baby mamas of ’06 class reunion play date, they can do that on their own time!

  • Thomas Bernard

    0000006! I graduated the same year. My class’ reunion is this fall. It’s a week long affair with events planned each day. What we have decided to do is have a family night for everyone who has kids and want to bring their significant others. This way, everyone gets to enjoy. There are party nights planned too, so everyone wins.