Not Again! Powerball Winner Posts Boyfriend’s Pricey Bond For The Fourth Time

January 2, 2016  |  

Marie Holmes Powerball winner

When Marie Holmes, a 27-year-old North Carolina mother of four, won the $188 million Powerball jackpot last year in February – the largest jackpot in N.C. historywe’re sure she didn’t think most of her winnings would be spent, rather exhausted, on coming to the rescue of her boyfriend.

On Friday (Jan.1), Holmes began her new year on a sour note, posting a $12 million bond for her boyfriend Lamar “Hot Sauce “McDow, 31, according to the New York Daily News. However, this is the fourth time Holmes has posted a pricey bail for her man. It’s almost become routine at this point for her, as she put up $3 million for his release in March 2015, $6 million in August, and $10,000 in October, for charges ranging from drugs to possession of a firearm by a felon. Now, if that’s love we don’t know what is. Nevertheless, it’s surely an unhealthy love. – Jackson, MS

This time around, a warrant was issued on Dec. 26 for “Hot Sauce’s” arrest, as he had violated the terms of his pre-trial release on previous charges, which included wearing an ankle monitor and being allowed only in certain places,  WECT-TV reported. He was also accused of arranging a street race and slapped with a misdemeanor charge of conspiracy.

McDow was booked into the Brunswick County Jail on Tuesday after being arrested. Officials of the sheriff’s office told WECT-TV that the arrest occurred due to their GPS monitoring system showed that he was in a location he was not allowed in and they had several unsuccessful calls to get in touch with both Holmes and McDow.

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  • Napunzel

    That’s ok, she’ll just learn the hard way. She’ll end up destitute like so many other lottery winners. “I’m standing by my man”. That’s all she has to say. Meanwhile he didn’t even think enough of her to marry her BEFORE she got pregnant the last baby. So many problems in this whole scenario.

  • Robert Williams

    He is a multiple felon. Each time he is charged with a crime while he is out on bail, then the bail is doubled. This guy just doesn’t care. This woman talked a good game after she won the lottery. After seeing what has transpired though, it looks like she will wind up on one of those “lottery ruined my life” shows.

  • Robert Williams

    Worst lottery winner from NC ever!! Maybe our state can win tonight and have a decent lottery winner for a change.

  • Intelligent

    I don’t expect the people who read this site to be intelligent…

    However, the justice system is not taking advantage of her… Each time he violates the conditions of his release, they double the bond

    Get it??

  • Sidmax123

    Your girlfriend has won millions. Why is this fool still slanging dope? SMH.

  • Guest

    What the moral of this story? Money doesn’t fix stupid!

  • meohmy

    Unfortunately, this young woman has a lot of money and no self respect. She has four children that the money should be being spent on. I haven’t read yet where she has bettered their conditions. I don’t blame the no account boyfriend, I blame her. He can only get bailed out by her monies if she is putting the money up. she needs to put that money towards education, even if it is only financial education.

  • sunni_daze

    The state is going to get all of her winnings back. The reason the make ridiculous bonds is to keep a person locked up, but in this case I think the judge knows this woman is dumb as a bag of cinder blocks and will keep bailing out this low life fool.

  • Illuminati

    I’d arrest this guy for missing a turn signal and post bail at $20 million at this point. This woman is obviously an idiot.

  • BabyYouReaching

    Anyone who defends this a simple heaux and negro. Plain and simple. They’ll keep taking the money because they know she has it. If she doesn’t care she’s getting ripped off then why should you? She don’t give a damn about those kids who should having college savings, she and doesn’t give a damn about herself. Don’t blame the system, free will of stupidity is a choice.

  • Christy Little

    We only know about the bail money she has posted. Can you imagine what else she’s spending that money on? Did she set aside money for all of her kids to go to college or trade school? Is she square with the IRS? Shameful..

  • Odin Asgaard

    She needs help!!

  • esuoh1

    Stupid chick

  • michele

    She’s just plain STUPID. Wasting her winnings on a POS bum. WTH is he adding to her life? WTH is he contributing to her life? She looks like trash. Where is the improved quality of life.. The media is going to stay in her business just like they do for other lottery winners. They track their progress or regress, in this case. Like I stated before. take your money and go sit the hell down somewhere. Live a low key or private life. This is the same chick who said it was her money and she can do what she wants with it…true…lol, a fool and her money will soon part. I give it 5-10 years and she’ll be broke…I’m taking bets…lol Standby for the next news story

    • Christy Little

      5-10 years?! You’re mighty generous! I give her 2 tops.

