Happy Vagina, Happy Life: How To Balance Your Vaginal pH

January 19, 2016  |  


No woman likes the sickening internal swirl, the inescapable heat, skin irritation, itchiness and the  sinking, dooming realization that you have a yeast infection. It’s something like agony. I don’t know about anyone else but I always ask “Why God?!” before spending hours trying to remember what it was that I wore, ate or did to deserve this type of punishment.

For most women, yeast infections last a week. You take the medicine, use the cream and then you’re good. For me? They last months. Not consecutively; there are breaks but it takes a long while for me to shake them. This last one surfaced in mid October and lasted until early December, with two, sometimes three week, breaks in between.

Again, “Why God?!”

Ultimately, I learned that Monistat just wasn’t cutting it. In fact, their treatment was making a very bad situation much worse. Eventually, it was Yeast Gard and their gentler, homeopathic treatment that brought everything make to mostly normal.

Still, after a string of yeast infections, my vagina—and specifically my ph balance— had been through it. Everything was irritating. Soap, panties, sitting with my legs crossed. And I just smelled different. Not bad or even unpleasant, just different.

Happy to be rid of the yeast, I was just living with it. Vowing that I’d go to the doctor…eventually.

And I still need to go.

But thankfully, when I went home for Christmas I found a solution. In telling my mother that I had sworn off panties, I also mentioned the irritability and general discomfort I was experiencing. Luckily, my aunt had recently undergone a similar ordeal and knew the remedy.

Thanks God!

And on another note, this, ladies and ladies, is why communication among women is so important. And the reason why I’m sharing this very intimate story with you all, on the internet.

So, what is it?

My aunt told my mother that the cure was an epsom salt bath and lavender oil.

Just the thought of it sounded soothing and marvelous. And being that my body seems to respond best to more natural ingredients and remedies, I was sure it would work.

It did and I enjoyed the process, along the way. Epsom salt is good for a number of things. Not only did it balance my ph, it relaxed my muscles, and attacked some of that pesky dry skin on my feet. I now swear by the power of epsom salt and its miraculous powers.

So if you’re just coming off a yeast infection, your period (I recently learned that menstrual blood is more acidic than normal vaginal ph.) or you just want to feel good (Halle Berry), then get yourself some Epsom Salt and Lavender. It’ll change your vagina and your life.

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  • hellifiknow

    you didn’t have a yeast infection you had BV one of the most common non sexually transmitted vaginal infections. please do not mislead people as a lot of women suffer from it. your remedy worked for you but may not work for everyone.

    • vwells1

      Lol. It wasn’t BV. Thanks though.

      • hellifiknow

        Then your story is just wrong. Yeast infections are an overgrowth of candida. Ph issues have to do with the vagina’s acidity which is altered in some women by blood and sperm. That is what often causes BV, which can be recurrent. You may have indeed had a yeast infection, but describe it accurately. Too many women are already ignorant about vaginal issues and many suffer because of it. You write for a women’s site and sharing correct info is important.

        • vwells1

          Perhaps you should reread. Recurring yeast infections are a thing. And that does affect your pH balance. There are several factors associated with pH. Soap can throw it off. I even mention that menstrual blood can throw off the pH because of the acidity. If you don’t believe the information applies to you and your body, or would put you or other women in harms way, then there is no pressure to take the advice. It may help some people as it helped me. But trying to diagnose me over the internet is also not helpful.

          • hellifiknow

            I am not diagnosing YOU. I am correcting the information as presented. Yeast is an overbalance of candida. It can be recurrent, as you’ve stated, sometimes because of issues like poor diet/high blood sugar or other things, not saying that was you. What I am saying is that yeast and changes in vaginal PH are two different things. BV is often misdiagnosed as yeast, which may not be the case for you personally but which is an issue for many other women. I think your story in inaccurate in that respect and as it was published presumably to help other women, it should be clarified. Also, no one remedy works for everyone. You should be clear about what you have, treat it accordingly and look to things that have worked for others as a possible remedy not a sure fire cure. Yeast and BV are infections that cause a lot of women a great deal of misery. While this article is not necessarily about BV, suggesting that Ph imbalance is the main culprit not a symptom of candida, is just wrong and it should be clarified. That is my point.

            • vwells1

              I clearly stated that as a result of the recurrent yeast infections, my pH was thrown off. What I’m suggesting was not a treatment for Yeast or BV or any other infection but something as simple as an off balance pH. The yeast infection was gone before I used the epsom salt. So I’m really not sure what you’re correcting.

              • hellifiknow

                “Happy to be rid of the yeast, I was just living with it. Vowing that I’d go to the doctor…eventually.

                And I still need to go.”

                In your own words, sounds like BV, not recurrent yeast, given as you did not receive a diagnosis or did not state that you did in this story.

                It is a common self-diagnosis that women mistake all the time. If you were diagnosed with yeast by a doctor, your article does not say so.

                Article title: “How to balance your vaginal PH” – suggesting your remedy works for all women.

                “Ladies, get yourself some” …suggests your remedy works for all.

                “This is why women need to communicate amongst each other.”

                Exactly why I’m making this point. BV is a significant problem for many women, as is yeast. You shared your personal story and a remedy that works for you. Offered as one possible option, it’s fine. Offered as ‘ladies I found the remedy that works for me AND you’ for yeast is misleading, wrong and lazy, sloppy journalism, if that is even what you are practicing. No shade intended, but if is strictly your personal story, it should be modified to include that issues of changes in vaginal PH are attributable to various things, including yeast and menstrual flow, as you stated. It can also be BV, the most common vaginal infection for all women, which can become recurrent and is very challenging to treat. That is why its irresponsible for you to write about it in this way. What worked for you may make the next person worse. I’m not discounting your personal experiences and this is not a personal attack. But if you’re going to write about something that affects so many women, since your stated goal was to be helpful, take the constructive critique, look it up and modify the piece to reflect those parameters.

  • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

    that sounds like the recipe for an itchy cooch…