Exclusive VIDEO: We Catch Up With Your ’90s Crush Christopher Williams

July 11, 2011  |  

Were you a Christopher Williams fan back in the day? Will you be checking for his new album?

“Don’t wake me, I’m dreamiiiiiiin!” If you have not screamed that line in a car at the top of your lungs with your girls, you have not lived. Christopher Williams smashed onto the scene in the early ’90s with his pretty boy steez and sultry vocals with the hit “Dreamin.”  Then he got in your head even more when he took the suited and booted role Kareem in “New Jack City.” As of late he’s been on the road performing in plays and yes, working on new music.

Madame Noire got to chop it up with the actor/singer in New Orleans recently and he had some interesting things to say about his new album, what he thinks about today’s singers and a very ummm, devoted fan.

Check it out!

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  • Cwlionofjudah

    Ty to all my folks, ride with me on chapter 2….

  • HeyYou

    Stupid bit(ches like you would have had a fit if a black man said something in regards to not finding darkskinned girls attractive except for ONE.

    Dark-skinned men are no different, nor are they somehow better than lightskinned men

    Try thinking before you type next time.

    Ignorant Bit(ches like you irritate rational people.

  • I saw him three years ago @ a concert @ south street seaport in NYC, and he still got it and he can still get it!

  • Angela you have him confused with Al B. Sure. That's the man who P.Diddy is stepfather to his son. lol. Christopher much success to you.

  • Shayla

    I was a fan back then and I'm still a fan. I've always wondered "What ever happened to that fine Christopher Williams?" lol..and I'm not a big fan of light skin men, but Christopher Williams and Dwayne Johnson aka "The Rock"……umph umph UMPH !!!! Ha!! Christopher's voice is yet another of those rare talents from back in the day. Strong, manly, SOULFUL. The kind of voice that just sinks below your skin, through the bone right down to your very soul kind of voice. LOVED it then and LOVE it now. He's aged, but still as GORGEOUS as ever. People say music isn't what it used to be, but I must give props to Usher, Chris Brown, NeYo, Tyrese, J. Holiday and Tre Songs because each of them are truly extremely talented and they all CAN sing. Great voices for their generation…much love

    • HeyYou

      Another Ignorant Bit(ch.

      You and Sheria need to stop with that bs about not liking lightskinned men when you cows would be happy to get any kinda play from any man.

      • Shayla

        sorry to bruise da ego, but as i said and " IT'S MYYYYYY PREFERENCE" ….I am not in to light skin men. So if you can't handle that and need to lash out at someone's PERSONAL PREFERENCE, then you must get told that alot and be very lonely..a person can always tell alot about another person who has nothing better to do then lash out….. but anyway, —-> .BEST WISHES, GOD BLESS AND GOOD KARMA TO YOU!!!! This is your five minutes of the attention you obviously needed lol …no need to reply because it will be deleted and ignored………MY BROTHER…smh

        • HeyYou

          Still a stupid bit(ch no matter how you try to backpeddle. Try having some TACT the next time you type.

          And I'm not your brother, bit(ch. I don't claim ignorant black people as my own.

  • J riv

    A little trivia for you on Mr. Williams. His aunt was the great Ella Fitzgerald. Bet you didn’t know bout that. S/O to Christopher Williams.


  • Opinion8It

    Chris' Dance 4 Me….a classic. Hope the new one is like this song


    Dead Ringer( EX) cellent PRETTY BOY ( blogged on 7/11/11 )



  • They don't make em like that anymore, that's for damn sure!

  • Tracy

    I saw Chris perform at an event in the mid 1990s. He was great!

  • angela

    In October when your son is born? What about the other one you don't claim and p.diddy has to raise? Why doesn't he get any love? smh sorry daddy gets no love from me.

    • justsayin

      P. Diddy raised Al B. Sure's son…Christopher Williams son is with Stacey Dash.

      • css070

        Thanks, I was about to say the same thing. I Guess angela is not a true Christopher Williams fan

      • karma

        WHAT?! I didn't know that!!

    • Ttyl

      Sorry WRONG POPPA Al B Sure son is the one Diddy has

    • Cwlionofjudah

      Wrong. Hatred is ugly… Get ya facts right…

  • APBLove

    Always have been a huge fan of CW .He is still fine and can't wait to hear his strong manly voice once again……that's real talent right there! Love him!

  • anonymous

    he got it together cause a couple of years ago he was fat and had a ponytail….nice to see he pulled it together…but not as much as james debarge did…he looks great these days!!!!!

    • Cwlionofjudah

      Yeah ok we’ll see supermodel…. We shall see who’s right and who’s not…

  • nappyandhappy

    ………if im dreamin just let me sleep dont wake me up til my dream is complete if im dreamin just leave me alone turn out the lights and unplug the phone …..this brings me baaaack love u Chris!!!!

  • Chris can still get it!! LMAO!! 😉

  • Toya

    I don’t use this word often, but that man is GORGEOUS!!! And when he sings “Promises, Promises” live, I Say GODDAMN!!! 😉

  • ggirl

    i remember back in like 89 hearing this as a kid my mom used to blast it and i talk to myself cause there is no one to talk to…no artist today has a voice like his he could sang…im shocked abt his album sales all the females was jockin back then. but his changes album was a classic tht should have gone platinum atleast 3xs. love soo many of his songs im ready to hear his new stuff

  • Divaish

    Man this was back when music was real!

  • lively09

    I'm so glad he is making an album! Love his voice.

  • Earthspirit1

    I had such a crush on this man back in the day, he had me sold on the R&B Hits "Promises, Promises", "I'm Dreamin' " and "Every Little Thing"! Welcome back Chris! :-))

  • homie

    This fine man has a voice!!! I screamed that song all the time. Don't really
    like light skinned men but chris is extra fine.

    • HeyYou

      …your last sentence was so unnecessary…

  • Shar

    I was one of his fans that purchased his music, and I plan on getting the new one as well! Much success Christopher both as an actor and singer!!!

  • debbie hill

    yo let me tell u when christopher willams did the cd changes boy my man parked on my front lawn with his mazada and blasted changes u put me through i lost my MF mind it was a wrap i've been a fan ever since!!!!!