      • michele


  • Chris Reid

    That’s one expensive man she has on her hands lol. With all his illegal activities I’m surprised nobody’s kidnapped him yet and ransomed him off for everything she has, especially after they see how she’s willing to waste money on his bail.

  • realist

    We live in the era of smart phones and stupid people.

  • Proud

    This situation is no different than wealthy families bailing out their privileged kids. You don’t hear about it because they didn’t obtain their money thru the lottery. Whether someone likes it or not, she won the money & she is free to spend it however she likes (although, i agree she’s stupid).. but whatever.. Look at that “Affluenza Mother” – who jettisoned her son to Mexico, so he wouldn’t face charges for breaking probation rules after he killed 4 people… (another stupid case)… I’m just saying ppl are upset that #1. They didn’t win the money & #2. She is using it in ways that we as a society don’t agree with. (Go Figure, It’s America — Freedom to be stupid if you so choose)…

  • TryThinking1956

    Her kids will be back on WIC in about a year…dumb-ass trick! What a waste and what an example of supreme ignorance, the embodiment of “don’t know no better, don’t want no better”, who love that ghetto life. This thot was literally blessed with the once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity to change the lives of her children (and grandchildren, eventually)…but instead she’s giving her children’s future to this no good piece of trash, who I don’t think even fathered any of those children. Millions of dollars given a 2-bit hustler who’d endanger her life and the life of her kids with his criminal activities – and, she loses 10% of the bail even if he shows up for court. FOOL.

  • Pants_Up__Dont_Loot

    “Not Again” ? What did you expect? He’s black.

  • Aj

    no. he’s taking advantage of her, and she is letting him, what a dip stick to let a man use her up like that!!

  • LogicalLeopard

    Okay, I’m officially over shaming this woman.
    First of all, her problem is not posting bail. She is not wasting her money. As long as the guy shows up for court, she is going to get her money back. Her problem may be associating with a criminal. But seriously, she won the LOTTERY. What else changed in her life, but her financial status? Who is advising her? Why would you expect anything different?
    But secondly, she’s not the FIRST rich person to do something absolutely stupid with money, and as stupid goes, this isn’t even stupid, because you get it back. Save all that animosity for the celebrities who post pictures of their Bentleys and Lamborghinis instead of posting pictures of what they are doing for their communities. Leave this woman alone.

  • Courtney Banks

    Since she’s clearly giving away her money like it’s free candy. She needs to give some to me…

  • Trish

    Let her lose it all. She is just plain stuck on stupid and deserves him at this point. With all that has been said with regard to this loser, she must love losers. It is her choice and a poor one. So I hope that she put some away so her kids can get a decent education. I hope she bought a house. In the end that is all she will have until she takes a bond out against her house. At that point Mr. Loser will leave because she has nothing else. Then she will be broke down as hell. Then she will say she wished she had of listened. Then we will all be entitled to say awe, and then call her on her poor choices. But not one of us will pity her because she had plenty of advance notice.

    • fluffi3

      agreed; she’s a cute girl and is not bound to him by children or anything, she must have low self esteem for not seeing that he’s the textbook definition of a no good black man.

  • chatter907

    WTF is wrong with this woman? First off, the bail for these crimes is ridiculously high. I’ve seen lower bails/bonds set for child molesters and murderers. The city is doing this because, stupidly, she will pay it.

    This woman has four kids she needs to care for but yet she is spending all her money on this deadbeat POS moron. She should probably take some of the money she has left and buy herself a little self worth.

  • Nicole

    I just hope she has put some money aside for her kids’ futures

  • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

    she’s just giving the state back their money like the dummy she is

  • What_the

    I think they’re actually doing her a favor. By posting the full bond, she’s learning to save up for a rainy day, which she’ll continue to have with this boyfriend. Putting up a bond isn’t costing her all that much so long as she’s putting up the full amount. But having to do this over and over and over again ought to test her relationship enough for her to think about drop-kicking this guy.

  • Tom Smith

    He must have a 10 inch clock or something…

    • Seguro Que Sí…

      Yeah, there is something very weird about this!

  • Seguro Que Sí…

    A fool and its money are soon parted! I can assure you she will regret it when it is too late. That’s what happens when you’re insecure, immature and dumb!

  • blessedx5

    WOW…. she is beyond insecure, and has one of the LOWEST self esteem issues Ive EVER seen… Does she NOT think there’s other fish in the sea?? Perhaps a fish that isn’t involved in the justice system?? She’s just as much of a loser as he is, to WANT him!!

  • Taneesha The Diva

    her life. her money. she obviously doesn’t see the value in either one.

  • Alinxz

    You can take the person out the ghetto but you cant take the ghetto out of the person that descriptions is quite apt here.

  • Simone Mackey

    He is gonna suck her dry to where she’s broke again. Hope she has some thought about that.

  • mikki21

    You know it makes you wonder if it was actually his money. I mean you hear about it all the time, people have others collect the winnings maybe because of child support or other federal or state debt issues. Or maybe she is mentally not there. I mean the cashier sales those tickets to anybody. Just a thought.

  • mikki21

    I hope when it is time for her to go back on public assistance. she gets a denial letter that strictly reads, ” Mmmmmmm. No!”

  • Faith

    I know it is her money. I just don’t understand it. Crazy…………………..

  • Hopefully He Jumps Bail And She Looses 12Mill! Thats What The States Hoping For!

  • Hokiegirl87

    I…just…can’t with this lady! To be sooo fortunate to win sooo much money and then to waste it on someone who will not do anything with his life and just drag you down with him?!? This is starting to get ridiculous!

  • bobby joe

    This guy is going to continue to commit crimes because he knows she will bail him out, he feels invincible. The winners in this whole deal are the courts making all that money off her, and the losers are her and the kids. She has the money and resources to give them the best education and life. You can bet the cops are watching this guy constantly and will arrest him for anything that will send him back to jail. He’s probably driving driving an expensive car, flashing money, etc. It’s sad that someone with that type of money spending over 20 million of it to bail out her boyfriend. She should be in the news for helping out her community or starting a foundation to help under privileged children a opportunity to go to college. In 5-7 years she will be broke or end up dead for being associated to this guy.

  • Hokiegirl87

    He loves the money; not her. Once the money is gone, he will be too.

  • Kay

    He must have the golden tool between his legs for her to keep posting bail for his dumb tail…

  • EarMode

    I think bailing him out so many times is due to a bit of arrogance
    on her part. It’s not about saving her love from confinement, it’s about who
    has real money; her, not the judges and lawyers.

  • dennis powell

    Wow she’s attractive and rich but obviously dumb as h…! Two out of three ain’t bad.

  • M. Dianne Williams

    Would I bail his butt out No! 2 Question, Do you ever see them follow around a white person that’s won the Powerball? And, How is it anyone business what she does with “HER”, money?

  • Dorey

    MAYBE, she is trying to pay N.C their PowerBall winnings back one bond at a time…

  • mmmdot

    Bottom line: It’s HER money. Why are people conducting such heavy financial surveillance on her?!?!

    • neceyluv

      You’re right! It is her money to do what she wants to do with it; I agree. I’ve made mistakes with mine – especially at her age – and I’m sure I’m not the only one. I can only speak for myself in saying that I just wanted to see her WIN and do some positive things in her life for herself and her kids. But it ain’t over yet….

  • Bartholomew Fountain

    Stupid woman she need go on with her life before she go broke bail him out of jail, and that a setup anyway by the state to get money.

  • sheryl walton

    Marie needs to take her kids on a real vacation. Wonder if they have ever been to Disney World. She can afford to hire help for the child that needs it. She needs a couple of months away to focus on her priorities. Also the kids needs a much, much better environment.

  • sheryl walton

    This is such a bad example/influence on Marie Holmes’ children. Her children deserve so much more and so does she. 4 times in succession speaks for itself.

  • Elaine

    She’s a SUCKER to do that with HER money……. and to be with such a low-life person who continues to go to jail. Girl, you can do better – he’s trash.

  • Jlinaa

    Did you all notice what the anchor man said. ” He has access to the money.” Maybe she is not spending it.. He is. Until they are broke again. At that point he will go to jail for good, and it will have been a big waist of her money.

  • Miss

    She’ll be broke soon.

  • Jeanette Johnson

    She needs some serious counseling.

  • trueletterson*

    sometime you just got to learn how to say no, hell no!

  • Tynina

    Iyanla Please go have an invention with this lady!!!! She got to have some kind of deeper issues or feel like she need a man like this at this point. Many of man would in jail would love her. She need some real help. Could anyone help this lady before all is lost in her memory

  • yoda

    They’re both degenerates. She’s going to be broke within the next five years.

  • Ram2015

    She has been blessed in a way so many of us would hope for. She has the money to remove her children and herself from that kind of life style and not struggle to do so. Yet she continues to choose a life surrounded by criminal activity, bad people, and bad choices. I wish someone would sit down and talk to her, some one that can give her a dose of tough love, and tell her to better herself before she looks up in a few years and she has no money left and nothing to show for it. I almost wish the state could step in and create trust funds for her children that no one could have access to but them and only they could touch them after they turned 21 and completed a financial education class. Also, for her child that has cerebral palsy, they should create systems that can provide the level of care need for a lifetime. It is extremely expensive caring for a child/adult that requires around the clock care. Yes she is an adult and can do what she wants, but my concern is the children.

  • hollyw

    Funny, trying to understand everybody’s logic…

    Obviously, this is an undesirable situation, but after you’ve lived a certain lifestyle, one’s first instinct is not to ask why does she keep doing it – she’s doing the fourth time the same reason why she did it the first! – but why the court keeps getting away with it. There’s gullible people everywhere, and some of them are even petty criminals, but I personally don’t care about this woman or her windfall sorry not sorry, b/c I would’ve never won, she ain’t gone never give me none of it, and she not paying any of my bills. What’s far more disturbing to me as a citizen is a legal system being blatantly exploitative, and black folks going along like “business as usual” lol smh. Extortion via bail has long been par for the course for poor blacks, whether they be innocent or guilty, but the mainstream media will predictably play up the fact of one such case (albeit, where suspect is prob guilty) being assoc’d with a Powerball winner to skew folks, esp. black folks, away frm a much more valid headline of the U.S. going thru a nationwide overhaul on how they do bail, due to blatant misuses of the bail process such as this. It’s a human rights violation. This case is poor poster child for the cause, but it’s depressing that folks rarely think about this shite. Instead of counting this woman’s coins and trying to control her love prospects, which is just as dumb and useless as her own decision-making, it would’ve been far more beneficial to all if someone who cared had advised her to get this negroe a LAWYER after the second time to fight the clearly discriminatory bail and possible profiling, b/c you know these town cops got to be stalking this fool. But that’s just the social worker in me, though. There, said it. Rant over, moving on…

  • MonaLisa Lynconia McRae

    I just can’t with her. You have four children, one of which is special needs, but you find it necessary to bail this trash out over and over? I just can’t get over how desperate some women are for a man. And he knows she’s dumb enough to keep paying, that’s why he doesn’t give a damn about getting in trouble.

  • heyheyno

    I’m so tired of this story. Maybe she’ll just spend all the money bailing him out then we will hear enough about this chick.

  • WakeUp***FLAWLESS

    im so sick of her,and if you havent noticed lady theyre doubling the bonds everytime except that $10,000 one,i read that next time it’ll be $12 mil if,NO WHEN,he messes up again NGL im jealous she won and is wasting this money tho,burns my broke a$$ up

  • Run

    It’s his bail, not hers. All she has to do is leave the pvnk in there. He ought to be locked up for life just for having that stupid street name…”h0t sauce”…ain’t that about a B*?!

  • sshark

    Good way for the state to get their money back!

  • Manchester

    She will be right back where she started, 2 years ago. If this is what she’s doing with her money, I’m pretty sure that she hasn’t set up any college funds for her for children or made any investments with the money that she won.
    It’s “free”money that she didn’t have to work for, so it has no value, to her.

  • Ani

    Dumb £*&^%. Meanwhile I’m over here damn near begging for financial aid and making payment arrangements…SMH!

    • Guest

      Lol! Isn’t that the way it always is?

      “A fool and his money are soon parted”–and that’s why fools keep getting money–prime example article above.

  • Ani


  • Chelsea Bone Sloan

    SMH…..this broad is the definition of DUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMBBBBBBBB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kiami

    This the kind of guy that will end up killing her. See it all the time.

  • BarttheCat

    It’s no matter….she’ll burn through that money soon enough and “Hot Sauce” will be living in Thug College for life. Maybe she’ll finally get a clue then.

  • sistas luv thugs

    To date, she’s posted 21 million to bail her heroin trafficking boyfriend, “Hot Sauce” out of jail. I would’ve left his a s s there the first time. There’s just some stereotypes we cannot deny….

  • Trisha_B

    Does she have a mother or another elder in the family that can go to the courts to deem her incompetent to deal with that kind of money? So they can take over to make sure her kids can have somewhat of a future

  • beymi canter

    Does she realize they don’t want to see a woman of color with that much money. They know her weakness she’ll learn but it might be to late.

  • Jasmine

    This has nothing to do with the article but I just wanted to make everyone aware of a situation. I don’t know if anyone is aware of it or not. On an MN article posted just a few days ago titled, “I am not your intellectual Mammy”, there are over 900 comments on there from white racists. There are only about 8 MN regular commenters who are speaking back to them, White people have all but taken over that comment section. Who are the moderators of MN and why are they allowing this to go on? This is ridiculous. I was told by a regular member that MN sometimes links its articles to Yahoo and that’s how these people found the article. I like MN and i am a regular visitor here but I am disappointed in them for not only allowing these people to post this garbage, but to let it continue for days. They are still posting as we speak. Just wanted to know if anyone was aware of the situation and is anything being done about it?

    • Jasmine

      *The article’s title is “I will not be your intellectual Mammy”

    • Trisha_B

      I didn’t see that post, but that happens often. & nothing is ever done about the racist comments towards blacks, especially black women when this site is targeted to black women. It’s crazy. I have even had my comments deleted for defending blacks from those trolls.

    • cecil toungsi

      Yeah I saw that, I even commented somewhere; but I think those are articles MN use to increase their site activities.
      Because I’ve noticed every now and then, they make those articles about race and link it to a popular web like yahoo to attract more visitors and the result is what you just withnessed. When I see that I just smile and leave it to them.
      MN must somehow find some kind of satisfaction from that. Terrible!

    • Guest

      I spoke up about this in antother article–11 resolutions BW need to make in the 2016. I added my 12th being, MN STOPS linking its articles to these disgusting troll websites. They do it for click baits and it seems to occur at the beginning/end of the month. I understand that this is done to attract new viewers as well as get more clicks, which can translate into ad revenue, but it has gotten ridiculous at this point. No meaningful dialogue can ever take place, no matter the topic, amongst the regular viewers or potential new ones, because the racist trolls take it over.

      They really, really, need to come up with a better alternative than this, because it’s turning a lot of their regular users off. What’s sad is that this speaks to how poorly they are able to attract new viewers/readers and get revenue. There are other websites that I’ve visited that seem to have no problem attracting new viewers/readers to their page (I understand that this is easier said than done), without resorting to this cheap/lazy click bait method.

      I personally would not mind if MN went the paid subscription route, but their content, subject mater, and professionalism (proofread, edit and fact check thoroughly), would have to expand WAY more. I have some great ideas on some of the contents that they could expand on, but I might save it for myself and just start my own website.

    • neceyluv

      Yes, I’ve noticed it as well. The links are right on Yahoo’s front page.

  • K_

    she’s an idiot thats all i got …aint that much love in the world. I mean i read she donated 700000 to a church but still ..ill even give her 2 times …four times .. tuh

  • SlimveggieLuv

    Poor woman, she’s been so poor all her life that she just don’t realize that she is now rich and can drop that thug bum and move on. Somebody need to talk to her.

    • Run

      She’s really pretty, too. If she even had half of a brain she could buy herself a good man with that money.

      You know? Sherry Shephard probably hates this woman more than anyone else does, because she would buy herself a good man with that.

  • Waekup

    This broad is simple as hell. They deserve each other. A lifetime crook and a idiot. Match made in heaven.

  • Trisha_B

    No one’s taking advantage of her lol. She did all to herself

    • Nicole

      They know she will keep bailing him out so they keep putting his bail higher and higher. If they really didn’t want him back on the streets, they would put him in jail with no bail. It got to the point where the police and the courts are playing with her by using this bum bc they know she has the money. But she is too stupid to realize this as you could see she keeps bailing out this bum.

      • Mr. 215

        I don’t believe you people, you are actually blaming the justice system of robbing this idiot of a woman for repeatedly bailing her criminal boyfriend (not husband) out of jail. This is the type of men that BLM is protesting for. For as many stupids you women are calling him if he were to die in jail or if say when he violates the condition of his release again, and breaks the law again, but this time gets himself shot by police, you will be out there protesting knowing his criminal history. PATHETIC!!!! This woman is remedial, and anyone blaming the justice system for taking her money that she is willingly giving to bail out her boyfriend is remedial too!!!

        • Nicole

          The justice system and that bum she keeps bailing out are taking advantage of her and she put herself in that position.

          • hollyw

            Most well-rounded answer yet.

          • DonDada

            Its not the justice system that keep telling this guy to keep committing crimes so no it is not the justice system taking advantage of her. If it was she has the money to fight the legality of the situation so instead of whining why would she not hire an attorney and fight it. Would certainly be cheaper than bailing this guy out.

          • Splendor

            The justice system is not taking advantage of her. She is free to wise up at any point and time. She has chosen not to. Stop making people victims when they are being stupid of their own free will.

        • Guest

          “I don’t believe you people, you are actually blaming the justice system of robbing this idiot of a woman for repeatedly bailing her criminal boyfriend (not husband) out of jail.”–Where is she blaming the justice system for her f*ck up of a boyfriend? Just because someone is looking at the situation from a different angle does not automatically mean that they’re absolving the person of their wrongdoing. She’s saying that the justice system know what they’re doing and bleeding her dry on purpose–as longs as it is within the law, they’re in their rights to do so. They’re hip to her financial situation, so this smart of them. And Benicwin already stated that this chick is just “too stupid”–aka remedial– for not realizing this.

        • Run

          He is NOT the type of bum that BLM is for. BLM is against the killing of unarmed black men, period! That may or may not include him.

          Has he murdered someone in cold blood, that you know of? Has he pulled a gun on a police officer?

          Shes h3lla dumb for helping him, but you know the saying: “A fool and his money are soon parted.”

          • Judge Dredd

            BLM got it’s start from Michael Brown. I don’t know for sure what happen between him and the Officer involved. All I know is that he was caught on surveillance camera strong arming a store clerk, like a typical thug.

            Fact is a sizable cases of what BLM is protesting about are guys with priors.

            • Run

              First, BLM grew out of T. Martin, E. Garner and O. Grant’s murders, NOT Mike Bown’s!

              Secondly, WHITE TEENS who rob pizza drivers…ARMED…get ARRESTED!

              Whites who put on military fatigues, walk into movie theaters and MURDER innocent people in the dark get ARRESTED!

              Whites who b0mb federal buildings get ARRESTED!

              If you don’t see something wrong with armed whites continually living to see police stations and courtrooms, while unarmed blacks – many of them young and male – get murdered on the street by overzealous, trigger-happy and/or racist cops (or “neighborhoods watchmen) you are a waste of skin and bones.

              You’re not even fit to be called a human being.

        • Splendor

          I agree with much of what you have written but want to correct you…this is NOT what BLM protests are about. Not even close.

        • Chas

          Lol I second that!!!

      • hollyw

        Or she realizes it, and just doesn’t care.

      • DonDada

        His bail doubles committing crimes while out on bail.The reality of it is they do not want him on the streets committing crimes so its double, and most sane people would not keep bailing someone out in these circumstances.

        • JustAGuest

          Correct. Under North Carolina law, each time he violates the terms of his bail, if they allow him to remain out, the new bail is doubled. She does not have to pay it but oh well, it’s her money. He knows she will continue to pay it which is why he had no problem with committing criminal acts over and over again. He’s just as stupid as she is, even more so!. Usually after a couple of violations your bond is revoked and you’re held til trial, but since the government knows he has a stupid girlfriend willing to bail him out, why not get that money back into the government coffers.

      • Hokiegirl87

        They usually do not suspend bails except for violent crimes…

        • Nicole

          You maybe right but I know there are exceptions

    • Ram2015

      Exactly. They couldn’t take advantage if she wasn’t deciding to constantly involve herself with criminal activity and/or people she knows that are.

  • RBCA07

    4th time? Nope, she dumb.

  • Shawn DeRay

    Some people gotta learn the hard way…until you heal your own pain, you only attract more of the same! “Ride or die” means helping each other be their best version of themselves, not enabling someone to keep doing their self-destructive behaviors and dragging you down in the process because you “love” them. And she hasn’t saved anything aside for her kids? Ladies and gentlemen, no penis or vagina is worth you struggling and especially your kids struggling later on from your thoughtless decisions now….stop settling for less than you deserve! Stop giving up your everything to end up with nothing. Stop expecting addictions, sex, relationships, etc to heal what’s broken within yourself. Stop running away from or trying to escape, what you need to work on emotionally, mentally, spiritually, within yourself. Stop being your own worst enemy! Leave that back in 2014 where it belongs, dont bring it into 2016! Where’s Iyanla Vanzant ? someone needs to tell our sister #DoYourWork ! #foodforthought #lifelessons #my2cents

  • Raze

    I felt bad for her the first time, I felt bad for her the second time. I felt frustrated with her the third time. I do NOT have the strength to care for her a fourth time. This girl is going to ride for that useless thing she calls her bf until he rides HER off a cliff. It’s too bad that she’ll drag her poor kids along with her in this mess. I would have preferred if she spent all that money on Gucci bags or burned it all. That would have been money well spent.

  • Charla

    I just can’t care about her anymore. She’s not going to listen to anyone. This dude has violated the terms of his bail at least FOUR times in one year and she still continues to shell out millions on him. And she still keeps this trash around her kids, I don’t care if he’s the father of some of them or not. Her money won’t last at all. And that’s probably a good thing.

    • Ram2015

      Exactly! He’s a bad example of a father anyway. He can still see his kids but she needs to move on.

  • Anon89

    I hope she has already set money aside for her children.

    • Secret87

      No she doesn’t. Her kids will hate her.

  • Starla Elston

    She could have bought Tyrese for that amount of money or any other model. She is worth more than some celebrities. geesh


      It will cost her $1 million dollars to bond him out in CASH that Bail bond company is praying she come. IT

    • Secret87

      I know meet a guy with a career at least. Plus eye brows are weak so unfleek.

  • SG

    What is wrong with her? Seriously? Is she mentally challenged and being manipulated by this lump of nothing?

  • Real Talk

    love is blind, it will take Dr Phil to make her STOP

    • Neva

      Black women need to leave thugs and bums back in 2015. Let’s move forward ladies.

      • Real Talk

        They are insecure

        • Nicole

          And you don’t know what you are talking about. Maybe she (Marie) is insecure but don’t bring a whole race of women down to this conclusion.

      • Nicole

        Please don’t blame entire race of women due to a few individuals you see here and there.

      • today’s bums have it made

        My username says it all……

  • fourthwavefeminism

    Forth, though? lollll

    How in the world has his bail been so high for such petty crimes? That’s insane. That being said, this woman soooo did not deserve that lottery money.

    • Raze

      The bails are high because he’s a crook who doesn’t learn from his mistakes.
      Apparently, she ONLY has to pay a fraction of the bond, but all that money keeps adding up.

      • fourthwavefeminism

        That’s crazy to me! But..she’s the idiot paying bail over and over so I say screw it!

      • Rochelle

        Sweetie the bond is high because they know he is asscioated with her. Police and courts do that all the time. Ex: Guy gets assested for manslaughter and there is a lot of probable cause. They dont want said guy to post bail so they set it some unnelivable amount that they know he or his family can not pay. Guarantees that he stays until his trial date. If they know the suspect is from a wealthy family they will set the bail high because they know they can pay. Easy money for the courts. Has nothing to do from with learning from anything.

        • kierah

          In that state, the bail keeps doubling for the new offense. Has nothing to do with her.

          He’s the one that’s messing with her.

      • Hokiegirl87

        Especially the day he just skips town. Then ALL of the money will be due…

    • Trisha_B

      I read that the bail doubles each time he violates the terms of his release. So it was 3 million 1st, doubled to 6 million, now it was 12. When he gets caught again (like we know he will) it will be 24 million.

      & b/c they know she will keep on paying they will keep increasing the bail, b/c in most cases they wouldn’t even grant bail after so many mess ups

      • vfocused

        Also the guy knows she will bail him out and has the money to do so, so he keeps risking getting lock up and don’t care if he does. When you know you will get out you will take the risk and he is probably using her money to get more. He knows with 2 adults and 4 kids that the money will run out anyway so he is trying to use that to make more and take more chances. He is going places he should not be on drug runs. He don’t care how many times he takes the chance. He may be fighting with her and get caught on purpose to cost her the bail money. If she don’t do as he pleases he could get lock on puropose and there goes more millions of bond money. I blame her for associating with scum that would do this. She will be broke soon enuf. Wait until she gets really low. She will find herself back at Mcdonalds working and be the laughing stock. I am from NC and she gives us a bad name.

        • Trisha_B

          Exactly! This man don’t care about no one but himself. She obviously gives him money so he doesn’t need to illegal activities to get money, he just chooses to do so for fun. & he’s so damn sloppy with it. There are many crooked millionaires that are doing illegal stuff behind closed doors, yet this guy does it all out in the open with a house arrest bracelet on knowing he’s being tracked smh. He just doesn’t care. Has must be the type to hate seeing others do good so he does whatever to ruin them

          • vfocused

            Yeah, and also he pointed out the things he did for her as if she owed his rotten a—s something! Please! The day she won she should have not even come home, got her kids and left the country. He would not have found me. He would not have any rights about the child staying locked up anyway. I would have changed my name, my kids name and he would never lay eyes on us again!. She is gonna regret it when she keeps losing more and more money to the system and they will take it all knowing she has it. She deserves it all for being so stupid. One time is bad, but 3 times? You deserve everything that’s coming to you because you gone learn if you live long enough until the end of your money. lol You know how they say 3 strikes is out, well he wouldn’t have had the first strike with me. I am ashamed to be from the same state. She makes us look bad. To think, I was glad when a poor person got the money, only to find out how stupid she is. So, so sad.

        • Run

          Well, southern people are thought to to be less intelligent anyways – regardless of color.

          That reputation was earned a couple of centuries ago, and the south does little to vendicate itself.

          • Welcome to the South

            Yankees love to talk s h i t about the South but yet you guys love moving down here. LOL

            • heyheyno

              Right why did we have to turn this into a southern thing?

          • DonDada

            Less intelligent than a person that can not spell vindicate?

          • vfocused

            Wrong, don’t put stupidity on the South. Stupid is everywhere, lol. I am from NC and no way will I have a boyfriend that lives that type of life in the first place and I sure would not have a child by him. I don’t care where this broad was from she would have stuck by her man and did the same stupid thing. Both belong in jail but then we will be on here mad for having to pay for taking care of her children. (Taxes) Ugh! unfortunately, she’s young so this will probably end up being the case. Unless a lightening bolt knocks some sense into her soon!

      • hollyw

        That’s disgusting.

    • Rochelle

      It is high because they know he is associated with her and has the means to pay it. Happens all the time with wealthy and poor suspects. Though this woman is an idiot, she will get her money back once he shows up for his court date. If he does….. She is really taking a chance with him and gambling her children’s future. She’s a moron.

      • Hokiegirl87

        She won’t get her money back. That is a security deposit. The courts will keep what she has paid so far. She just won’t have to pay the rest of amount owed. At least, that is how things work in Virginia; I am not sure about North Carolina…

    • latasha

      Lottery is “supposed” to be a chance winning.

      If it is, whether one deserves it or not does not factor in.

      Let’s just say she was lucky.

    • New Millenia

      That’s exactly what I was thinking. They set bail amounts based on the individuals personal income. How the hell do they come up these million dollar amounts?

    • hi-liter

      LAWD I HOPE this dummy goes broke. She doesn’t deserve to have that kind of money.
      On another note, I thought when you use a bail bonds-man and if you bail someone out of jail, and they go to court, you can get your money back, you only lose if they don’t show up for court. Unless she had to pay the bond directly to the jail where he was held. Shet just sounds stupid to me. Man isn’t even her husband, hopefully he is one of the children’s father at least.

    • LogicalLeopard

      Who deserves lottery money? It’s a lottery.

      • BabyYouReaching

        Anyone who wouldn’t do the stupid crap she is doing pretty much deserves it at this point.

        • LogicalLeopard

          What exactly is she doing that’s stupid? She isn’t losing her money paying bail, because you get bail back. You might say that her choice in boyfriend is poor, and I’d be inclined to agree. But people with money do stupid things with it all the time. At least she’s not losing it.
          As far as deserving, though, NO one deserves to win the lottery. It’s a chance game. You either win or you don’t.

    • Pants_Up__Dont_Loot

      In this state, when you commit a crime while on probation, your bail doubles every time.
      Math is fun.

      Hopefully he jumps bail and she’ll be out all of that money.

    • bluescluessuperagent

      I think in some cases the bail automatically doubles when you violate a prior one. It’s can’t be a coincidence it goes from 3 to 6 to 12.